Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

jam sessions with wonderful and talented people outside of Mass MoCA, summer 2010 :) what a wonderful organization. congrats on 25 years!

Bang on a Can and Kronos Quartet were the first ensembles I heard in my undergrad that made me think there is something else to music outside of traditional band and orchestra.

BOC at Hartt

I don't even remember where I heard of Bang on a Can - but I love the work you guys do.

Michael Gordon's 'Trance IV' is my crack-cocaine.

Through a teacher

I friend of mine told me about you.

Piece for 4 bass clarinets, i think, this year at the BOAC All-Stars. I was entranced.


My friend from orchestra told me.

playing David Lang's "The Anvil Chorus" for my senior recital.

BOAC all-stars with Philip Glass last June.

I'll never forget the first time I listened to David's ANVIL CHORUS in the music library at Dartmouth College in Christian Wolff's comp class. I was rocking out in this quiet place, barely staying in my chair.

I'm a newby, really interested in hearing your music :)

CSO->Mason Bates' emailing list ->Mason Bates Facebook ->article on contemporary classical ->Cantelope Music on Facebook

This was recommended to be me by my piano teacher. Looking forward to listening to some new and exciting music.

This will be my introduction to your music, thanks to the suggestion from my friend and colleague Chris Opperman. I Enjoy the antics of these guys. They, and BoaC are a nice breath of fresh air in the smog winter air of the Utah desert.

I don't recall how I first heard about Bang On A Can. Looking forward to the next 25 years!

I remember when David Lang visited my small college in Wisconsin in the early 90s and described this new thing, BOAC. Mind was blown.

I first heard BOAC years ago and have always been amazed by the musicianship of this incredible ensemble!!

I heard the recording of you guys doing one of my favorite and inventive classical pieces: "In C" by Terry Riley and wished to learn more about you. My guitar teacher recommended I check this album out for more of your work and I do adore free music. You're welcome, where's my download?

Very excited to listen, heard from a friend.

Pedro Guajardo sent me your link.

I'm a 19yo composer and Bang on a Can has always been a huge inspiration for me. Thank you guys and I can't wait to hear the new album!

Driving around metro Atlanta, blasting In C.

Looking forward to hearing the group at UCSD next week.

Recommended by friend

Heard BOAC all stars when they were in HK last year. Exciting new music and passionate performance!

I've been a fan of BoaC since Cheating, Lying, Stealing. I think what brought me to the band was, I was a huge fan of Doctor Nerve in high school, and that album had a piece of Nick Didkovsky on it. I was hooked from then on - here's to another 25 years! (and thanks for the CD btw :) )

Mi profesor de composición de medios audiovisuales del conservatorio me pasó un enlace por correo ¡Gracias Pedro G!

I played in the marathon concert in 2010


A friend of mine mentioned you at

I first heard of Bang on a Can last year at which point I though they were called Bang in a Can and it's only got better from there!

Gotta love the title!

I remember the feeling of not having a community of open-minded musicians with whom I could share ideas and make music. That was before I went to the Bang on a Can Summer Institute, 10 years ago, where I came to realize I'd never have to feel that way ever again.

i love your concept. thank you for making this amazing music!

I heard you last year in Korzo, The Hague: what an exciting evening! Hope to see you again in the Muziekgebouw, later this year. Congratulations with your lustrum!

my memory is bad. however i do remember having two excellent summers with boac and playing lots of wonderful music.

the new music marathon at mit was amazing

I've been a fan for a while and heard about this album from a friend.

i heard you from a friend's recommendation. i really like your concept. hope you will come out with more gorgeous music in the future

@ the Krannert. Got tix to see Kronos play Reich, Gordon and Wolfe next month too.

Recommended by friend

I heard about this from an online forum I visit (the world's greatest online magazine, or wgom for short) and was intrigued.

Julia Wolfe's album Arsenal of Democracy

The first time I heard bang on a can was when I bought their recording of Music with changing parts by Philip Glass

From a friend's post on Face Book.

I heard In C on the radio somewhere in 2008. Then I bought CD.

The first time i've heard Music for Airport.

I've never been able to attend a Bang on a Can event, and every review I've read has made me acutely aware of what I've been missing. The album (which I read about on the Sequenza21/ RSS feed) hopefully will help fill the void.

Bang on a can was a bang for me!

Steve Reich.

I came to the Summer Festival on summer 2010. This experience changed my musical career forever. Beautiful music, people and lasting friendship were created.
Wish you 25 more years of musiking!!!

I was introduced to BOAC in 1997. Aside from the impact of hearing this beautiful music, my fondest memory is seeing the All-Stars at the BGSU New Music Festival in Bowling Green, OH in October 1998. Classic program (setlist?), perfectly executed.

you have been the cause of many emotions, but particularly envy and joy.

I recently had the privilege of front row seats in Zankel Hall to see the Bang on a Can All-Stars play some amazing new works.

My first (and so far only) BOAC marathon was amazing: tons of fab music, my first flashmob (Dan Deacon), and at dawn, Stockhausen's STIMMUNG. Magical.

Inspired by many BOAC performances, especially Workers Union (my new music quartet, Erasable Color has been working on it for several months)

been following since sacrum profanum

I first learned of Bang on a Can in 2000 in my Contemporary Ensemble and in 2003, I had the privilege of playing a piece by David that my ensemble had commissioned.

Ann Arbor and Conlon Nancarrow

I recall the first time I heard Bang on a Can was at the Barbican, London as part of a Steve Reich weekend performing Eno's Music for Airports

i traveled across a few states to see a bang on a can concert and immediately fell in love with the group. have followed them ever since.

Heard about this from John Kennedy, Artistic Director of Santa Fe New Music.

David, Michael and Julie are continually inspiring. Can't wait to hear the album!

email from Santa Fe Opera buff


I saw you perform at the Hartt School - the best performance of the 4 years I was there!

I don't know about Bang on a Can yet, but heard about you via the Dirty Projectors' site "Useful Chamber"

I will always remember the first time I attended a BoaC Marathon. It was 2007 (during the uber-marathon) and a friend told me The Books were playing at the Winter Garden around 11pm. I went to Winter Garden and found myself in paradise, surrounded by the music I love! I stayed for the next 12 hours, hearing "Music for 18 Musician's" around 6am. I've been hooked since then.

Bang on a Can at the O'Reilly Theatre Dublin, 2006.

just curious

Hoping to have memories of my own, but I'm working off my friend Michael's high recommendation.

Hoping to make my first Bang on a Can memory in March, when you play in the amazing Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

Michael Gordon's Industry was my introduction to BOAC. Still love that piece.

@mknight told me. I do pretty much everything he says.

I heard about Bang on a Can through and would like to have a listen, please

I'm eager to ear this.
A friend posted about it on Facebook. I confess I didn't know you until now, but I wish I did.
Many thanks.

word of mouth !

long lived BOAC summer festival!!:))greetings from serbia


For years I have heard about your music through word of mouth, blogs etc. and have heard several recording. Now I'm looking forward to seeing you live in Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ in Amsterdam in March!

from friends

Awesome, i hope!

from japan, I received message on twitter.

My girlfriend and I would like to listen to this on our drive from Wisconsin to Iowa!

Bang on A Can was one of the best shows I ever saw at UCLA. My wife and I BOTH liked it!

I discovered Bang on a Can while searching for performances of Lous Andriessen's work. Upon viewing one of the videos available on their site, I was pleasantly surprised to see Mark Stewart among the lineup and, along with the amazing performance I witnessed, this made me eager to experience the rest of their output.

Wow 25 years! congratulations.
I remember the first time I heard Cheating, Lying and Stealing, I was knocked out - THAT is what music should be.

can i get some more?'-)

music > friends

First hearing Orpheus Over and Under and having my effing mind blown.

Anyone can bang on a can.

A teacher told me about this album.

Big Beautiful Dark and Scary. Can't wait.

Encountered "Bang on a Can Classics" years ago in high school. Now a grad student in cello - have performed Michael Gordon's "Industry" and am hoping to do David Lang's "Cheating, Lying, Stealing" next month!

Loved hearing you do Music for Airports at MassMOCA a few years ago, and - as a lapsed clarinet player - marvel every time I hear Evan play.

Driving in from Newark to the Winter Garden at 3:00 a.m. to hear a performance of Stockhausen's "Stimmung" -- with a very skeptical companion, who actually liked it.

I always enjoy listening to BOAC, and have played a couple pieces with my won ensemble. Looking forward to hearing the new album!

A percussionist friend recommended Bang on a Can to me, and let me know that a free album was available! Thanks for sharing!

a couple of years at the marathon at world financial center, ago there was a piece by michael gordon, for the new york youth symphony, about the subway (maybe the f train to brighton beach?) with a film by bill morrison. i adored it. just another gorgeous moment in boac's history.


Hearing Evan Ziporyn play David Lang's Press Release. Didn't know a bass clarinet could sound like that!

I have several colleagues who have attended some events and I plan to in the future.

Discovered Bang on a Can through music educators and this album through Twitter.

I remember the first time BOAC All Stars came to San Diego in 1995. Some University of California San Diego faculty members were so upset they vowed to never bring "that kind of music" to UCSD again.

I look forward to hearing the Bang on a Can All-Stars play at UCSD next week, and hope you return on multiple occasions.

A friend told me about 'em, i trust his good taste in music, so i'm checkin' them out.

I attended your concert in Mexico City's Palace of Fine Arts some time ago and it is one of the concerts I remember the most.

I want to download your music

One of my memories is of the Bang on a Can festival last year, sitting up along the balcony area watching the Sun Ra Arkestra march around the space.

I just got around to listening to BOAC's recording of Terry Riley's In C on the end of my ride home for Christmas. This was after debating the accomplishments of minimalism with my dad and step-mom. Wish I had had this as an example!

Throughout my music education I hear more and more about Bang on a Can and can't wait to see a live performance one day. Hopefully soon. Thank you to Jay Batzner for telling me about the free download.

Riley in C. Good stuff.

Bang on a Can at the 'Steve Reich: Reverberations' festival at Barbican last year, and the album 'Industry'

Unfortunately I've missed the concert last year in Lisboa. I'm always ready to be challenged by new and striking music, and I heard about this release from a well informed friend on facebook...


Via Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ Amsterdam

My mum

Years ago I bought Cheating, Lying and Stealing on a whim at a CD store. It changed my life.

I had come to the concert specifically to hear the only piece not performed by the incredible Bang on a Can group (Toby Twining's Chrysalid Requiem) but was just as amazed b the rest of the concert. I heard some of the most unique and wonderful music I have ever heard that night and am so grateful for the experience.

My husband is a percussive artist who admires your work. He introduced me to it too, since I've liked some of the people affiliated with Bang On A Can.

Iowa city, 2004

I have only seen BOAC once which was great. I feel that my best memories of Bang On a Can are yet to come. Looking forward to the next 25!

may art music thrive!

Loving it

Introduced to you and your music in 2007. My life hasn't been the same since!

I discovered Bang on a Can through a friend in NYC. Amazing music.

how you heard about us: how could one not?

how you heard about this album: sequenza21

Heard you in 2005 in Brussels Airport playing Eno's Music for Airports: an amazing experience!

I caught Bang on a Can at their only appearance at the Hartt School of Music last year. Unforgettable show.

Finally got up the courage to marry the girl - we take a honeymoon in North Adams MA. By chance stumble into Bang On a Can Marathon in progress at Mass MoCA. First song "Sweet Air" from Child by David Lang. I've heard nothing like it before or since.

I was so fortunate to be a member of the "all-stars' for nearly 7 years, working alongside some of the most important living composers of our day and helping realize their works. Mostly however I will remember the great concerts I performed with Lisa, Steve, David, Evan, Mark and Robert and all the crazy humor we shared on and off stage. My experience with Bang taught me to feel freer as a performer and trust my musical instinct in a way which no former school or teacher could have provided. I will always be grateful for this fantastic experience in my career.
Keep on rocking Bang on a Can !!

Alex Ross!

Air for airports was shown to me by a great friend and professor. When I heard this "oeuvre d'art" I was completely astonish by the strength of the music. It was this friend that told me that there was a great festival, dedicated to contemporary music. Since then I dream to go at least one time, and joy people who love this music

The excitement of hearing Donnacha Dennehy's Streetwalker played for the first time by BOAC in Dublin.

Bang on a Can once performed at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland, where I am a professor. I believe Philip Glass was with them on that occasion. What can I say, it was memorably good!

I haven't seen BOAC live (yet!) but I cherish all the adventurous music from your albums.

Needless fears of noisyness when Zankel Hall concert waited for whatever was happening upstairs to finish.

Hearing Micheal Gordon for the first time.

My mom buys me a Bang on a Can production every Christmas. After investigating online I found out about this opportunity!

Twitter told me!

Hearing "Industry" for the first time in college and being very annoyed I didn't write it first...!


Heard about you your work through Evan Ziporyn.

love your records, Chris Opperman pointed me to this download!

composers composers composers

Hearing Steve Reich's Tehilim with Bang on a Can and a children's orchestra and choir was definitely one of the year's highlights for me.

i know your work with Iva Bittova

Keep that eclectic mixture of jazz, world, classical and whimsy coming. My favorite memory is Mark Stewart playing the tuba with one foot in the air during the premier of Anthony Braxton's Music for 100 Tubas in 2006. I have some photo memories from several more recent marathons if you give me an email address to which I can send them.

i went to your concert at kresage hall last fall. it was the first experience of your shows because i've just came in US to study last fall. i already knew your pieces and listened to several albums. the show was more powerful than them for me. thanks for this event and beautiful music.


from matt lemay!

Much love to the whole Bang crew.

I'm looking forward to listen to this. (Tomorrow it will be a memory.)

Heard about this album from a Dirty Projectors fan!

I attended the marathon a couple of times in the early 90's. It was always an amazing concert event. A wild grab bag of musicians all playing things with great passion. I have very fond memories of the John Cage marathon, which the first time I'd heard Cage's music performed live.
I am also a huge fan of the recording of In C. It is one of my favorite new music recordings of all time. The playing somehow updates the piece while keeping it very much in the style of the original. Bang on a Can rocks.

heard about it via wire !

From a composer friend.

grateful for the people who care to have their music heard more than anything else.

Seeing BOaC all-stars do In C with Terry Riley!

From Tiny Mix Tapes (of course)

I'm an avid steel drummer, and I heard the music of andy akiho at Band on a Can. I'm now a fan for life!

Thank you Chris Opperman!

Via a friend

Facebook, Jan 2012

Heard about the album from the website Tiny Mix Tapes

Started hearing about you all when I'd come up to NYC and do shows with Jottay Puppet Theater at Dance Theater Workshop. Probably saw some of you at PS 122.

I have heard your music thru Steve Reich and seen you at RFH London.

Realizing from a BOAC album that I should write percussion music.

Heard the All-Stars in Philadelphia in 2009, and then the first-ever Philly Marathon in 2010. Always artful, humorous and thoughtful; never boring or self-serious. An inspiration for everyone who makes art in any form.

Some years ago I discovered the world of Bang On A Can. A whole new world was presented to me. I hope 2012 will again present a whole new world to me. And not only to me, but to everybody. Because we need a change.

Happy birthday Bang on a Can!
No memory yet but I'll stay tuned on the music =)

Saw your summer marathon in July!

Well, remembering Lisbon concert as an airport ;o)

Boyfriend played "Big Beautiful Dark and Scary" in the car and I was blown away!

I remember submitting for a contest a few years back and happened to win a signed copy of one of your albums, I have enjoyed your music before the contest and afterwards as you ahve been involved with a good friend of mine Bill Horist

I first knew about Bang on a Can when looking for Steven Schick's work, and since then I love all of you. Really

Just heard about this new album on The Barbican Facebook page, looking forward to hearing it.

No memory, but plan on attending this coming year. Currently a student of composition.

I saw them in Milan, March 2010. They made me fee hopeful for contemporary music's fortune.

I remeber meeting with David Lang at Sacrum Profanum festival in Krakow.

My memory is yet to be, even though I've heard BOAC man times. Come 20th March that will change when I see the all stars at Barbican Hall, and the memory will become.

Always a highlight to hear you play, have seen you at the Barbican many times. Hope you've found that sock by now...

Saw BOAC at last year's Steve Reich 'Reverberations' festival, performing 2x5. Great stuff!

Barbican website. looking forward to the gig - I am a big Nick Zammuto/The Books fan...

My first Bang on a can album was "Elida" with Iva Bittova.

I was in, of all places, Botswana, and stayed over at our managers house. Which meant talking about rock and jazz and soccer and drinking lots of beer until the wee (literally?) hours. I had never heard about Bang on a Can, and he played you for me. Amazing!

i love dirty projectors !
i was on a music blog and i just read Dave Longstreth and then i click it

My favorite Bang on a Can moments were working and enjoying three marathons in a row!

I loved bang on a can 12 hour festival in PHILLY at the world cafe live!! worker's union was the best!

I first heard of Bang on a Can during a 20th century music history course. Later, I found a recording of Evan Ziporyn in my local library that I fell in love with. That coupled with my interest in Steve Reich and his "Music for 18 Musicians," lead me back to Bang on a Can. I love their various recordings and hope to see a live performance someday. Bang on a Can is one of the most exciting and eclectic things in the art music world right now!

My fav memory was hearing BOAC's CD of Music for Airports the first time.

I went to see Bang on a can for the first time last year at Carnegie Hall, I really did not know what I was going to encounter. I am a music lover and I like to search for new rhythms and alternatives. My experience that day was fantastic and was even more wonderful knowing that the composers were sitting among the audience.

Bang in the lobby at Krannert Center at U. of Illinois back in 2002, I think, playing Music for Airports was a particularly sweet thing.

I saw this on tumblr and thought why not.

Sitting together with John Cage at La Mama theatre during the BOAC marathon in 1991. Our pieces were played one after the other (Cage-Cameron, ya know!). His was for koto ensemble and mine was 'Two Bits'. An awesome moment it was. Thanks y'all!

Found out about you here:

First noted about your band from a Terry Riley's album (In C)

Great job !

BOAC is great! Huge fan!

I remember the first time I heard Louis Andriessen's "Workers Union" and fell in love! But I'm downloading this one for the David Longstreth compositions... I remember one fine summer spent delivering pizzas while blaring Dirty Projectors from my car and singing along at the top of my lungs.

I heard this album played this evening on KSKQ. The host told us about Cantaloupe. I've been a fan of Conlon Nancarrow since I got his series on 1750 Arch Records many years ago.

My friend posted a link about the album.

My favorite memory of BOAC is seeing both cello counterpoint and music for pieces of wood in the large brick space at MASS MOCA. Play more Reich and Feldman plsssss

i found bang on a can when searching Guy Klucevsek.your music is simply amazing.


100 Tubatet at the 2006 marathon.

I read about this on Tumblr.
I am a fan of your music. I own your version of "Music for Airports". I bang on stuff (I'm a percussionist).

I heard this on a Tumblr! I'm new to Bang on a Can, but think this album sounds amazing, and would really like to listen!

Two of my musically inclined friends posted about your wonderful album on facebook. Here I am!

When playing in a performance of a Louis Andriessen work in college, I was told to reference Bang on a Can by my contemporaries. A whole new world opened up!

I'm a huge fan! Looking forward to the music!

One of the best things to happen to new music in at least 25 years.

i know the movie (untitled.) is tongue in cheeck, but it still moved me and rung true.

Heard about this via facebook

lovin' y'all.. free music makes me smile :)

Been listening to Bang on a Can for quite some time, and my friends let me know about this 25 year celebration!

After listening to an interview on my favorite local public radio show I come to say thanks, and look forward to listening to this.

Attended 2010 NYC BOC festival so I'm on email list

I am already a cantaloupe music subscriber - go indie labels!

you were kind enough to remind me... : =)

So much beautiful music, so many concerts over the years!!!!

I was an intern at Music at the Anthology, and that's how I found out about Bang On A Can!

I have known you for many years. I have read about this album on Kate Moore's website.

The first time I saw Bang On A Can ensemble, it was in Krakow, Poland, september 2011. You played various music, but I'll never forget how you performed Steve Reich's Double Sextet and 2x5 ... Wow! It was then I realised that music can transcend borders, styles, everything.. those two pieces were rock music as much as they were classical music, not only because of the 'usual' rock instruments in 2x5 but because of the amazing performance you did.. it had the same uplifting energy, groove and momentum as it would be on a good rock concert!
Also, I have to mention amazing performances by Evan Ziporyn, doing the NY Counterpoint, what was that?! It wasn't ordinary clarinet, for sure. ;) Incredible performance!
And of course, the amazing record label you guys run, thank you for all this wonderful music!

My brother sent me the link. Looking forward to it.

My friend Brandon!

A friend sent me email about your album.

I don't know about YOUR Bang on a Can, but I've heard many different MUSIC pieces made by banging on stell cans... so, this should be fun to listen to!

MassMOCA residency!

The last album freaked us out a little bit. And we liked it.

Just mention this news story!

Todd Reynolds came to my university to talk to the composition majors and perform.

Heard about it on MIT arts email.

Steve Reich's 75th birthday concert in London was one of the most amazing nights of music I've ever seen. Thrilled to have BoaC in my life!

Hope to see Bang On A Can perform one day.

This is my Christmas present :)!

Learned about you from a facebook pal. Been a big Steve Reich fan for many years -- Bang On A Can reminds me of his work. Love it! Thanks so much!!!

Saw you on MIT arts Twitter !

Too many memories to mention...Have just loved Bang On A Can for many years!

Saw Todd Reynolds, of Bang on a Can fame, perform. An aspiring violinist, I was blown away!

Happy birthday Bang on a Can! I've been receiving your email updates for some time now, and need to get myself up there to check you out!


It was July 25, 2009, at the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival at MASS MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts. That summer’s “Banglewood” students had just presented a wonderful recital of Steve Reich’s music in the Sol Lewitt galleries. After the recital, before the evening Bang on a Can concert in the adjacent auditorium, I happened upon Reich in the lobby, and expressed to him my amazement that his work had now entered the repertory. “I used to be the bandleader,” Reich replied. “Now I’m just the composer.”

the new music marathon at mit was amazing

My first exposure to Bang On A Can was hearing Julia Wolfe's Steel Hammer when it premiered at Penn State. Both the music and staging were mesmerizing and transporting. The virtuosic cellist made a distinct impression, and meeting Julia Wolfe in the lobby after the performance was delightful. I purchased Renegade Heaven and have played it over and over, inspiring me to track down works by composers I had never heard of before purchasing this CD. Thanks the gift of your music!

I don't have any BoaC memories, I heard about this on a music message board that I follow.

Alex Ross sent me.


I just heard of you all, but I used to play in orchestra with Evan Ziporyn's son! hope all is well, Leo.