Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

I remember singing at the foot of my bed with my sister.

bang on a can. iva bittova. absolute magic.

News travels fast.

I was in Darwin, Australia in 2005 at a small but awesome music festival. Fellow Aussie and ex-Banglewood alumni Julian Day was there too, and he told me all about this incredible music summer school that took place every year in this tiny town in Massachusetts, USA. It sounded like the most awesome thing in the world, and I thought then and there, "I'm going to go there one day". Two years later I was on a plane to the USA... and three years after that on my way back to live in New York and study with Michael Gordon. In short, Bang on a Can has been one of the most influential forces on both my creative trajectory and my life.

I remember watching Bang on a Can All Stars playing Reich's 2x5 in New York to a totally sold out crowd. All new music and such audience enthusiasm.

My first time, I remember coming back to the auditorium and hearing a beautiful choral piece by Pauline Oliveros with the singers beneath the bleachers.

heard about from another exposé writer

This entry belongs to me, not Bang on a Can.

Word gets around.

performance at the opening of a new The Hague cultural centre: wonderfull rhytms!

Email from a composition student :D

Just heard about the opportunity on MASSMocas facebook page, I'm totally intrigued and excited to listen!

heard on D:O radio!

heard about this through school. thanks for making new music available to poor college students.

Excited to hear the new disc.

i saw it on 22tracks

Bang on a Can All Stars with Steve Reich (not to mention the London Sinfonietta) at the Royal Festival Hall, London in 2009: the sheer joy of seeing Clapping Music...

I am a fan of Lang- Wolfe-Gordon music.I have Losts objejcts CD and it's so amazing, it's sublime music.

The guys at destination:OUT linked to this. Can't wait!

Bang on a Can was something that I had heard of for many years but never actually heard until I was much older. Heard the cd playing behind Jeff Golick on Give the Drummer Some on WFMU.

Have known of your festival for many years; saw the link to the album on the site:
Thanks for the courage of your music.

ive been a fan in a very long time.. heard about this from a friend, an artist from spain

Thanks to Mass MoCA for posting link to this on FB. Years ago heard some of the WFC Marathon, and hope to make it back again this year.

Tiny Mix Tapes informed me, but I'm always interested in experimental music.

I heard about this opportunity from my music school. Looking forward to listening, and thanks!

I saw you at University of Hartford last year. Absolutely terrific show!

bang on a can all stars

So excited to hear this music--thanks for the download opportunity and keep up the great work!

Seeing Bang On a Can at the MassMoCA music marathons is always a highlight, but the summer marathon with Terry Riley as visiting artist/composer was rare. Between sets I wander the museum grounds and ended up holding the door for Mr. Riley as I reentered the space. With the characteristic ironic twinkle in his eye he smiled and said thanks. A great composer, a great artist, a great beard... and a knowing smile.

Reuniting with friends at the 2011 Mass MOCA marathon, for the first time without SDB. Plus all of the many memories of concerts when he was still with us.

One of the best summers of my life was spent at Bang on a Can's summer institute in North Adams. To this day, whenever I feel I'm in a zone of seriously joyous creativity I think "There's that Banglewood feeling again."

Awesome music by stellar musicians; seeing Bang on a Can live has been one of my favorite concerts that I've ever been to! Congrats on the 25th anniversary!

I went to the marathon back in its early early years at the suggestion of my then-teacher, Annea Lockwood. It was awesome and inspiring.

Your show at MassMoCa was incredible!! Can't wait to listen to the CD!

Mass MOCA Facebook page

I heard about this album through Mass MoCA on Facebook. I was intern their last summer, and the BOACers were some of the most incredible people I have never met!

I heard about Bang On A Can from my dad and this CD from Tiny Mix Tapes

heard of this through Robert Carl

Robert Black is a fantastic professor and instrumentalist!

I bought Music for Airports when it was originally released and if it were possible to wear out a CD, I'd have done it. This is beautiful, dream inducing music. If only airports were so peaceful.

Louis Andriessen's "Life" at Carnegie last fall.

Just seems like I've always known. Have loved BoaC's version of Music for Airports, and now the wonderfully wooden boxed Timber. Many thanks!

Freeborn Hall, on the UC Davis campus. 12 years ago? After intermission, BOAC played Music for Airports. I was spellbound. It opened up a whole new world of music for me.

Music For Airports, the Bang On A Can version, remains one of my favorite albums. It's one of the most beautiful, dream inducing albums I own.

Heard about you through Daniel Corrall's blog

A pal recommended me

i remember tiny little mixtapes having a link i could click on.

I Loved it when they came out to Lafayette College with the all-stars a few years ago Great modern music in my hometown.

Seeing the Bang on a Can All Stars perform Eno's "Music For Airports" at 1am at the Winter Garden NYC. It was my first Marathon, and the performance felt charged with emotions over 9/11 (Ground Zero being around the corner). The audience laid down on the WG floor, and stared at the rain hitting the glass ceiling. The music made me feel like I was flying through that ceiling...

first heard about the group through the Music in Fifths recording when I was on a big Glass kick

i Knew the Bang on a Can a few years ago with the eigth lines CD of Steve Reich's pieces, also worked with an ensemble recording contemporary music, David Lang pieces inside.

It was an early Sunday morning in April and, as usual, I was hanging upside down from the roll bar in the Radio City Music Hall elevator when the car abruptly stopped and the door opened on the third floor. No one was there, however I distinctly heard the sound of B.O.A.C.’s recording of Glass’s Music in Fifths wafting from down the corridor. Things, as they say, have not been the same since.

friend's recommendation and interest about your work. Many thanx.

A friend told me...

Michael Gordon's Gotham - wow.

My friend Kate Moore noticed me about your new cd, I'm very interested! Many thanks in advance!

looking forward to listen!

Watching my 4-year-old son watching Mark Stewart lead Kids Can Too, outside at the World Financial Center a few years back. A year or so later we passed Mark on the sidewalk in our neighborhood; Alex pointed and cried out "Big Red!"

Through my friend who keeps telling me to check out Bang on a Can, and now I am!!

I've heard about this group for years & am interested in checking them out.

Kate Moore did send me an email.

friend's recommendation

in 2002, was returning from a conference in the fiorth valley in scotland and spotted a sign for a record fair in calander.
while there, i discovered an album of bang on a can performing eno's "music for airports" in full - and of course, i bought it.
that was my introduction to bang on a can.

I have a great memory of a piece of mine "Open Happiness" being performed at MASS MoCA in '03. Ten young composers and performers from the Banglewood contingent, among them David Longstreth, Drew Boles and Laine Fefferman (from memory), stood along one of the brightly-lit corridors. Each brandished a one-litre bottle of water and over the course of a half-hour they slowly drained their bottles, blowing across the top after each sip to create flute-like tones. The tessitura slowly drained southwards along with the water resulting in a dense mesh of tones. Magically, the old museum bell tolled right at the beginning and at the end of the piece. Secretly I was glad to be only listening as there’s no way I’d want to suffer as much as my dear performers! Thanks guys.

Met the crew in Bordeaux during EVENTO2011. They're not just awesome musicians. They're awesome people as well. ;)

I heard of this opportunity via a friend. I follow Bang on a can from the Eno's music for airport times. :-) Greetings and thanks.

I love the high energy concerts of Bang on a Can, and am impressed by the range of composers you present. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary!

No memories, just a stories I've heard making me want to hear and or see the music performed live...

I got an email from Kate Moore.

Heard of this through a website, 22 tracks.

Could not ignore such a strong allbum tilte... Cannot wat to hear if it matches the music!

I've performed several of Kate Moore's works myself and am very curious to hear more of her by others.

Learned about the album through composer Kate Moore

Saw you play with John Adams in London a few years back and I've got your recording of Terry Riley's In C.

Refreshing music! I love it

Mario Godoy said it was awesome and I should listen to it.

ive heard about you on 22 tracks

All your records have been great, Can't wait to hear this one.

First Cantaloupe Music album was Messiah Remixed. I was too young to "get it" at the time. Love it and all your work now.

Listening to Robert Black has always been an exciting and inspiring experience. He is the standard by which I set my own musical compass, and to which I continually aspire.

I had a good time with "Music for airports" played by you, in Japan.

seeing Margret Lang Tan walk down through the audience to play a toy piano and a full sized grand piano simultaneously.

My friend just told me about this, and gave his recommendation that I listen!

No memories yet for me, but I'm curious about the Longstreth piece...

Thought: I wish you all visited the left coast more often!

I picked up Lost Objects with a spontaneous, uninformed purchase. I like the mystery of committing to the unknown. I was not disappointed.

An All Stars performance of Reich's "Music for Pieces of Wood" at Strathmore Hall in DC hit me with a force beyond any punk show I've ever attended.

I loved the Bang on a Can Marathon at the Philly Fringe in 2010.

A friend recommended you with much joy

my friend showed me BOAC and I knew it was perfect music for working on projects that had a dark element to them. Also, it made playing Silent Hill even creepier.

Saw you in 2003 at a local concert hall. Went in with no expectations and left floating in the ether just like the music.

I don't have memories because a friend recently introduced me into the band's music but the few I've heard sounds really great, so I want more material to begin making my own memories listen to the music

I have seen you alive in Portugal at Teatro Maria Matos.

i received an email telling me about the album... looking forward to the Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

From Kate Moore I heard about the new record, containing her work, and much more. Look forward to have a listen!

Loved the live recording of Eno's music for.airports . Amazed it done live

I took some photos for Kate.

Happy 25th Birthday!!! Congrats!!! I know Kate Moore from working together in Holland! Would love to meet you guys at one point soon! Cheers!!!

made me want to live in nyc, long ago.

Heard David Longstreth was involved, hence the need to have it.

We have attended a few concerts including a marathon, Decasia, Shelter in Philadelphia, and most recently the Steve Reich birthday concert at Carnige Hall. Loved everyone of them.

Read about it in the Independent newspaper. Decided to follow the link to have a listen. Happy Birthday

My first BoaC concert was in Alice Tully Hall in 1998. I was in my first year of graduate school and went with a bunch of friends. The packed hall was filled with gorgeous 20-somethings wearing leather pants, feather boas and black nail polish. I had never been to a new music concert like it; it was fabulous.

I found BOAC in Facebook two years ago, and, since then, its music has been one of my most powerful life- regenerating sources!

Learning that Michael Gordon grew up in my neighborhood but our paths never crossed. How would my life have been different had I know at least one other composer then ...

My first Bang On A Can Festival was exhausting and fascinating and a joyful place to be. At the time, I'd just begun to be really invested in contemporary music, and I was amazed to find such a crowd of people gathered to see new music shared...

25 Years? I celebrated my 25th birthday with a 'bring a pudding party'. Happy 25th Bang on a Can!

Haven't had much experience with BOAC, but I was introduced by my undergraduate professor, and I am interested in hearing more!

I first learned about you guys back in the 90's when I discovered your Brian Eno transcriptions. My classical music listening and writing hasn't been the same since.

I listen to Bang on a Can with my friends, they're great.

In June 2007 I went to the Bang on a Can marathon in the Winter Garden. It lasted for two days and I was there for about 14 hours of it. James Tenney's 12 minutes of air-raid sirens have stayed with me to this day and Julia Wolfe's Dark Full Ride was incredible.

Nice idea to show what you are up to, thanks in advance! got the link from my uncle btw.

Teaching in Alabama, I had for several years been listening to--and sharing with students--Renegade Heaven when my wife and I were able to catch Bang on a Can live at Emory University in Atlanta, Feb. 2004: a memorable performance followed by opportunity to talk briefly with Evan Ziporyn.

Hearing 'cheating, lying, stealing' for the first time.

My composition teacher sent me a link for this group, so I thought I'd give it a listen.

Through classmates and colleagues. Go contemporary music!

playing reilly & reich at banglewood!

Intriguing facebook post.

First heard you during an astounding jig in Paris !

Seeing the BOACAS play Nancarrow turned me from fan to super-fan... and the Kyaw Kyaw Niang album is a must-own recording. Thanks for all the cool music, and would it kill you to perform some Zappa?

I heard the All Stars in Wellin Hall at Hamilton College several years ago and I remember it being a great show!


My friend Loves this and recommended it to me.

My wife bought me Renegade Heaven for Christmas last year. It didn't leave my CD player for months!

I clearly remember my first encounter with Bang on a Can All-Stars in Budapest, 2002. I was stunned by their wonderful performance. I always thought that this could not be surpassed, but they did it: last year in London, at the Barbican Centre on the Steve Reich 'marathon'. There are no words to describe those two evenings. Thank you Bang on a Can, and happy birthday!

through the Independant newspaper, London

I got the 2*5 album from my uncle, recently ripped it to mp3 (who plays CD's anymore ;)

Not a real memory. But I have a long train ride before me and BOAC is like the perfect soundtrack glazing at the passing landscapes.

I lived in Park Slope then and I remember going to the one of the first shows. I was struck by the artfulness within the simplicity of the idea. Its basicness is almost archeological.

Never heard of you before, so very curious to learn more!

I have been to two super BOAC concerts in Scotland in recent years: do come back soon!

Saw a t-shirt here and there, some CDs laying around my dad's shelves, some currents in the air

More than a handful of my friends learned about Brian Eno (!) through the absolutely stunning BoaC recording of Music For Airports!

Through the grapevine

such sublime sounds you've created!!!! thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

I saw the Bang On A Can All-Stars with Lee Renaldo at Mass MOCA in 2008 and I've been hooked ever since!

Had a great time playing with Evan Z in Boston for a couple of years with Aardvark Jazz Orchestra.

I can't remember anything but I like David Longstreth.

I remember wanting to try 'minimalism' and finding only BOAC's "In C" at Borders. I remember seeing the cover, reading the name "Cantaloupe Music" and thinking, "It does look rather melony." I remember greatness. I remember buying more. I remember wanting all. I remember never being less than fascinated.

From Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon sharing a kiss over guitars with the All-stars at Mass MoCA, to J.G. Thirlwell introducing his new work at the people's commissioning concert, Bang on a Can consistently rocks.

I heard about Bang on a Can from my friends and colleagues. I recently started studying composition at West Chester University.

Tiny Mix Tapes

We live in DC and attend every concert that Bang on a Can brings to DC. Musically, it feels like being in NYC, but easier to get to!

1-bit symphony

I discovered you guys while in high school. 10 years later, and still loving it.

long time ago gutbucket mentioned boac. it got stuck with m :)

I have no memory! I just checked spring concerts in Lincoln center and got curious!

Steve reich helping bring order to my otherwise-chaotic synaptic activities.

Alarm Will Sound & the all stars rocking out at the new Alice Tully Hall, February 2009

Still remember stumbling upon a Bang On A Can CD at the music store when I was 19... bought it, and had no idea what I was listening to, but felt like I'd discovered a new world!

I heard from a friend


My first experience of BoC was at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. They mesmerized us and left a lasting impression. We loved them!

An amazing show at the Univ of Hartford! Couldn't sing your praises more!

I know of the band from watching the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and I know of this release by reading about it on

I remember something like a sound in my head. A noise, maybe. Was the sound of beauty. Beauty, dancing on weird notes. But all is just memory. I'm fading away from the surface of life. Welcome, my dreams.

I love all of yours record. Music for airports is better than Brian Eno record... beacause it's ... human

No memory, but I've been following Bang on a Can via news media/internet for a long time, think it's great!

My friend told me about this 25th anniversary celebration and said I'd like your music, so here I am! He really likes it and has great taste in music so I'm sure I will too!

Accidentally discovering B.O.A.C's Industry opened up a rich stream of new music and composers for me and I'm still pursuing leads that had their genesis in that record. A genuinely life-changing discovery

Article in Independent newspaper 13-01-12.

In You tube by the minimalismusmusic channel

Because of real physicality, keen programming, a dash of pop violence and otherwise lots of pretty notes.

I heard you at Emory University in Atlanta GA, and it Really Rocked!

the "gigantic dancing human machine" album introduced me to Louis Andreissen's music...which flowered into a near-obsession soon after.

I saw "Music for Airports" in Zaventem. It was fantastic !
I'm coming to your concert in Amsterdam end of March !

Doesn't get much better than a free double album!

Been a fan since I heard the live Music for airports. Was surprised that something that abstract could be played live

I knew about this record from

Word of mouth.

My first Marathon was a life-changing experience, filled with musical intensity, and a sense of being part of something new and vital. That's also how i got to meet Amy X. Neuburg, and first heard Alarm Will Sound.

One of my mates says you are great and we are bookin tickets for your Southbank gig

My nephew, who's a classical musician told me about it. We share a certain taste in music

You are fantastic!

I was intrigued to see someone covering Brian Eno's "Music For Airports", and had to check it out. I'm so glad I did! I'm now a fan for life.

Alex Ross, New Yorker music critic, tweeted about album.

I remember hearing Bang on a Can at La Mama, back in the early '90's when I was a film student at NYU. It was one of the best musical experiences I've ever had, and a highlight of my time in NYC. Thank you for the incredible music!

As a composer who is also involved with early music, my strongest memory is your performance of Dowland Remix at Le Poisson Rouge.

I've attended Bang on a Can almost from its inception. (I still cherish the Morty t-shirt).

One of the greatest gifts the marathon offers - in addition to the invaluable feeling that your part of an active, vibrant community of like-minded folk - is the thrill of discovering previously unknown composers. As devoted to creative music as I am, every year is full of surprises.

In 2010, I was so startled by the brilliantly innovative marriage of sound and performance in Mayke Nas and Walter Snoei's "I Delayed People's Flights By Walking Slowly in Narrow Hallways" that I funded its participation in that year's Liverpool Biennial.

I remember making a remarkable shepherds pie one evening while listening to your Music For Airports. The pie and your music went so well together, that we continued listening to it all though dinner.
Most enjoyable.

Hey you guys! My professor Gordan Tudor (I think you met him last summer) told me about you and he said you're unbelievable, so I would like to download your CD, if it's not a problem :)

Here's to twenty-five more years of beautiful music making! Congratulations!!

that's great!

discovered Bang on a Can when they performed at my school and it surpassed any of my expectations! looking forward to listening to the new album!

It's kind of a selfish Bang on a Can memory: I'm a songwriter, and I used to post on myspace. Ethel, who I love and are on the Bang on a Can label, were a myspace friend. Well one day, someone from the Ethel camp (whoever administered their myspace profile) commented on my music, said it was really good. I was beyond flattered and honoured.

Discovered Bang on a Can through playing Music For Airports to bemused and occasionally delighted punters at Tower Records in London.

via Bimhuis.Have a nice 2012, full of colour and joy!

When I needed new 'classical music' and didn't know such a thing existed the Bang! crew came to my rescue.

Hope to have great experience as everytime with Bang on a Can !

The live twittering during my performance at BoC 2010: "Now he's going to the piano", "he's banging on it", "he beginss to scream"...

coming across Bang on a Can unexpectedly in New York, and discovering their wide range of music, some coincided with mine, and other pieces have opened my ears

So excited!!! Gosh, so excited!!!

Signal playing Julie Wolfe's Cruel Sister blew me away this year - I recorded it and I have the album by Ensemble Resonanz. Which would have been my favorite album of the year except that I have the tape from 2011 which I return to again and again and it revitalizes me in so many ways!

Thanks Gary

Dirt and projection

I was at Disney World with my mom and sister when I was twelve. The park was closed but we could stay late because of a special pass. The whole day had been sensory overload but now the park was empty, the sounds were of empty carts rolling on the tracks, the smells were from the bakeries preparing their food for the next day. The energetic hum of the happiest place on earth still hung in the air like the world after a storm.

My musician grandson, a tuba player, saw a performance and was inspired to compose some music of his own which became his doctoral thesis. So I had to come and see you last year and looking forward to Tuesday.

Hope to see you live soon! Looking forward to the new album.

originally heard from a good friend of mine over a series of hanging out and listening to music-excited to hear new stuff

music to my ears

I remember the time my guitar teacher told me to download this album. He's a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything.

Robert Black is an old teacher of mine. I've always respected his work and greatly look forward to listening the Bang on a Can All-Stars' new album.

Hearing Todd Reynolds and Annie Gosfield and Pamela Z and Lisa Moore over the years has opened my mind and ears.

Listening to the recordings of Bang on a Can has been a way for me to connect a large collection of incredibly good compositions and performances

I heard about your album to LA phill.

The first time I heard their name, I thought it was cool. When I finally heard them, they were waaaay cooler!

It's not that my memories of Bang On A Can are negative it's just that, well.....I've still never managed to hear them live, 'cos bad things happen when I try.
No matter how well planned the outing, something always goes wrong: wrong time, wrong place, car breaks down, girlfriend ill, airline strike, always something.
The good news is that I have lots of recordings and I'm not giving up.
I'll hear you guys day!

Spending twenty-four hours at the Winter Garden listening to Bang on a Can artists perform is a unique and wonderful experience.

ワンダフル エクセレント

heard through useful chamber

grains of sand stuck to sellotape

From Music for Airports, to Timber, I remain a fan for both the classic, and the new. Keep up the great work, and look forward to seeing you guys the next time you're in Houston.

The very best version of "In C" is by Bang on a Can.

Thank you for making your work available. Obviously, since you are famous, I had heard your wonderful music before, but it was a news item in The Independent (in the UK) that tipped me off to the album.

Pacing along a crowded, deserted beach, approached a whale of wolfram. Discussed Feigenbaum attractors and basin boundaries, whilst the seacreature emanated THe Carbon Copy Building.

I remember a 90s BOAC release and I thought; Well, Eno's in there somewhere, so I'll give it a chance....

I listen you mainly at night. I love these climates.

I saw Dave talk about this. Let's see how it stacks up!

I first heard of you via a radio story about 1-bit Symphony. While I've only been able to purchase two recordings so far -- I've been out of work the entire time I've known of your existence -- I'm looking forward to hearing more in the future.

My good friend, Rob Hardin made the suggestion to visit this site.

Live in Huddersfield

I became aware of Bang On a Can when I purchased Phil Kline's Zippo Songs CD. Phil is a long-time acquaintance of mine, but as a continent separates us, I have few opportunities to experience his music live. Zippo Songs remains a jewel in my collection.

I remember being one of eight people in the house the same morning of a huge blizzard/ice storm in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I just love to listen beautiful music. Please give me a chance to hear. XD

Watching you perform Music for Airports in the lobby of the Krannert Center at the University of Illinois (roughly 2000 or 2001) without a click track!

I knew that band through Steve Reich. Great interpretations. Thanks a lot!

Hearing Bang on a can all stars are going to play 3 concerts in Glasgow this March... a memory in the making?

Bang on a Can has been a great inspiration to Los Angeles Electric 8. We've always admired their dedication and contribution to new music and we thank them for paving the way for a new generation of ensembles such as ourselves. Congratulations and sincere gratitude to you all! Best wishes for the next 25 years!

I adore Music for Airports! BOAC and Eno, does it get any better than that? Someday I'm going to get to your festival in the Berkshires.

I've been in Boston for 20 yrs. This started before I left L.A. Mehta was still conductor.

Listening to a late-night college radio station one night, I heard a piece called "Failing: A Very Difficult Piece for String Bass", and called the station to find out more about it. A totally clever idea and flawlessly(?) executed! I've been hooked ever since.

Love their music.

You've been part of life

If it hadn't been for Bang on a Can, I would never have discovered so much beautiful contemporary classical music.

Bang On A Can - Music for Airports - Lanzarote Audio Visual Festival - a great experience

Marathons (ever since the BAM days -- 2000, 2001?). Gorgeous recordings. Eye-opening talking about babies+career with Julia Wolfe in Cologne, when she was a new mom and I was a wee babe (21). Good times.

Saw this on LA Phil site. Can't wait to download!

relaxing music.

Han pasado mas de 48h desde el envío del correo y no me podido descargarlo! Espero poder ahora

I also like to bang on things

Loved your album and tour with Iva Bittova. Will be seeing you Tuesday at Disney hall!

Saw you guys in Durham years ago, when I was in grad school. Great show.

no knowledge - all new ..

I went and saw Michael Gordon and his large accompaniment at MIT in 2011, and heard this wonderful piece, "big beautiful dark and scary." I've wanted to hear it again since. It was beautiful.

Well, back whenever Steve Reich was the guest composer at the MassMOCA marathon (2006??), we happened to be sitting in front of him and his party. We caught a little of the chat, and I remember a story Reich told of himself, as a boy, approaching Igor Stravinsky. It was concert intermission, and the old man was taking a brake from conducting. Reich approached in awe, and full of enthusiasm (much as many people at the Bang concert were approaching Reich!): "oh, Mr. Stravinsky, I love your work, what's your favorite piece, how did you ever come up with Rite of Spring", etc. etc. As Reich tells it, Stravinsky clutched his head ,looked pained, and grated out "I have so many things on my mind!!"


Through Useful Chamber

My favorite recording of Bang on a Can is Terry Riley's In C.

First time I heard BOAC was when they released Industry...

ik heb kennisgemaakt met deze muziek tijdens een rebirth sessie. to heal and feel jour own birth trauma.

The marathons, from early days in the East Village, to Lincoln Center, Henry Street, and beyond -- definitely powerful experiences. Being there from the first notes to the last -- definitely accorded us the badge of honor as citizens of our community! My VERY favorite memory was David onstage at Henry Street, with one of his beautiful babies in the Baby Bjorn, asleep, as he addressed the audience. This is what a life in music really means. BOAC's founders and members are my heroes.

I was in composers forum at school and heard about this download.