Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

First heard and saw you live in 2011, Teatro Maria Matos, Lisboa, Music for airports. See you soon?!

through MIT


David Lang's amazing Little Match Girl Passion led me on to Bang on a Can. Really looking forward to the Bang on a Can live experience in my hometown in March.

I heard about you in London's Barbican, and about this work thanks a tweet by Alex Ross

First discovered BoaC through my love of Reich & Riley. Thanks for the last 25 years; here's to another 25!

I can't believe I've been playing clarinet at MIT for 3 years and haven't seen Evan Ziporyn play with Bang on a Can. This must be fixed

Recommended listening on, some years back.


Bang on a Can rocks. thanks and congrats on 25 years!

I got to hear about Bang on a Can from my Professor at the music School.

As a composer, BoaC has proved to me that genre-mixing (and just plain doing what you like as a musician!) doesn't need to be looked down upon; rather, it can form the basis of an exciting music-making experience.


David Lang's Anvil Chorus turned me on to BOAC. I thought it was great when I first heard it on the CD. It turned out to be even more impressive when I programmed it on one of the New Music Ensemble concerts at the University of Virginia and got to see it performed live! What a workout...

Still awestruck, years later, by performances at the Marathon at Mass MOCA.

Great BoaC performance of Reich's Sextet at London Royal Festival Hall in 2009 when Mark Stewart also played Electric Counterpoint.

cellist: "The Grosse Fugue"

I remember the first time I heard cheating, lying, and stealing and I was awestruck.

a friend

Y'all are just very, very cool. Thanks for the many hours I've spent listening!

Heard about the album through

An email from Red Poppy Music.

Congratulations on 25 Years!

The mix of classical and current themes has always been an exciting and innovative experiment. Always a discovery.

Early emusic, still great deals, Bang on a Can calling me back to experimental classical music, opening my ears to more mellifluous possibilities. Greatly appreciated.

I heard about this through my music teacher at school, hooray for enthusiastic teachers;)

The People's Download project! Thanks for this and all of your fabulous work.

I remember getting my first Bang on a Can CD..the first LIVE disc from 1992. I was in grad school and totally blown away by everything on this disc. It opened my ears in a way like nothing else I had encountered before. All I could think was, "YES!" I love everything you all do.

My "Stamping in the Dark" was performed by the "Festival Stompers" (!) at the May 17th Bang on a Can Festival at Ethical Culture Society, NYC, May 17, 1992.


As an undergrad, listening to Bang On a Can's performance of Andriessen's Hout was major "a ha!" moment which lead to a downward spiral of contemporary music and poverty. In all sincerity, I can't thank you enough.

I first heard Bang on a Can in a performance of "Music for Airports" in the Krannert Center Lobby at the University of Illinois. Several more performances (including a memorable one of In C) and I was hooked. Thanks for commissioning, making, and promoting fantastic new music.

happy 25th!

you can always count on friends for these treats

25 years is a reason to celebrate!

Big fan of Evan Ziporyn.

Useful Chamber


Stee Reichs Anniversary Concert!

I went to high school with David Lang. I'd love to hear from him again! Funny, I went to Oberlin to be a composer and ended up a scientist, while he went to Stanford and ended up a composer. told me about it! Thanks!

I remember learning more about music at The Mohawk Tavern in North Adams MA than I did at 4 years of music school.

a friend,frank flynn

From a friend.

First time I heard The Carbon Copy Building - just wow!

Concert in Lisbon, May 2011. Playing Brian Eno's Music for Airports. Brilliant!!!

I'm a composer, and a Q2 host for the show Cued Up. recently I hosted a week long show on Gordon's music as part of the Beethoven awareness month. I really enjoy the works of these composers, and I'd love to participate in one of the festivals

Only recently heard about BoaC but the 2011 Bowling Green State U New Music Festival with David Lang was a great start!

a friend

in c and music for airports...

Hoketus in Canada.

Love so much of the music on your label. Seeing the All Stars live in Richmond in the Marble Hall of the Virginia Museum performing Music for Airports is one of my fondest memories.


My friend William Gardiner recommended it to me.

On Facebook! Curious to hear your music.

I loved the last sampler and have high hopes for this one.

I heard about this free album from Tiny Mix Tapes. I've never heard BoaC but I am happy to have teh new jamz. :)

i'm a fan!

Attended the marathon on 2008 and never stopped following BOAC since; performer-wise and composer-wise. To name a few: Trance by Michael Gordon at LPR, My Lips From Speaking by Julia Wolfe at Faust Harrison, Elevated by David Lang at MoMA and All-Stars at Alice Tully Hall on March 2009. Thank you for these 4 years and very much looking forward to being part of your next 25 years - and onwards!

respite from the noise of the world...

Robert Black is a good friend. Each time I see the group I am struck by the intensity that each of you bring to the table which transports the listener to an entirely different plane!

Music for Airports. Enough said.

I was seating and far away in my dreams, then I oppened my eyes, bang on a can all stars were playing a J.Adams composition leading all the audience in a dream....
2009: I was in a plane coming back from 6 months in Asia, listening to music. Then, all my memories came back from years very strongly and clearly, I understood a lot about acts and consequences, then the music stopped, I was crying with a strong feeling of happiness, hard to describe. That was D.Lang "Pierced".

I remember seeing the group in Dublin at the suggestion of a friend with a shared interest in contemporary instrumental music. The concert is vivid in my memory but one thing that stands out is when the backing track to 'Electric Counterpoint' skipped and repeated failed - but rather than drawing back the curtain or revealing the strings in a disappointing way, it somehow served to deepen the mystery of the work and reveal the admirable depth of ambition in the attempt to bring such technically challenging work into live performance.

Have loved BOAC's version of Terry Riley's "In C" -- linked here from

Can't count the number of tunes and composers Bang has helped to put me on to, even from my earliest ventures into new music. Thanks!

via the music of John Cage, Steve Reich and Brian Eno. THANKS!

I heard about 'Bang On Can' and checked out your web-site.

Thanks for this fantastic gift, very appreciated!
I'm a fan of your compositions and your performances.

I heard it from my friends!

I was introduced to BOAC by my brother, who attended to a concert in NYC.

Alex Ross

Fellow musician directed me your way.


I saw you at the LSO show. It was amazing! Im excited.

I saw you at the LSO show. Im very excited to hear the new album.

Thanks for keeping me up to date with exciting music.

my friend gigio talk about you, and then ilike you

Everything developed so well between BoaC and Slagwerk Den Haag: the great piece that Michael Gordon wrote, our performance at the Marathon 2010, and the beautiful cd Timber at Cantaloupe. Let's continue the great cooperation during the next 25 years!

It is wonderful to have a group dedicated to performing and developing contemporary compositions.

Initially, I was impressed by the collaboration with Brian Eno and then Steve Reich more recently.

Thank you for bringing wonderful music to the world!

My friend J. sent me here. He's a man I trust on these matters. Very much so.

things magazine

i checked out music for airports from a local radio station, where i intended to volunteer but never did. Used to hide in the corner and peruse albums with little white stickers with writing on them. Inwardly freaked that someone could somehow surpass eno's gorgeousness.

Louis Andriessen 'Hout' was one of thé best tracks from 'Industry (1995)'. Thank you!

Caught you guys at Reichfest 2011 (I don't think it was actually called that, it was at the LSO)...Despite some problems bringing my guitar to the venue (I know, right?) I had an amazing time

I remember starting grad school, and having a close friend of mine play tsmindao ghmerto for me. Life changing!

In C.

I receive the newsletter...

BOAC with Steve Reich at MassMoCA. Amazing.

Everything from Bang on a Can is a pleasant memory

Bang on a Can is the first new music ensemble I ever heard.

Playing at the June 2011 BOAC Marathon as a Concerto Soloist

David Longstreth is my favorite musician and someone who is inspirational in ways that don't even relate to music. His relentless work ethic, embrace of complexity and experimentation, along with his strong environmental consciousness. I read about his contribution on the Useful Chamber blog.

many, many hours practicing anvil chorus in a storage room backstage at the hall of my old school. that's where it started for me!

can't wait to see you next week. thanks Alex Ross for his tweet.

new music performance class with steven schick :)

I first came to know Bang on a Can from Steve Reich's Eight Lines.

I heard of Bang on a Can years ago and assumed it was something like STOMP and wasn't interested. My girlfriend, who is a top notch pro photographer and connected to the arts in NYC, sent me your link. I am sorry to have missed out on BoaC all these years. I will make up for it now!

tiny mixtapes!

tiny mix tapes led me here by route of useful chamber dot net.

Bang on Can's version of Terry Riley's In C was the first version of that piece that I heard. It is still my favorite by far.

Found out about you guys via Tiny Mix Tapes!

Heard about the album from James Campbell.

Two days before BoaC were due to play their first ever gig in Shanghai (at the Oriental for the China Shanghai International Arts Festival), some of the members of BoaC played a small acoustic gig in the garden in front of the James Cohan Gallery. It was a balmy Shanghai autumn night and I thought that the playing was wonderful. The concert two nights later at the Oriental was heaven on a stick.


Cheating, Lying, and Stealing is still my favorite chamber piece after a few years of obsessing over it and all the music it has introduced me to!

Tiny Mix Tapes!

Back in 2004, we saw "Lost Objects" at BAM. I've never made it to one of the marathons, but always enjoy the radio broadcasts. In 2008, we vacationed in the Berkshires, and made a day trip up to MassMOCA where we enjoyed a Bang on a Can concert.

I saw a video of the Bang on a Can All-Stars on the Amoeba Records website several years back. Great show! I more recently say the "Bang on a Can" show at last season's LA Phil's Green Umbrella series and met David, Michael and Julia.

I heard about you from and I'm excited to hear your music!

I was at the Noguchi museum one summer when the strangest sounds wafted in from the courtyard. It was Evan Ziporyn on his bass clarinet. Then-boyfriend and I sat in the warm gravel entranced. Six months later I got him tickets to see Bang on a Can All Stars at Merkin Hall and took a 6-hour bus ride to be there, catching only the end but it was very much worth it.

BOAC Marathon 2009: Karlheinz Stockhausen's Stimmung at 5AM - unbelievable, and awesome.

The first time I heard Bang on a Can was during High School. I believe it was my 10th grade year, when I started composing. From then on, I have been fascinated and thrilled with every composition by Lang, Wolfe, and Gordon. As well as the ensembles wonderful performances of other famous works. This ensemble is radiant.

Soundnotion tv sent me here.

I remember hearing about something my former grad school classmate Evan Zyporin was getting involved in... and have admired Bang on a Can ever since!

Read about you all in the Times years ago, and I like David Lang's music. Been to the festival at massMoca. I own In C, Music for Airports and something else but i can't remember it at the moment.


I applaud your innovation, your experimentation and, most of all, your desire to expand people's knowledge of the unanticipated, challenging and - ultimately - welcoming sonic pleasures that are both unique and captivating. That brief description encapsulates what you've given me. Thank you.

A really good girl friend, whose music taste I trust a lot, recommend I check it out!

My friend told me about it

James Tenney!

First off, I saw Mr. Ziporyn at the Noguchi Museum in Queens, listening to him play while sitting in that tiny, rocky garden. Doing some research about Mr. Ziporyn led me to Bang On a Can, which then brought me to a performance at Merkin Concert Hall. There, I was immobilized by sound and became a fan for life.

Tiny Mix Tapes

I always loved the band name and they play old favorites - In C, Music for Airports, Steve Reich - and new discoveries like Lois V Vierk.

Via a friend.

Three years ago I took a Contemporary Music course and heard music that I would like to be writing myself someday!

Bang on a Can introduced me to new music with Terry Riley's "In C" and I have been addicted to it ever since. Thank you for continuing to broaden my horizons.


Friends on Facebook


I saw Alex Ross' tweet!

I had a great experience volunteering in merchandise sales during the 2011 marathon.

Mexican radio

have already more stuff from you


I was a new graduate student Hartt when I heard that my new chamber ensemble director, David Black, was in this "BOAC" ensemble. I went into the campus library and soon found myself listening to every album the school owned! I was fortunate enough to attend the Festival in NYC in '99...a truly unforgettable experience! Since then, I've been blessed to play several works written for the ensemble (invariably when I go to the trouble of organizing the ensembles myself), and I love it every time!

The marathons at BAM were great fun with a sense of infinite possibility. At Mass Moca more recently listening to the music while sitting in a gallery looking at at light scultpture was divine.

My great pal David told me about you - he says he love you guys!

Alex Ross tweet

A composer friend emailed the link.

I read Dave Longstreth's name and I was like, "I'm there!"

I love the DP. I am just looking for more music.

Encountered Michael Gordon's music as a grad student.

Evan Ziporyn did a masterclass in my undergrad at OCU. I was so nervous to show him my music, I couldn't even open the CD case because I was shaking so badly! I completely fell in love with the BOAC style and philosophy then and there. It has been incredibly influential to my music and to so many composers of my generation.

Never heard u but heard of you. Alex Ross helped today with tweet.

my friend thea

Want to see you guys play in the Pac NW somtime this year!

-Jeff Melton staff writer for Oregon Music News


I had heard a lot of recordings, but I'll never forget seeing BoaC for the first time in New York at the marathon this summer!

Alex Ross tipped me off about this.

Was intrigued by the name in a New Yorker calendar entry, I think.

I heard of this from a good friend who always leads me to fabulous new music!

I remember hearing an old favorite- Brian Eno's MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS and commenting to the friend playing it how much warmer it sounded on his new speakers. He told me that was because it was your new transcription for strings. Amazing!

From John Schaefer most recently and years of bang on a Can admiration

A friend in my percussion studio mentioned this to me.

On Bbabybook, formerly known as Facebook.


It took me several listenings to get into Eno's Music For Airports, Bang on a Can's version took only one. Great interpretation!

Alex Ross - Twitter

I saw my first gamelan performance at a Bang on a Can festival, and had my mind split wide open. Matmos and So Percussion also played that day, with a set of vibes made out of Budweiser cans!

been an admirer from afar since the early days, but didn't get a chance to see the group until 1998, in durham, doing pieces from renegade heaven and yr transcription of music for airports. you've been an inspiration for so many composers of my generation and beyond. here's to the next 25 years!

I attended a Bang On A Can concert at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ in Amsterdam a few years ago. At the time, I was familiar with Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe's music but had never heard the All Stars performing live... needless to say, it was a memorable concert. My favorite piece from the evening was Louis Andriessen's "Life" with the beautiful film by Marijke van Warmerdam.

i reremember

I played Anvil Chorus many yaers ago , This yaer preparate concert for Sacrum Profanum Festival with Amadrums Percussion Group and performed The so called Laws of the nature
Jan Pilch ,Krakow ,PL

*Feeling* BOAC through the back wall of Kresge Auditorium before sneaking in (it was the tail end of the set!)

BOAC is legendary!

A friend brought me to the Bang on a Can marathon in 2007, and I haven't been the same since.

1st time I heard Steve Schick! Knocked out...

Congrats on 25 years! I hope there's 25 more to come.

An all day extravaganza at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Please come back for a visit.

Glenn Branca.

¡Muchas felicidades!

i'll always remember.

Heard on Twitter from Alex Ross!

BoaC commissioned a piece from my friend (and theirs) Dan Plonsey a few years ago. Thinking it was his One Big Chance, Dan, who is a very eclectic composer, made it a sampler of all the sorts of things he'd been doing up to that point. Of course, his music since then has been completely different from what went into his BoaC piece.

Bang on a Can opened my ears and mind to music, composers and performers that have made me challenge myself to be a better musician. Thanks to all.

Alex Ross, my hero!

The link to this page was posted on Facebook by a friend. Thanks!

Via @alexrossmusic on twitter

Lying on my back in the big gallery at MassMoCA listening to Julia's LAD. Beautiful!

My friend, who is a percussionist, introduced me.

My only chance to see the All-Stars was in (if I remember correctly) Fall of 2008, when they did a Marathon concert at the University of Illinois. The performance also featured guests Glenn Kotche and Lee Ranaldo. The performance itself was amazing and very eye-opening for me (I ended up changing my major from music education to music composition, partly as a result of this). Also, meeting Glenn Kotche and the other performers after the show was incredible, as he is one of my favorite percussionists (and also one of the sweetest, nicest people I've ever met).

I read about you everywhere!

I follow Alex Ross on Twitter and heard about this amazing gift. Thanks a million, BAng on a Can!

In truth I haven't heard you but I have heard so much about you from people whose judgement I trust I figured it is time for me to jump on the BOAC train! :)

What an incredible album!

where would I be without Alex Ross's Twitter feed? short one excellent download (amongst other things)

a lot of roads have been leading to you,after seeing performance of reich's music for 18 musicians in symphony hall Birmingham uk (memo to self must check out double sextet)

I love the music marathons in Battery Park City.

The first time I heard the words bang on a can it was in the very early 90s. And the person who first introduced me to their music was a friend I don't see much nowadays. So my memory goes out to him.

Came across Bang On A Can surfing music on Spotify. Want to hear more. Please :-)

Tweet from Still_Museum. Love the band name, can't wait to hear!

My first Bang memory is hearing "Failing" on the radio late one night in the early 90's. Then a concert in the downstairs theater at MIT's Kresge w/ Evan Z. and (I think) Michael Gordon featuring much dreamy and exciting music and also mind-bending "16 Tons". It was gratifying to find people able to combine elements from such a wide open frame of reference. Have kept an eye on them ever since.

First encounter with BoaC was via a promo CD bought for £1 in a discount shop - money well-spent!

From my percussion teacher at school


This is my first exposure to it. Excited!

I have known about Bang on a Can for years, in particular when I was still in New York. I am very much looking forward to this anniversary compilation!

First noticed Bang on a can with their treatment of Brian Eno's Music for airports and later sporadically followed the doings. Learned about this via tinymixtapes blog too. Happy anniversary and thanks for the music.

Via Alex Ross

The first time I heard your recording of Louis Andriessen's Hoketus, I thought, "Finally, someone is making new music as rockin' as punk." Thanks for that.

Your regular email et's me know what you're up to here in UK

via Alex Ross' "The Rest is Noise"

Via the wonderful & witty Nico Muhly

The first time must've been hearing your version of Eno's 'Music For Airports', on Radio 3 in the dead of night.

i saw amiina there late one night.

saw them live last year in Portugal

Useful Chamber.

Alex Ross twitter

Alex Ross tweeted this!

Alex Ross recommended it.


Someone gave me Lost Objects as a gift about ten years ago.

My greatest memory (among many good ones) is the 27 hour Marathon. Music for 18 Musicians performed at about 4:30 am was glorious.

My kids went to school with David Lang's kids about ten years ago. David and Suzanne are great.

Pointed to this page by Alex Ross twitter, been a Bang On A Can fan since hearing them at Steve Reich's 75th anniversary celebrations at the barbican

I first heard Bang on a Can watching Steve Reich's Piano Phase become Video Phase with midi percussion. Still a highlight for me!

Don't remember the first time, but it was surely the first time there was an advertisement for you outside the old Alice Tully Hall. Congradulations on 25!

I'm new to Bang on a Can but being an avid reader of the Wire magazine and regular attendee at Cafe Oto they seemed well worth checking out.

I read about this deal on Twitter and figured "hey,'s free..." so here I am, wow me

If you're a young composer, you know them.

I have your Music for Airports (both studio and live) and In C. I heard about this download from @alexrossmusic.

I heard of Bang on a Can when looking for a Brian Eno album, Music for Airports, purchased it and found it to be outstanding. My wish is to see Bang on a Can in Massachusetts sometime as that is the nearest venue I was aware of them playing at.

Alex Ross

First time I heard Bang on a Can was their recording of In C, have been following them ever since.

FIrst time was hearing Music for Airports at Emory U in Atlanta. Just pure bliss. Still one of my favorite cover albums!

I saw Bang on a Can live in Iowa in the late 90s. My memory is fuzzy on many things from this period, but I do recall that it was one of the best concerts I ever attended.

Ever since I came to New York, BOTC has been my invaluable source of new and brave music. Your appearances at the Winter Garden Marathon concerts make my day every time...

I first heard BoaC in Paris, Pompidou Center, in a very remarquable program including transcription of Eno's music for airports, and such compostions specially created for the group. It was amazing, for me as european "classical" composer, to see this close relation between musicians and composers, like in a rock or jazz band... recently I saw a show in Musica Strasbourg with works of the three mousqutaires... and it was very good in dead! Congratulation for 25th!!! and go on! friendly yours Gualtiero Dazzi


I guess my knowledge of Bang on a Can is a natural result of me being a big fan of Steve Reich and Michael Gordon. And now I'm a big fan of yours!

from a friend!

Look forward to the Lang and Andriessen.

via tinymixtapes

I discovered Bang on a Can after I heard Riley's In C and I loved it

Tiny Mix Tapes

I recently played a piece called Gradus by Stephen Hartke and it got me looking at an album by Evan Ziporyn as he was the bass clarinetist on my reference recording. After that, I heard him play Press Release by David Lang and really got into this solo bass clarinet stuff. Of course, this led me to YouTube videos of Evan and his counterpart in Squonk and all sorts of Bang-on-a-Can music. What a fun and fantastic festival this must be! I'd love to attend and maybe play some day. That's about all I know.

My professor got me interested!

My first live-encounter with Bang on a Can was in 1999, when they played in Ancona (Italy), the city where I still live. There were four of them; I remember Michael Gordon in person played the keyboards. At the end of the concert, which also featured DJ Parker, Evan Ziporyn wrote, in a NWR cd dedicated to his gamelan music that I brought with me, these kind comment: “thank you Filippo for your big ears!”. My ears have grown since that time, thanks to people like BOAC. Subsequently, I met BOAC All Stars at the 2003 Biennale di Venezia, directed by Uri Caine – an unforgettable edition of the festival; I’ve just cited that remarkable experience of “musical melting-pot” that happened in Venice in a paper I wrote about musical genres, which is going to be published very soon. I attended to all the three concerts of BOAC, where they played some of the pieces which now are included in the forthcoming Cantaloupe cd. There are two funny episodes related to that event. Before going to Venice, I wrote an e-mail to Cantaloupe, and asked them if they would have brought with them some of cd’s of the newborn label; they thought I was Filippo Del Corno, the composer, so they invited me for a “professional” meeting. I specified just in time that I was another, less important, Filippo.. but I was nonetheless invited to participate at the encounter with the David Lang, Julia Wolfe and Michael Gordon; a seminar where only composers and musicians had the chance to participate, but to which I obtained the entry permit, thanks to the fact that I bought all the first 6 or 7 cd’s published by Cantaloupe… I also had the honor of asking the last question to them. My question was: “Do you consider yourselves as the heirs of people like Bernstein, Gerswhin or Copland, given the fact that you, like them, pursue a musical coalescence of different styles, genres, territories?”. Mrs. Wolfe answered that the parallel could be maintained, in a certain manner, just in the case of Copland. Now that I know much better both BOAC and Aaron Copland, I start to grasp the “certain manner” to which Mrs. Wolfe alluded: both, Copland and the BOAC composers, believe in an integrated, pluralistic, pulsating with life, and humanistic, musical world; and both pursue the same target with an economy of expressive means which I find aesthetically gratifying. There a lot of other things which could be said about it, but I hope that there will be other occasions to express them (maybe in person, who knows?). Long life to Bang on a Can!

I heard about this from my friend Ian Ding - looking forward to listening!

Congratulations! I went to your concert a few years ago. It was an exciting, refreshing and ear-opening experience. Keep up the great work. I will "show" your music to my students. Ching Juhl, a Senior Lecturer, Music Appreciation, at St. Joseph's College

Thanks for sharing this, BOAC!

I've been banging on cans all my life, but it never sounded quite like this!

A friend told me about it on Facebook

Some of my favorite college memories involve listening to this group.

From friend on Facebook

Via a friend on Facebook

Low Quartet

Through friends raving about Bang on a Can