Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

Hi Evan, great interview with KUSC tonight.

I first heard of Bang on a Can today while driving home from a beer and cheese tasting. "Music for Airports" sucked me in.

I love Bang on a Can! I used to intern in the same building where they practice and could here them while I worked. It ruled.

I was intrigued by what I heard tonight (1/19/12) on KUSC in Los Angeles, so I came here to check it out. Thanks!

The first Bang on a Can album I listened to was them performing Terry Riley's In C. As a lover of contemporary music (and ensembles), I've been listening to several more albums, including 'Cheating, Lying, Stealing', Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and more recently, Louis Andriessen. Just a few nights ago I went to see the Steve Reich concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. I thought the concert was amazing!

'Have been a Steve Reich fan for years, and references to BoAC keep popping up. Then tonight I tuned in to Jim Sveda, and... here I am.

I heard you on KUSC tonight. Awesome music!

I was listening to KUSC and heard your music. Sounded good!

My memory starts today with your kusc radio show, Jim's initial reference to Zappa's Barking Pumpkin Consortium, truly interesting and entertaining original pieces, a Brian Eno cover, all struck a chord with me. hours of focused listening. Thanks

I was playing a video game with KUSC in the background, when your music came on it caught my attention from the game

Wonderful, just wonderful music.

Always wanted to hear a BOACAS concert. Mostly have to settle for classical music on radio. Unfortunately BOACAS doesn't get the airplay they deserve. However, KUSC is giving us a marathon right now. Thanks Jim Svejda!

Heard you for 1st time tonight on KUSC 91.5fm, just have to hear more!

Just heard some of your Nancarrow on Jim Svejda's show on KUSC--wonderful, thanks for your kinetic music-making!

I had heard them before, but it was the stellar performance of "Music for 18 Musicians" that I heard last night at Disney Hall that sealed the deal for me.

I heard you for the first time on Jim Schweda's KUSC program this evening. Your performance of Nancarrow's music really livened it up!

Fortunate to have heard/seen the S.Reich concert at Disney Hall two days ago. Certainly want to hear more!

I heard this on Thursday on KUSC and . . . um . . . . woh . . . . f'ing amazing! Dip me in a vat of Reich and sprinkle me with a large dollop of Zappa!

Jim Svejda's KUSC show with Evan Ziporyn tonight

just heard your guys stuff on 91.5 kusc..sounds great..makes my brain and mind move!

follow on twitter, heard on KUSC 1/19/12

I met you tonight on Jim Svejda's show. What fun!

I just heard about Bang on a Can while listening to KUSC. I played many Cage and Harrison pieces while a percussionist in college and can't wait to hear more of your music.

I heard bang on a can live for the first time last Tuesday at at the Walt Disney Concert Hall performing 2x5 by Reich, excellent talent performing excellent music!

Driving across the state to see the All-Stars perform Lying, Cheating, and Stealing and Music for Airports at Bowling Green State University.

Heard about it on Jim Sveda, KUSC, streaming on the net. Thanks!

I attended the concert at UCSD on 1/18/12 and the Music for 18 Musicians was amazing. I’m still experiencing bursts of joy 24 hours later. I’m looking forward to seeing Bang on a Can again real soon.

Heard from radio KUSC

I heard Evan Ziporyn talking with Jim Svejda tonight on KUSC. As a college professor who teach 20th and 21st century music, I really appreciate all that you're doing!

non-memory: just listening on kusc. Amazing.... Can't believe I missed the concert @ Disney Hall...

Hearing your music on KU$C tonight turned my mood around after a 12 hour work day. A fine breath of a fresh air to disconnect from the real world.

I was at the 2006 Bang on a Can Marathon concert. Love you guys!

I'm listening to you on the my memory is now. And it's still happening.

I'm listening to Bang on a Can again on KUSC tonight and I'd love to continue listening to you.

I saw Bang on a Can Marathon in SF. It was fun and amazing! I learned about Bang on a Can from Music for Airports and have enjoyed hearing other Bang on a Can CD's and individual recordings, expecially Evan Ziporyn's This Is Not A Clarinet.

Jim Svejda does it again, and KUSC brought you to my ears. A smiling providence, if there ever was one.

Listening EZ on KUSC tonite.

Listening to KUSC tonight, Evan Ziporyn is on the Evening Program and knocking me out with all this great music. Many thanks!

Jim Svejda program on KUSC

been listening to Jon Schaefer's shows for decades. You're legends! Thanks!

After years of reading the Bang on a Can name in all the places I find music I like, I finally heard some of the music on Jim Schwede's show tonight. I'm excited to hear more!

I've seen them several times, mainly in Atlanta. Seeing Steve Reich performed is always a treat (saw them doing it last night in San Diego with The Man himself). Music For Airports live was interesting, but I can always count on them to introduce me to music I haven't heard before that is challenging in unexpected ways. Their large alliance of musicians gives them a flexibility lacking in many "new music" ensembles. I've met some of them at after-show meet-and-greets, and they are all such wonderful, friendly people. Seeing Maya Baiser rip on solo cello one night was particularly memorable. And seeing Reich's Music For 18 Musicians performed live last night--you haven't experienced the piece until you see it live. Burned into my memory banks forever! Thanks for all the great music!!! Any chance of a BOaC version of Einstein On the Beach?

Heading to Mass Moca for the annual Bang On A Can Marathon is always one of the highlights of my year! Many thanks!

watching a room full of people falling asleep to 'music for airports' late night at the bang on a can marathon. beautiful sight.

I heard your album was great. Now it's my turn to check it out! ,)

I'm a fan because Evan Ziporyn is the sexiest man in the world.

I first heard Bang on a Can as a high school senior when I attended a Michael Lang concert at Yale. I remember experiencing a work for Four Wood Block players and cringing as the volume grew to deafening heights. It was awesome!!!

The marathon in lower Manhattan is one of the highlights of the year!

I remember how excited I was when Bang on a Can recorded Riley's "in C". It's so important that people aside from the original composer of a modern piece take on these works. Thanks for helping New Music to live a vibrant life!

It came to me in a dream!!!

The last bang on a can marathon that ran all night was wonderful.

I've never been to any of your shows, but I'm well familiar with your cd releases and own several. I just moved to NJ, and am looking forward to attending some events live.

I have forever heard about BOAC due to their work with Philip Glass etc. This is the perfect moment for me to start to get into their work. Thank you and happy 25!

Great hypnotic music lying on the floor of the Winter Garden WFC Bang on a Can Marathon avant-gardes, dude!

you are the best. i'm a young composer and am always inspired by what BOAC does.

I found out about you from Tiny MixTapes

I endured a 24-hour BoAC marathon as my first BoAC experience. I've attended the marathon every year since then.

I got this link through a good friend of mine. Since I trust his advice, I am donwloading the album. Quite curious to hear it.

Best regards,

I have heard that the Bang On A Can live shows are mind blowing. I hope to catch one in L.A. soon.


known about boac for over 10 years!

Stopped by for part of their marathon, it was really a special experience.

i first experienced bang on a can at wake forest university in a workshop/concert...then more concerts. keep up the great work.

Thank you Bang on a Can!

Saw you opening up for Daniel Johnston back in 2007. Great show!

Trusted allies in exquisite musical taste found only on the internet.

Grazie mille Bangonacan!!

From Laurie Spiegel!

Heard about Bang on a Can while in college. Great stuff!

I think Kate Moore tipped me off to this. A memory: got to perform Ken Thomson's exciting, challenging, mighty Rut with eight other saxophonists at the BoaC marathon in 2009.

I love how BOAC reaches so many different audiences. My metal friends even love you guys.

I saw the Bang on a Can All-Stars with Don Byron at the Mondavi Center in Davis California back in Nov 2006. I became a fan then and I am a fan to this day! Keep on Bangin'!

This was posted on a facebook group for composers!

I was 16 when I first heard New York Counter Point & bought it.

First heard your music on ART OF THE STATES radio programs: "In C" - beautiful! Also "Amok", by Ziporyn. Than the records: "Music for Airports" (an unthinkable recording project), Glass and Reich... Congratulations for the courage and commitment! Come to Brazil, please!

Thank you to @Boosey_NewYork for the informative Tweet!

Found a copy of "Lost Objects" in a record shop back when they had CDs. Life changed shortly afterward.

My first trip to New York a friend took me to see the Bang on a Can All Stars perform Steve Reich.

...not only heard - I still have (and listen to, sometimes) your Brian Eno album, seems, your first one. Bless you!

My Composition professor

Heard on the Sandusky Register.


facebook share

It was an amazing experience to be part of a college group that was invited to play at the Bang on a Can Marathon in NYC. It was so thrilling to see that everyone was excited to have us there and that a lot of people were still around at 4am when we performed. All the performances were amazing. I will never forget that event and I thank Bang on a Can for making it possible.

Looking for Arnold Dreyblatt recordings in my local library.

My friend Rino Rossi posted it on FB

Recommended by a friend!

mention in Sandusky Register newspaper online


My first memory about Bang on a Can goes back to 1996 when I was a student in Shanghai. My friend played a song and I jumped and asked who is this? this is amazing!
After moving to the US, I have seen Bang On a Can 4 or 5 times in MA.

Thank you... I will let you know once I listen to it!

Long life to Bangonacan

browsing that led me to that wonderful part of the internet where contemporary music exists

Your music was suggested to me by David Carnoy, author of Knife Music, a novel.

Trapped by your sound surfing the Cantaloupe website

Sandusky Register

First time I realized that how important contemporary performance groups were to contemporary composers

Brilliant! A song is worth... how many words? Well, here are 2 CDs worth of digital tracks for the price of a "memory" -- word count is sort of a twist on the In Rainbows model. Always innovative. Prost!


I still remember the electrifiing concert you gave in Athens, Greece

audiophiliac told me

article on pitchfork!

I was just at Conrad Prebys hall at UCSD for the Reich performance. Bravo!

Way back in the day, I walked past the theater on Bleeker St which had the very first marathon.

I heard about it from Laurie Spiegel. I remember the name :)

A teacher recommended this to me

sitting at a picnic table with Laurie Spiegel and Lou Harrison in Telluride, talking about making Gamelan instruments out of junk metal.

I am real curious and grateful.

My first introduction to any of the BoaC composers/musicians was in my first composition class in college, when the professor played us an excpt from David Lang's "Press Release" for solo bass clarinet, brilliantly performed by Evan Ziporyn. Of course, that quickly led to the discovery of more recordings by Ziporyn, the All-Stars, as well as Lang, Gordon, and Wolfe. When I find myself explaining to friends that classical music isn't, in fact, dead, these are the names that form Exhibit A.

Long marathon concerts that alternate between concentrating on listening to the music and hanging out on the sidewalk with old friends I've run into at the concert, like a min-vacation.

Heard about this from my brother in LA. Can't wait!

I saw Bang on a Can perform a Glenn Branca piece in Louisville, Kentucky about 12 years ago. I think it rearranged the atoms of my body in a permanent way. That is a compliment.

Mike Jolkovski invited me to check out your work. Thanks!

Marathon Concert with Don Byron and Iva Bottova.

It was mentioned in this WFMU Destination Out playlist:
Behind the DJ's voice, I said to myself, "Hey, I know that tune! It's Nancarrow!"
I LOVE Nancarrow, and I'm always excited to hear his music performed by real musicians.

I heard about this album from my saxophone instructor - excited to check it out!

Saw BOAC in the mid-90s, regional UK tour! Mind-blowing. Still mind-blowing!

Bang on a Can is a portal to a better world.

Although I've seen you guys play and own some recordings, the memory I'd like to share is the freshest one I've got. Just picked it off the Disney Hall tree last night. You guys rocked the house with "2 x 5". It sounded rough and refined, distorted and clear at times. From my stage right seat I could even hear the speakers rattling.
Thanks for always kicking ass and being a beacon in this often foggy sea of tunes.

Been listening for years! Can't wait to hear this new recording.

a friend recommended this album

I received an email about it from Ms. Kind

Sitting on the steps, eyes closed, with palm trees and the sounds of sitars, synthesizers, guitars and, most importantly, human ingenuity bounding off the stone and glass of the Winter Garden. That's what I remember

I don't want to get too sentimental here, but I'll never forget when a couple of years ago I heard Amadinda playing the So-called Laws of Nature. I haven't heard anything like that before. When in the second part the drums joined in, I was completely swept off my feet...

I heard from Steve Guttenberg

I heard about Bang on a Can
on the Sandusky Register. Can't
wait to hear them.

Keep doing what you're doing!

Heard about you from a FaceBook friend.

Tom Jackson at the Sandusky REgister blogged it.


on line at the Sandusky Register

Heard about you through music theory classes.

A friend recommended I download this.

Always wanted to play Music for Airports in an airport. I was a little miffed when I heard Bang On A Can had done it before me. But then I heard it and it was good.


Read about you in the Sandusky Register.

You were brilliant at the Steve Reich concert! Many thanks!

a friend recommended it

The all-knowing twitterverse!

A friend told me about the new album. I look forward to hearing it.

BoaC is just inspiration... who says new music cant thrive! Bravo!!

Been a Bang on a Can fan from way! (eek)

I learned about David's music while I was in school, and I thought it was just fantastic. It's had quite an effect on my music.

I've been to many concerts over the years. I'll never forget a show in SF where you played "Music in Fifths" with Phillip was amazing!

I heard about Bang on a Can through a friend of mine who is passionate like you are about invigorating contemporary classical music and breaking down its boundaries ( I saw Bang on a Can perform at 'Reverberations' at the barbican last year, and ever since I have been a devoted stalker. It is my dream to have enough money to go to America and experience one of your Marathons... Hopefully not long to wait now!

I am a composer so I've heard about Bang on a Can from simply being in the field. I have always been particularly struck by the People's Commissioning Fund. What a great idea! I heard about this album from my composition colleague.

been interested to hear bang on a can by a friend

i was privileged to attend the master class with Terry Riley and then see BoaC perform InC at Alice Tully.

My good friend tell me about your site.

recommendation by friend

The 1997 and 2006 Marathons — really the best realizations IMHO; makes me nostalgic for a NYC that sometimes still exists.

I heard about this from Steve Guttenburg's twitter feed and thought it looked cool.

Was very lucky years ago to see BOAC in the UK (Leicester of all places!) ... was fantastic. Introduced me to new composers and a new (to me) type of ensemble .. a lasting influence ..thanks

I follow Steve Guttenberg on Twitter and he gave us the link here recommending the music. I am always interested in trying new music, especially when it's free! Thanks and happy 25th.

Read the tweet and heard your music from a friend.

I was the bartender in Korzo Theatre a while a go when you where playing in The Hague, Holland. I thought that was great.
And wasn't one of you playing with Paul Simon on North Sea Jazz?

I saw Bang on a Can live performing 'Music for Airports' right in the entrance hall of Schiphol Airport. Amazing stuff and with music totally in tune with the environment. Guess that's what they are about. Thanks for the download!

la phil 01-17-2012

I don't have a great knowledge and memory about Bang on Can, but I have a perception of one the most avantgarde ensemble, moving from contemporary to ancient, through electronic and field recording without scary...

Heard about it at tonight's concert in Los Angeles!

from a blog

I'd like to hear the sound of two bricks being smashed together. Thank you (do you take requests)?

A. Mazing.

I discovered BOAC at a radio station I used to work at. What a discovery!

Steve Guttenberg on Facebook

Heard from you from friends in Bogota, Colombia. Loving your music!!

lawrence university

Congrats Michael, David, Julie and the whole BOAC family! Thank you for your vision and inspiration!

found out about your fantastic site by way of Tristan Perich's 1-bit Symphony...been hooked ever since! thanks!

First heard a BoaC recording in high school and I've been inspired by the intelligently genre-bending goodness ever since. Thanks for the free album!

In Yellowstone National Park, we stood, watching a bison herd through viewing scopes. Then suddenly, the shadowy figure of a lone black wold emerged from behind the bison. Is unexpected, our first time seeing a wolf in the wild.

I don't have a single epiphanic moment or particularly telling memory, but I wanted to say that I really like the idea of Bang On A Can perhaps as much as I admire the music itself. Over the period while BOAC has grown, I've worked on establishing and expanding my own collaborative undertaking, in photography instead of music. Early on, I was told that the idea was insane, but I stuck with my passion. Now similar projects are proliferating and it's become almost de rigueur. In any case, it's been extraordinary for me to be able to look to your amazing undertaking as it's continued to evolve, and I know that I'm certainly not alone in being inspired. Thank you.
~ Lost in Texas

“Any great art work … revives and readapts time and space, and the measure of its success is the extent to which it makes you an inhabitant of that world - the extent to which it invites you in and lets you breathe its strange, special air.”

Composition student at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI! Thanks BOAC!

Heard about the album via Twitter!

My most exhilarating Bang on a Can memory is hearing Michael Gordon's incredible "Trance" performed by Icebreaker. It was one of the best things I ever heard in my life.

tweet from steve guttenberg

BoaC is fun and adventurous; always worth the effort and $$. Thanks for the free tunes!

The Bang Marathons (I've experienced two at Mass MoCA and one in Philadelphia) have always been amazing, mind altering experiences for me. So much amazing music in one day can really alter one's sense of time, state of consciousness, and ideas of what is possible in this world.

@cptnrandy tweeted about your album, so I'm checking it out!

Been interested in hearing Bang on a Can for a long time. Can't wait.

Heard about you on the PBS NewsHour several years ago.

Riley's In C on Cantaloupe - a wonderful recording!

I have played multiple performances of BOAC pieces over the years, especially Cheating, Lying, Stealing. Some of my favorite musical moments! Here's to another 25!

One day I'll make it to your marathon - maybe this is the year!

Three years ago I discovered Bang on a can...and I'm hooked! Thank you for the free download!

My first Bang on a Can memories are from working one of their performances at a large performing arts center. Terry Riley's "In C" was on the second half of the program. This was the same year the arts center presented "Stomp", and many of the volunteer ushers got confused and signed up for the Bang On A Can concert instead. (Sort of similar names, I guess?) During the first half, several of the ushers had read in the program notes that "In C" could "last as long as several hours" and during intermission they started to get upset :) Thus my love for BoAC and Terry Riley began...

Already 25 years and still sounding fresh! I have to admit I discovered Bang On A Can relatively late in 2006 playing the live rendition of Eno's Music For Airports in the Barbican foyer for free. I had heard this strange name before, but this was the real thing! Despite it's slow tempo and the fact that the music was amplified to clear audibility - rather than quietly existing in the environment on the edge of hearing as Eno meant it - this performance was never ponderous or dragging, and this was partly due to the musicians' diligence, the way they kept the relaxed surface tension in the music, so that it retained its other-worldly spaciousness. Certainly no wallpaper music! I am looking forward to hear them again in march in London!
All the best for the next 25!

Heard about this offer from Steve Guttenberg on Twitter (@AudiophiliacMan)

Not really a Bang on the Can memory, but I took an electronic music class at MIT several years ago with Prof. Ziporyn and it was pretty great!

My memory is of David Lang turning the Barbican in London into a comfortable space where we all knew what we were there for.

Heard you at the Barbican a few years back and David Lang did the intros and links – I looked forward to them as much as the music itself!


I've never seen BoaC, but have many CDs. I heard about this one on Destination:Out radio (WFMU).

I'm a DJ, and Cantaloupe means good music (for me and the people), i've met your music many years ago when i was studying percussion... and now i'm digging in it !! what a pleasure
Thanks a lot and Happy Birthday

I learned about the album from audiophile blogger Steve Guttenberg of

Heard about it from Steve guttenberg

I was only 8, but a fond memory none the less

I'm a DJ, and Cantaloupe means good music (for me and the people), i've met your music many years ago when i was studying percussion... and now i'm digging in it !! what a pleasure
Thanks a lot and Happy Birthday

Wish one day I can go to one of your lives.

hej come back to Milano!

Heard about it on Soundcheck on WNYC

Found you via Mira Calix's music

Well, a Steve Reich memory--close enough? We were all artists; it was 1968. Steve asked me to help him and Robert Nelson with a theatre piece (performed in a gallery, actually), and this led, in turn, to my being the guy who cut the tape loops for the "My Name Is..." piece when Steve performed it in San Francisco and in Berkeley.

a friend posted this link on facebook, and i love bang on a can

For 25 years, Bang on a Can has always been there when I need something challenging, exciting, and quite possibly infuriating to listen to. Beauty doesn't have to be beautiful!

Workers Union!

My first exposure to BoaC was the album Cheating, Lying, Stealing, which was also my first introduction to David Lang. It was an ear-opening experience, and I go back to that CD again and again.

My friends highly recommended this album! Thank you!

I heard from my thesis director Chris Mann about it. This link was displayed in twitter by Mira Calix

I heard about this on a whim.....awesome

Bought the greatest hits album on a I am hooked

Not a memory, but a chapter to a book which I may one day complete. Whoever reads these is free to give feedback, I'm very amature and need constructive criticism.

Silhouettes of bodies engaged in violent conflict darted and twisted against a dim starry sky. Carefully honed blades bound to thin strong reeds hissed through the air, finding refuge deep within grass and dirt, within wood and bark, within flesh and bone. Cries and shrieks of pain and valor echoed through the valley like a malignant harmony to be sung with the creatures of the night and as the sky on the horizon began to threaten dawn, the shadow of a boy darted from the chaos and into the forest.
The boy’s bare feet padded through the forest so familiar to him. Dodging great trees and ducking shrubs and vines he ran upsetting some crows seated together in the surrounding trees. His sweat mixed with tears impossible to differentiate. His mind burning, he fought his grief by pushing his body to masochistic parameters, inadvertently plowing directly into a cedar as he dodged the branch of a small pine. His head bounced off the bark as if the tree itself had exerted some of the momentum and he lay unconscious.
Some minutes or hours later the boy awoke as raindrops struck his body, drenching his clothing and causing goosebumps to rise on his skin. The water reddened as it began rinsing the dried blood from his head. He lay on the waterlogged forest floor watching the wind whip the leaves and limbs about and casting sheets of rain down upon the earth. The sky stood against the trees, a mournful blueish gray and was illuminated from time to time by sheets of distant lightening and a low growl of thunder occasionally accompanying.
The boy rolled, slowly rising, his head throbbing sending waves of nausea with every beat. He stumbled, seeming to be weighed down by the rain and the darkness itself, and finding a small indentation on the far side of the great cedar, curled up within the crevice and drifted back out of consciousness.

friends mentioned the link, but I'm old enough to remember your great music...

I am a big fan of Bang on Can and purchased one of your first albums "Cheating,..." I used to go the festival when I lived in NYC. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

At Lincoln Center listening to Gavin Bryar's "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet"--one of my top 5 concert moments ever. i have the original CD, but have been waiting for your version using electric instruments ever since.

I first became smitten with BoaC while riding in a car in Detroit with a band-mate, listening to Industry on the radio. We had to wait until it was over to find out what it was and of course ran to the record store the next day to buy the CD. I've been keeping up with them ever since and have had the pleasure to bring a couple of members for performances in Detroit. Looking forward to more music in years to come. Thanks for all the great music!

great record

don't have a memory, but I love your taste in composers as much as the clever way you arrange them.

Well, it should be the 24 hour marathon at the winter garden--sat through every minute of it and staggered out of there at sunrise (music for airport at 1am, the sudden madness of dan deacon and his acolytes at 3am).

But for one memory, there's kim gordon and thurston moore with loudly feedbacking guitars hanging from their necks, starting from opposite wings of the Symphony Space stage, then slowly moving toward each other as the screeching, humming din intensified and ripened, until finally they touched and hugged in a shattering scud of strings and pulsating air. whew. good times. (also, matthew shipp the previous year's fund concert.)

I heard about this album through a colleague of mine.

I was first introduced to BoaC during my atonal music theory class choosing Louis Vierk's Red Shift as my final project. I was immediately hooked to other BoaC music. Soon after I went to the marathon at BAM and didn't leave my seat for 12 hours. I've made a yearly pilgrimage to the marathons ever since in addition to any other concerts/shows and love everything that BoaC does and supports. Thank you!!!!

First heard BOaC when working on a soundtrack and some of the temp tracks were from "Industry" - been a fan since!

I knew your album from a friend of mine and i loved it. Thank you for making very good music!!!!

I heard about you guys from my friend Daniel, a pianist here in Bogotá. Great stuff!!

From Oporto @ Casa da Música with Steve Reich, last year. What a privilege!!

Beautiful marathons...

My memory is of attending a BoaC performance my freshman year (spring 2005) at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. That was my first exposure to the group, and I've followed them ever since!

I remember banging a can, or was it kicking a can, anyway whatever it was good.

From Barcelona, Spain, my memories are your recordings, happy aniversary!!

We saw Bang on a Can at Perth Concert Hall (in Scotland) a few years back and had a wonderful day. Looking forward to your next trip to Scotland!

First heard about Bang On A Can when I listened to their version of In C. Found out about this free album from

The discovery of your "Music For Airports" album opened up totally uncharted territory for my listening appreciation.

I heard about bag on a can from the US Embassy Nairobi website

I've been thinking of BoaC lately after hearing Gordon's "Timber" and discussing Lang's music with some friends.

Heard about this from a friend.

I found the site on Reddit.

I have never attended a show, but I have heard about the series of shows. I've have gone to Mass MoCA to visit on road trips in the past and hope to go again soon!

I have followed BOAC for many years, even as I was working in Europe. Recently I discovered that Robert Black is a colleague of mine at The Hartt School where they gave a brilliant performance last year.

I was at your performance at Pick-Staiger Hall in evanston, IL several years ago. It was truly one of my favorite live musical experiences.

Just looking for great, innovative music!

Love your work! Makes my ears tingle!

My introduction was Steve Reich's "2x5" and I'm eager to hear more.

My boyfriend has been raving about you, so I decided to take a listen!

I've just been getting into Evan Ziporyn's neo-gamelan compositions and the BoaC All-Stars' stellar collaboration with Kyaw Kyaw Naing.

Your show at Mass MoCA was amazing.

One of my early BoaC Marathon experiences was arranged by flutist, Patti Monson. I believe she put together a wind quintet to play CASINO by Philip Bimstein for the 1999 Marathon. It was Patti, me, Michael Lowenstern (cl), Laura Koepke (bssn) and Dan Grabois (hn). We all got an email from Patti that BoaC wanted to list us as a group with a _name_...could we come up with a name for our wind quintet? Next to my computer, I had a tin of Altoids. Glancing at it, I typed in, "The Curiously Strong Winds." And it stuck. We played together for years with that name, and have a lot of great musical memories. It was all spawned by a BoaC Marathon :-)

I am fortunate to have many wonderful memories associated with BOAC. I supposed the craziest was eating breakfast with some of the best musicians in the world at 6AM after the all nighter Marathon concert in 2008. Everyone was exhausted but still so exhilirated after the incredible nightlong concert. And I was treated with nothing but warmth as a young intern and fan. Thank you BOAC for everything!

I saw a piece on Bang on a Can years ago on PBS' Newshour and remember being amazed by a musician playing a steel drum. It sounded worlds away from every other bit of steel drum music I had ever heard.

new york
hot. very hot. so hot

spring falls back

airless. sticky. garden. lush

iced coffee
lost ball from the playground next door.
good times.