Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

Listened to KUSC last night and loved what I heard!

the first time heard bang on a can was the excellent Steve Reich triple bill cd including; new york counterpoint, eight line, and four organs. Can't wait to see Bang on a Can live at this years Glasgow Minimal festival.

My composition teacher Rob Smith sent this link to all his students

It was great to hear you in Philadelphia during the marathon at World Cafe! Thanks!

I was listening to kusc last night and I heard Eno's "Music for Airports" and I really enjoyed it.

I heard about Bang on a Can from a polish painter whose judgment i trust. She raves about you guys! Can't wait to hear the music.

I never thought that the soundscapes of Brian Eno could be recreated with acoustic instruments. You made it (just like you did something wonderful with "In C"). The musical arrangements made ​​by the Bang on a Can have its own life and own merits. Congratulations!

I had heard great things about Bang on a Can -- both in print and by word of mouth -- for several years before seeing the Newband's mind-blowing performance of the music of Harry Partch at the RAPP Art Center in 1990. That's when i learned to believe the hype. Bang on a Can continues to deliver some of the most memorable musical experiences, both live and recorded,

I don't have a memory, as I'm new to Bang on a Can. I heard about BOAC through my research of the new music/indie classical scene going on in NYC right now, which lead me to BOAC. Thanks!

I can't be entirely sure that it was the first time that I heard Bang on a Can, but I remember with great pleasure a 24 plus hour marathon performance downtown, in the atrium of, is it the World Financial Center?, great and strange music in the small hours of the night,

Driving home from a friend's late last night, the freeway dark and empty. Tune in to KUSC for some classical mood music, only to have an mesmerizing audio experience courtesy of BOAC, and Jim Svejda.... worried I'd missed some kind of format change while out of town, then realized that it was Jim's segment, and I relaxed, and immersed myself in the ambient alternative modern classical/jazz fusion/indefinable artistry of BOAC. Made a mental note to dash in first thing when I arrived home and find them on the internet, but not to worry - there on the front page of the LA Times Calendar section, an article on... BOAC! Synchronicity, or coincidence? Or good public relations? Now I count myself among the multitude - Fans of BOAC. And thanks for the download - gotta hear BBD&S again!

I heard a radio broadcast last evening on KUSC and loved the music and conversation. I am now an official fan...

I have always loved the name "Bang on a Can," even when I (sometimes) haven't grooved on the music. Just the name is good listenin'.

i' m writing from Italy.
i heard of you at a concert of sentieri selvaggi in milan

I found bang on a can in the contemporary music section of Canada's HMV while listening to Cds in 2003.

For some years, Bang on a Can marathon at Winter Garden has been a standing date to meet with friends, who otherwise are too busy New Yorkers.

mass moca 2002

I first heard about BOAC while studying music as an undergrad in Ithaca, NY. Now there have been many more memories over the years at the marathons. Love what you all do!

I have only good memories of seeing you but none are particularly entertaining.

I was in NYC for a contemporary music festival up at Mannes (IFCP). A couple of my friends from the festival and I came down to hear some of the Marathon that was going on during on of my off days. I came to listen to a few of the groups, but ended up staying the whole 13 hours! What can I say, l'amour.

I really enjoyed a performance of "In C" at the erstwhile Winter Garden of the WTC.

The first time I heard of Bank on a Can was when I interviewed both David Lang and Randy Wolff for Meet the Composer grants on a Composers Concordance concert. I learned David founded Bang on a Can and Randy had been on their concerts and recordings. I have been a fan ever since.

I first heard about Bang on a Can when I bought the Industry recording back in 1995!

Hi guys!
My summer at Banglewood 2011 was just the most mind-expanding and encouraging time ever! I made so many great friends and heard and played soooo many amazing tunes.
My fondest Banglewood memory was surely wandering the streets of North Adams with a half dozen other campers, searching for the supermarket whilst making a racket using toys, leaves, rattles and bits and pieces we'd found along the way.
Going to the store has never been so deliciously raucous!

I was so disappointed that I couldn't see you perform at Hartt last year since I graduated the year before (and moved across the country). I've wanted to see you live for years! I'll have to plan my next visit back east to correlate with a performance of yours.

Becoming intrigued with resurrection ofclassical music tradition

Great concert in Amsterdam, don't remember exactly when. In het Muziekgebouw aan het IJ

Found you on the internet. Plan to attend one of your concerts at MOMA this summer.

Love the emails - even though I'm in the UK it's good to know what's going on across the pond! :)

I first heard Bang on a Can LIVE at the Phan residence in La Jolla, CA with my very ecclectic husband Phil. I wasn't sure about the avante garde movement in music, but he was positive I would enjoy myself. I was first enthralled with the interesting home the concert was to be played in, but mostly, I fell for Evan Ziporyn. It was so obvious that he was loving every minute of the performance, and he was SO WELL MET! It was really this concert that made me the fan I am today. My husband Phil and I travel quite frequently and you can often find us at MIT listening to a wonderful concert, such as the November 2011 Trio Medieval. Whenever Mr. Ziporyn's name is included, I am most likely to purchase those tickets as he has impeccable style and music sense, shares it with the world gladly, and when approached is a very nice man. So I'd have to say that my string of Bang on a Can memories is one that over time has helped me understand this music movement, and I am glad that my husband persuaded me all those years ago to attend a concert in La Jolla, CA. Thank you Bang on a Can!

Thank you. For everything.

My favorite BoAC memory involves seeing the 'Carbon Copy Building' performed at The Kitchen in downtown NYC. 'Cherry cheesecake, cheesecake... cherry cherry cheesecake'

My first contact with BOAC was the recording of Steve Reich's Eight Lines and New York Counterpoint. Amazing!

So many! First turned on to you by a good friend who worked at MassMOCA for a couple years. Had the good fortune to score tix to Alarm Will Sound in the Allen Room at Lincoln Center Festival in '05, watching the full moon rise above the Palace Hotel as the ethereal sounds of "Cliffs" spiraled and intertwined through the room in perfect sync with the reflection of the twirling traffic lights in Columbus Circle. That was magical. And the Cantaloupe Club has introduced me to so much music I couldn't have imagined before... Later, at UC Berkeley, I had the opportunity to work with Alarm... Red Fish Blue Fish, and the premiere of "House in Bali"...
Thanks for all the great memories, I look forward to many more in the future!

The first time I heard about Bang on a Can, I was in the library just surfing the Web. I came across a music blog talking about the All-Stars concert and thought I just needed to be a part of this -- even if only by being a listener who could spread the word. Well, here I am, doing just that!

Already submitted one about Stamping in the Dark in '92

Always exciting, and always fresh on repeated listens!

I don't remember the first time I heard Bang on a Can, but I do remember hearing Evan on KUSC last night which prompted me to come check this out!

So many to choose from! I loved listening to marimbas played among the Sol Lewitt paintings. There have also been concerts and operas at MIT. Did Bang on a Can introduce me to Steve Reich's The Cave or vice-versa? I don't know, but have loved the ride!

I first saw the Bang on a can all stars at the "Theatre de la Ville" in Paris. During several years, I have seen all their shows there. Then I went twice in NYC for the festival.

I first heard te recording of "in c" in my college orchestration class and have been hooked in the all-stars ever since.

A few years ago Bang on a Can came to Miami University-Oxford, OH. I went to see them because I heard they were a really good contemporary group. I remember sitting back in my chair and closing my eyes, just listening to the music. It was phanominal! I would love if you guys came back to Ohio around the Cincinnati area! I am an aspiring young contemporary composer and you guys are one of my inspirations! Thanks for everything!

Our three children were in the Tanglewood Youth Orchestra during the last three years. Your non-stop music festival coincided with their stay at Tanglewood. After their performance as Osawa Hall we would drive to MASS MoCA to be part of your music. It was a night each summer that our whole family will always remember. It was also a wonderful education for us all since we are raising artist-musicians.

I read a review of alarm will sound, and bought the CD

Heard excerpts from the album on KUSC-FM, a classical music station in Los Angeles.

the first time i heard of bang-on-a-can was when they re-did eno's 'music for airports'...i couldn't imagine _how_ they could translate it, but could imagine many ways in which it could have gone awry....when i heard it, i was absolutley floored and immediately began seeking out more of their recorded output.

Love the Marathon, it's always a wonderful opportunity for discovery, and a great hang to boot.

Two great discoveries: Bang On A Can performing Marc Mellits at hamilton College about six years ago.

About 2 years ago, I heard Michael Gordon's "ACDC" which just blew me away! I had to get a copy of the piece and so through his website I found Bang on a Can and bought a CD. Good prices and fast delivery. I was especially impressed since I live across the Atlantic.

I was working on the last bit of a challenging puzzle while listening to my local classical station. There was an interview and then music for an airport was played. It was beautiful and got me through to the end of the puzzle. I look forward to hearing it again!

My first memory of hearing about bang on a can. I discovered BOAC in iTunes, looking for a song, found it then found the artist and then did a google search and BOAC was one of the hits.

I used to take a folding chair to the Marathons, in the days when they let you, more comfortable than the benches, and sit for as much as 8 hours of wondrous music. I have now seen the All Stars at Zankel, MOCA., and the Look and Listern Art Gallery, and have lasting memories of Andriesson and Lee Renaldo and the genius of Mark Stewart and Dave Cossens and the rest.

i can't remember the first time. but i'm sure there will never be a last.

Banglewood '11. 3 weeks of new music making with Bang on a Can in the beautiful Berkshires. Made friends and musical discoveries that will last a lifetime.

Back in the 90s I remember hearing that a group was performing Eno's Music For Airports. Based on that I figured we probably shared musical tastes and a sense of humor.

I was watching Kazue Sawaii rehearse in the stage.venue I was managing for RAPP Arts, 220 W. 4th, when Michael Gordon said : "Why don't you help us put on our show here in May (1990) ?' 'Okay, I said,' and told the guy who owned the space :: "I'm working for them now, not you.'' Right. Itinerant labor.

Filling a pool with a hose and sliding down the shallow end to the deep end as if it were a water park

poking around a record store(remember them?) I found a copy of Brian Eno's Music for Airports recorded 'live' by the Bang on a Can All Stars. Now how cool is that? Played it at work several times, even had a customer say "Hey, isn't this Music for Airports?"

was recommended by friend on twitter

I was sitting in the music library at CCM with head phones on. As I was listening to David Lang's Cheating, Lying, Stealing, I didn't realize how loud I was shouting explicitives until a librarian came over and told me to pipe down. The power and rhythmic intensity overcame my sense of propriety.

God's Peace,
Fr. Jason+

KUSC great show last night

Hello Bang on a Can!!!.
Congrats for your 25th Anniversary.
I heard about you long time ago thanks to a friend that loves Philip Glass Music (Music in 5th Parts by BOAC was agreat Glass Music performance!!!!.Greetings from Spain.

After seeing Ethel supporting Joe Jackson I subscribed to your mailing list.

I saw and heard the music for the film "Light is Calling" it was just a natural and beautiful progression.

Brooklyn Vegan

Went to Music for 18 at Disney on Tuesday (a rare outing on a work night). As ever, that piece penetrates to the core. I have alerted family and friends (and even strangers) that I wish for it to be performed at my funeral, whenever it arrives. It's great to hear it performed with such authority. Brilliant, BOAC.

I first met David Lang through a family friend, over 25 years ago--we all met for dinner in San Francisco. Conversation turned to new restaurant ideas--- David's was a fresh fish restaurant, built inside an aquarium, as the fish swam by your table, you would select one and your waiter would don diving equipment and spear if for you---- I have been following David's wild and wonderful ideas and projects ever since!

The Renegade Heaven CD was once in heavy rotation at the trendy salon in San Francisco where I used to get my hair cut.

I first heard of Bang on A Can at the river to river festival.

I'm not sure that I have a memory of hearing Bang on a Can for the first time or how I first came across them. I downloaded 'Bang on a Can Classics' and subsequently bought Terry Riley's 'In C'.
It's good to have access to alternative music rather than the pulp that we are force-fed a lot of the time by a lot of the media and department stores. Keep it up.

I've just returned from my first live performance of BOAC, in san diego. it was thrilling to see my heroes live, not least of those being steve reich.

somehow I didn't realize, until I sat down, that I'd secured a front row seat. what a treat!

I flew down from oakland, and no one I now has heard of BOAC, so there was puzzlement that I would fly down, for 1 day, to hear music. the entire experience was rich and nourishing. I hope to repeat it by going to the marathon in NY, and I also hope to eventually heard "music for airports" live.

thank you for the music, but thanks especially for the record label. I'm signed up to receive new releases automagically, and have thus discovered much new music I'd never have heard otherwise.

My first memory was Acoustica by Alarm will sound beautiful recoveries from Aphex Twin and the superb album Matmos, So Percussion I love it. I love the music you make

Playing Reich's Music for 18 Musicians

Eno is primo.

I am a composer and I am also involved with early music. My strongest memory is the performance of Alarm Will Sound playing Dowland Remix at Le Poisson Rouge

music for airports

a review in the Times of Trenton, NJ, Jan. 20, 2012

Directed to Bang on a Can by my son.

I think the first time heard Bang On A Can was at the Winter Garden in the Financial Center for one of your marathons. John Schaefer recommended on his program, I can remember being washed with peace and and energy at the same time.

Like many, I found the idea of playing Eno's Music for Airports totally audacious and great. That was back in 1998 when I heard about it in Time Out NY just after I had just moved to NYC. Bang on a Can always represented for me one of the main reasons I wanted to be in this town in the first place. Still does.

It was a performance of James Tenney's "Having Never Written A Note For Percussion" at one of the Bang on a Can summer marathons at the World Financial Center in NYC. As the music steadily grew, the sound became so enveloping and emotionally consuming I remember suddenly standing up, spurred on by no particular thought or reason, just the visceral power of the music. People around me were doing the same. You could feel your inner self being uplifted, expanding. As the music swelled, resounding in that giant glass and stone hall, I remember feeling like I was about to cry. There was something in there that just got to your core.

Thanks for 25 years of pushing boundaries, and here's to at least 25 more!

First time I saw BoaC: Oberlin, 1998: Music for Airports.

The first time I heard Bang on a Can was on a Sunday night avant-garde radio show. The headphones were on, and I was instantly hooked.

The Bang on a Can marathon inspired me to discover Michael Gordon's album Weather, which led to the police arriving at my door after neighbors called thinking a public safety alert had been sounded.

My first contact with BOC was meeting Michael Gordon who was introduced as Julia (Fink) Wolfe's friend/fiance--here in Ann Arbor, MI. Year??? Ever since BOC took off 25 years ago, .it has been on my radar screen.

I've been a fan since the very beginning. Congratulations on 25 years!

I first heard BoAC in the early 90s, on New Sounds. Shortly thereafter, I started attending the marathons at the Kitchen, and then at various venues around town. My favorite memory was the first time I saw Robert Black play Tom Johnson's "Failing".

I lived in Trenton, New Jersey in the late 80's and was pushed by my son to go to the Marathon in NYC. The small stage was crowded with Harry Partch instruments, and included performers like Terry Riley and the Bang on a Can pioneers. I was hooked and have tried to attend every Marathon and All-Stars concert since then.

Memories of BoaC Allstars with Iva Bittova at Mass MOCA. Allstars doing Music for Airports at U. Maryland, plus memorable solos by Evan and Robert Black. BoaC Allstars with Trio Medieval doing Julia Wolfe's Steelhammer at MIT. Looking forward to their March concert with Steve Reich at MIT!

My first time hearing Music for 18 live was at 6 in the morning, laying face-up on the floor of the Winter Garden, watching the sun rise. Transcendent experience. Thank you BoaC!

I heard of you by sentieri selvaggi

I only learned of you last night on KUSC. What a great discovery! The first thing I heard was Steve riech when I tuned in. This is something I have on vinyl. It was part of a time when I listened to Paul dresher and discrete music by eno. Like your other fans that was on the bedtime turntable for years. I dont know if we would all have that if eno was not laid up for the time preceding that first outing. This free work will surly cause me to buy more of the catalog. Kudos.

Memorable road trips with my sons:

Scrambling over and under byways from Lake Winnipesaukee through VT and into North Adams to share a Marathon. Then overnight in a RT. 2 top o' the hill motel.

A just-in-time drive-in | drive-out NYC blast from north of Boston to BAM for "Lost Objects".

Into Boston for "A House in Bali".

Poignant memories, all three.

Watching BOC performance of
Andriessen, listening to Steve Reich's 2 X 5 to "rinse" out my brain (great when driving). Seeing
BOC when they perform in Boston

Watching the marathon at the winter garden with my 2 year old daughter
Who loved it!

I first came across Bang on a Can when I was looking for a recording of Michael Gordon's Industry. I love that piece. I've since listened to a number of their CDs. I've never heard them play live before but I really hope I will!

In Germany Bang on a Can is the name for US-based contemporary music culture.

I have heard of the music along with a timed monolouge at the same time. I play 3 instrument for many years. I can not imagine this and can't wait to hear it.

First time I heard of Bang on a Can was in the Tower Records Classical section in the late 1990s. I was shopping the contemporary music section and came across the CRI recording of Bang on a Can Volume 1. Bought it, went home, listened to the first track (Which was "Failing") and LOVED it. Have all the CRI records and some of the Canteloupe ones as well.

I was furniture shopping with my wife, at a trendy contemporary furniture store, when I took particular notice to the music that was playing in the background. It was Eno's "Music For Airports" but was being played with "real" instruments. Now who would have the audacity to do something like that? So naturally, I asked the store manager what CD was playing. It was love at first listen.

My best memory of Bang so far has been participating in Anthony Braxton's composition for 100 tubas, i think in 2006. I am a trumpet player who hadn't played for a long time because of an injury, and a dear friend and my wife encouraged me to participate in this playing euphonium. It was a blast, we were outside the wintergarden in four groups, like four huge whales of sound weaving in and out of each other. It inspired me so much I put a lot of effort into relearning the trumpet, which i've now done. Thanks...

loved the Disney Concert hall show Tue!

The first time I heard about Bang on a Can is when I was working for Arts International. I was doing work on their database and Bang on a Can came up more times than any other ensemble or performer. When I went to my first Bang on a Can All-Stars concert I understood why. All I could think of is why doesn't everybody know about this. I've enjoyed Bang on a Can ever since. Thank you!!

A carful of us drove down to NYC from Boston (and back the same night) in 1998 to see the Music for Airports premiere, which was of course superb, but the amazing musical memory was from the Glenn Branca piece on the program. It didn't even sound like music - sounds I couldn't parse moved through space and I could even feel them physically travel through my head. I don't know what was actually going on acoustically but I was enthralled.

I may have come across you inHalifax NS, Paris or Boston at BEMF in the summer

Couple of years ago, during the Bang On A Can marathon at Winter Garden, NYC, I heard the "Sinking of the Titanic" by Gavin Bryars. My eyes were in the water with the sound. Later, just after the piece finished, someone at the CD stand told me they just heard of the last survivor of Titanic passing in England as he Smith Quartet was performing the piece here in Winter Garden.

I read about you and my first thought was "I have to hear this." Then I heard you on KCRW here in Los Angeles and loved it, like I knew I would! Here's to another 25, cheers!

The version of Reich's Music for 18 Musicians played 7/25/09 at MassMOCA by All-Stars and fellows was one of the most moving performances of the piece that Ive heard - beautifully executed inspired work.

Wow! Steve Reich,Brian Eno,and
stuff is great as well.Heard the
interview on KUSC.Can't believe I
didn't know of your work till now.

First heard BOAC with the album of Eno's Music for Airports and the later in C.

First heard BOAC with the album of Eno's Music for Airports and the later in C.

You guys are just simply great!

lots of peacefulness at the World
Financial Center Winter Garden

Funny about the L.A. connection: Before New York, I lived for a number of years at The Village Green in Los Angeles. The great L.A. riots happened all around us, as we were at the foot of the hills on the edge of South Central. When it was all over, we invited Buddy Collette, a local jazz great, to bring his group for a healing jazz concert on the Green. Hundreds of people turned out, picnicked on the grass under the tall trees, and gave it all up. Life was never the same again. Bang away, you guys! --Ann Thomas Moore

I was listening to the radio last night driving home and was blown away by what I was hearing!

I remember the marathon where I stayed for the entire 12 hours. At the very end was Alarm Will Sound doing the music of Aphex Twin. I was so sure I'd fall asleep before than, or give up. But I did hear them, and was so thrilled that I did

michael and julie ar my most favorite musical cousins !!!

Must confess I had never heard of the Bang on a Can All-Stars before yesterday (November 19, 2012), when I was listening to Jim Svejda's program on KUSC while driving home south on the 405. He played "2 x 5" and I was stunned! The emotional impact of the piece is still resonating through my body and mind, but I can say it was the best drive home I ever had!

Also a big fan of yours.

Bang on a Can! Wow! Like it has always been there. Our introduction was probably at the first Marathon in the Wintergarden.

Listening to 91.5 on the way home, you guys talked up Music for Airports so much that when I got home, I sat in my car and waited for it to come on, and oh man was it worth the wait. Gorgeous.

I can't remember how many years ago I first went to the Bang on a Can Marathon in the Winter Garden--maybe 5 or 6? I must have heard about it on John Schaefer's New Sounds, and was intrigued. I was overwhelmed by the sound in that wonderful space. I've been a regular attendee at the Marathon since that first time.

Have been a fan of yours for years; always like to hear more.

Love what you guys do! Saw BoaC at Royce Hall in LA the day before 9/11. That's an odd memory. Have also seen them with Kronos Quartet (incredible show) and at Carnegie Hall. Keep up the great work, and I hope you made your financial goal for the new project.

Taking my girlfriend (now my wife) to see Bang on a Can perform Terry Riley's in C, sitting right next to Louis Andriessen in the audience.


Marathons, performances, been a fan for years!

The first (or second?) marathon. 1987. Music inspired by Fibonacci sequence.

I heard your music for the first time at school (Thanks prof. Dalpane!)...and now I read an article signed by the same professor who gave the news!

Via Facebook!!

I was driving from santamonica to silverlake with an uninterrupted broadcast of your music. It put me into a place of emotional stasis. My thoughts eased and I felt very alive.
The sounds evolved. As I passed the 405 the urgency of the piece had me turn the volume higher. It was a reflexive move like when one hears breaking news.
The composition and sound gave me an experience of quality that is very rare. My only hope was that it would not stop. With this download I assure you it will not.

Heard the interview with David Lang on Soundcheck, excited to hear more music!

i have been aware of "bang on a can" for a little while, probably from perusing the la phil schedule over the years.
my uncle introduced me to steve reich when i was a teenager - the first piece i heard was "music for 18 musicians." unlike anything i had heard before, the music made me feel swollen with emotion, as though my heart would crack from a pleasing profundity.
so sad i couldn't make the concert this week and thank you so much for the album, i heard a bit on the radio last night and was absolutely delighted.

I had a Facebook friend turn me on to Bang on a Can. I am always looking for new, good music.

Listened to Jim Svejda'a programme last night :)

The first I heard BOAC and realized there was something else out there

Read your review in today's Star-Ledger (Ticket). Piqued my interest.

I love it every time you play at Lincoln Center :)

Eating lunch in the balcony at BAM during a marathon, maybe 10 years ago.

My son told me about this album... In C is a favorite of both of us.

Saw the memorable show at Steve Reich's 70th birthday celebrations at the Barbican back in 2006. And Music for Airports has been in regular rotation for many years. Looking forward to 25 more years.

I had never heard of you until your clarinetist was on KUSC. I am a clarinetist and my attention was immediately perked. I enjoyed the evening's music and interviews.

Twenty five years !

My first contact with you was the album Music for airports. very often I have in my (noise canceling) earphones during traveling around and have to stay in such places.

heard about it from your email--Remember a concert featuring Harry Partch instruments which was beautiful both to hear & see.

Never heard of the group , however read a review in my local paper and can't wait to hear and see them in person.

So Percussion blowing my mind with Reich's drumming

Heard about the DL on Brooklyn Vegan. Heard about Bang on a Can long ago, probably around Music For Airports.

I was listening to the classical station on the radio when I heard some of the music from this album. When they told me what it was called I felt compelled to come to the site and get it all to experience at home!

Heard a killer Bang on a Can rendition of In C, looking forward to spinning this record!

heard about this album in the paper. want to check it out.

Found out about you from Reddit. Trying to get some inspiration and to feel more at ease with what I'm doing

MassMoca Summer 2011. After hours of CD listening finally got to see the All Stars LIVE. What a treat.

caught a marathon. pretty sweet

I first heard you on KUSC on the Evening Program with Jim Svejda. thank you for your work

I really enjoyed your music on the Jim Svedja show last nite!

Thank you very much, -JM

just heard this group perform in the LA Phil- Steve Reich's work- 2x5! it was wonderful!

Saw the show that was part of the Philadelphia LIve Arts Festival (2010?). So much incredible music.

I heard you on KUSC on Jim's show (can't remember how to spell his last name and don't want to mess it up!), and I loved what little I heard in the car. Came home and looked you up and here you are with offer of free download. I'm thrilled!

I just heard BOAC on 91.5 on my way home from work at midnight and it was Gorgeous and creepy and perfect!

On a depressing evening, your music brought focus, ambitions and joy back to my life.

A friend of mine heard you on KUSC and insisted that I must hear your album. My friends tend to have good taste in music.

Great to hear you guys on KUSC to my home overseas. I saw you play at LACMA several times when I lived in LA, and I can't wait to hear the new album.

I first heard of Bang on a Can through the Rock Band download library! I heard about this offer from a friend on Facebook.

I first heard BOAC on John Schaefer's WNYC show while living briefly in New York, and saw you perform at the Winter Garden - amazing. Come to L.A.!

I have been listening to you for a long big beautiful dark time ready to be scared

Some 30 years ago a cool american painter introduced me to glass, monk, reich, reilly and changed the way I listen. BOAC was to become part of that journey ...

I attended a Bang on a Can concert at Granada, Spain, some years ago. It was a fantastic time!

KUSC in the car tonight was the first time I ever heard of Bang On A Can. But I'm very impressed. Want to hear more!!

Just saw a review in the LA Times and heard the music on the radio on the same day that I was searching for the right music for a post modern dance piece.

jim svejda was just caressing evan z. (whose galak tika i remember fondly from the banks of the charles) with his dulcet svejdian nas-o-tones on kusc; thanks, boacas, for this current great generosity (as well as the ongoing one of your existence and work)!

An old friend referred me hear after hearing BOAC on "The Record Shelf" by Jim Svejda (one of my longtime idols).

wonderful evening on KUSC


I discovered Bang on a Can All-Stars tonight on KUSC. It was just what I needed, and I suspect I will need it again.

A huge music lover and a guy I can look up to recommended this to me. I'm excited to see what it's all about!

I think this music is very kutting edge, love it. Thanks WWW.CLASSICALKUSC.ORG

Heard you on KESC-FM 99.7 San Luis Obispo liked what I heard

I heard you on KUSC tonight, and I couldn't believe they were playing something different from that tired old crap they play 24 hours a day. I especially liked the acoustic Brian Eno "Music for Airports".

I heard this album tonight on KUSC. Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of much modern music, but as I was channel surfing on my radio tonight I could not change the station! Fascinating music! Completely enjoyed every second that filled my ears!

I heard a part of this album on the radio while driving home from playing dungeons and dragons at a friends house. I was so into the music that I almost ran a red light. I don't think I'll be listening to this while I drive, but I will certainly listen while I paint and dream up story ideas. I had fun adding my own wordless singing while I listened (this has been a habit of mine lately). It was fun to try and predict how the piece might change. Thank you so much for offering this album for free, I am moving to a more expensive apartment next month, so I'll have very little discretionary income. Best wishes to all the artists who worked on this and the staff that set this site up.

heard it tonite for the first time, luv it, thanks for the album. you rock

Bang on a Can revitalized contemporary music like no other group. Thank you for being such an integral part of music today!

KUSC in LA is the best - been listening all night!

While driving home tonight I heard part of a show on KUSC that featured your music. I enjoyed what I heard.

Never had the pleasure of hearing you live, but have heard you on the net from WNYC. Bang on!

I heard the music on USC's classical station and liked it.

I hear about the band in a music blog,the introduction makes me interested in the album.

I just heard you guys tonight for the first time on NPR and really liked what I heard. I'm looking forward to hearing more and becoming a fan going forward...

i heard selections from this album on KUSC and i knew i had to hear the rest.

Just heard it about on Jim Sveda's program on KUSC in the car on my way home.

I love bands named after my favorite pastime. By that I mean being an All-Star. I also like to bang on a can once in a while.

As I was driving home from work tonight I heard this song, which I immediately fell in love with. I was listening to KUSC, and hadn't heard anything like it on that radio station. I got home and sat in my car until the song finished and I found out more about the music (one of you was the guest). Then I was really excited to hear that there was a free download available, and that the song I had heard was a version of Brian Eno's work and that he felt like his version was a demo to yours.

Heard the interviews and some of the music on KUSC, Los Angeles tonight for the first time. Very intriguing!

Just heard Evan on KUSC in Los Angeles. Now I'm intrigued...

I first heard a recording of you playing Arnold Dreyblatt's "Escalator", and it was great.

I had never heard of Bang on a Can but I was driving home tonight and I heard their music on KUSC. I couldn't wait to get home to look online to see what it was I had been listening to - it was so different for KUSC (a classical music station). I found out and now I am listening to Evan Ziporyn on KUSC talk about their music.

I just heard you guys on KUSC..I am a composer, coming from a classical background with a huge detour in punk rock bands, and back again,,,here is a link to my website

Listening on KUSC, sweet!

Saw review in LA Times, and then caught some of the broadcast with Jim Svejda. Had to hear more!

I love this music, love that Jim Svejda was brave enough to play it on KUSC and LOVE the chance to savor it again via this download!

My can ain't got no bang until the All-Stars Dark and Scary.

We heard selections of this album while driving through a forest of traffic cones along Sepulveda Blvd. It was dark, and a little scary, and playing on the radio was this fascinating music on KUSC. We stayed in the car for a few minutes to hear the finishing bars, because we were so intrigued.

First heard of you at Carlsbad Music Festival

Just at this moment, I am listening to Evan Ziporyn and Jim Svejda play your fascinating music on KUSC-FM. Congratuations on 25!

Hearing about this for the first time this evening on Jim Svejda's wonderful show. Weird, difficult but beautiful.

If you're okay with Jim Svejda, you're okay with me.

Saw the Steve Reich concert Tuesday night at Green Umbrella - epic!

I just heard some on KUSC and it was so powerful, I love it! Being ignorant of most modern composers, it reminds me of the indie experimental band Godspeed! You Black Emperor

I am listening to you right now with Jim Sveida from KUSC.

The scarry music reminds me of Hans Zimmer's opening to the first Scherlock Homes movie.

I just heard about this on KUSC and the haunting music caught my attention. I was ready to go to bed, but stayed up to listen. I'm a new fan...

It's so much more than you could believe. You will instantly be captivated. And I'm only 26. Please support good/real music like this.

Heard it for the first time tonight. Loved it!

Just heard your work, including Music For Airports, on KUSC. I'm an immediate fan! Can't wait to hear more...

This one time, I was listening to KUSC, and there was this band on with a funny name. Won me over with the self-referential "Failing"...

Also: You guys are groovy like a Technicolor movie!

I have only discovered Bang on a Can tonight! My only memory is of fantastic music I just heard on the radio. Where have I been that I have missed out on you for 25 years?

I'm hearing you tonight; not been tempted previously to download music. I found a couple of things to do while listening. Creative things.

Heard an interview with Evan Ziporyn on the radio. They aired some cuts from Big Beautiful Dark and Scary. Hadn't heard of this group before. From the first few notes, I was a sold. Bravo! Cheers to many decades of good music to come.

BOAC + steve reich = drumming

have the NY counterpoint CD, was @ the disney hall concert (loved 2x5) & heard evan ziporyn on kusc radio with cool stuff like "music for airports". i am a big fan.

I heard Bang on a Can tonight on KUSC.

You guys were fantastic at walt disney hall the other night. I sat there the whole time with a silly grin on my face, lapping up the sound waves. Thanks!

I've been enjoying listening to your music on KUSC this evening. Thanks Evan for the informative introductions to the pieces. Viva Bang On A Drum!

My memory is from only 45 mins or so ago, when I heard them play "music for airports" for the first time. I was driving home from a piano lesson on the freeway in Los Angeles and thought: "What IS this?? I like it."

I heard a few of the pieces tonight and was sold.

Bang on Jim Svejda

KCRW @ home, nite off, rollin' on E...Z st. louis XIII


Brilliant. Listening to you on KUSC right now, tube amp cranked. I think I just woke the baby.

A friend posted a 2008 video of the bass clarinet duet "Sqwonk." I have been searching out more recordings ever since!

I am listening to you as I write this. You are a guest on KUSC. I love what I am hearing, both what you are saying about you music, and the music itself.

You bunch are more groovy than a technicolor movie!

listening to your "music for airports" just sent my mind as something that 1900 would play in to "the leyend of 1900" .
I never heard of you until today Jan 19 at 91.4 Los Angeles. Thanks for your renditions.

I finally got around to hearing Band on a Can on KUSC, with their performance of Steve Reich's "2x5". Totally rocked, and I was hooked.

I am in Melbourne Australia and I listen to Jim on KUSC


I just now heard "Music for Airpports" on classical KUSC. Rarely does a piece take as much of my breath as yours did.

I heard about this on Classical KUSC here in LA - amazing music! And I should add... "I think you're groovy like a technicolor movie" ;)

I love Jim Sjveda (KUSC) I used to call him Jim Shroeder until I looked up the spelling.

I just discovered your music this morning in the newspaper!
Is that even possible? Actually I am listening to KUSC right now. Groovy! Bitchin'

Jim Svedja interviewed your clarinetist and played your music and I was blown away, as I commuted from UCSD back home to L.A., and especially by your rendering of Conlon Nancarrow's compositions for player piano. What your clarinetist said about music made a lot of sense to me, as a lit prof and amateur cellist, and began to bring me around from not particularly grooving on minimalism.

tonight's performances on KUSC. Come back to LA again soon.

I heard your music for the first time tonight while driving on the 405 freeway. The traffic was LA typical, but the music made it a memorable evening. I can't wait to hear more!

From a friend but I have also heard of the group, just never actually heard you! Thanks

Never heard the group before tonight on Jim Svejda's show on KUSC and thought the music was fantastic, especially the Brian Eno's Music For Airports.

My memory is from long ago... about 30 minutes ago. Ahh I was so much younger then, so filled with hope for the future and an underlying sense that anything was possible. I was driving home from the market, and on the radio was a most astounding piece of music. I can remember being so elated when Jim Sveda gave the web address to download it for free.

But that was long now. Now it's after 9, and I have to put the kids to bed. But dall garn it, I'm gonna download this thing before I do anything else. I just know it will bring back that old feeling. Thank you!

I really enjoyed listening to you on the radio tonight. I especially enjoyed "Failure."

Thank you.

I liked the music I heard on KUSC enough to strongly desire more

Heard it on the radio!

2x5. I fell in love with it after the first chord. I can listen to this for hours at a time.