Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

Was led to Bang on a Can after reading an article on by Michael Gordon.

I remember my senior year of college when a lot of my friends kept talking about their trip to the BOAC Marathon in NYC the previous summer. I wound up joining them the next summer, and was hooked immediately. My musical life hasn't been the same since.

I worked closely with David at the Bowling Green State University New Music Festival this past year. Hearing him talk about his music and BOAC's mission was extremely inspiring!

So many memories of Bang on a Can artists who have performed in the Music In Time Series at Spoleto each May for several years. That was my introduction to Bang on a Can artists and music.

I've always been a fan of contemporary music, so when I first attended a BOAC Marathon, I was ecstatic !!

Saw the link from a very trusted friend on Facebook!

I learned of this through a friend and I am interested to see what its all about.

being a fellow of the summer institute and festival was truly a privilege, not only to spend time with Michael, Julie, David and the rest of the amazing faculty, but to meet and work with the other fellows was an indispensable experience. Almost 2 years later, and I am still continuing to work with several of these talented musicians. I can't thank the fine folks of Bang enough. Happy 25th!

music for airports i guess!hope to have some more in the future!

Attending Banglewood in 2004 I was able to meet, hang out, and collaborate with my musical heroes David, Michael and Julie. Topping that off was spending a week singing raga in the morning with Terry Riley! Thanks for making the magic happen Bang.

2011 MASS MoCA Marathon was one of the musical highlights of my year.

Remember hearing about this band, memory rekindled on Zite, wanted to hear more

My first "taste" of Bang On A Can was the beautiful "Music for Airports" rendition of Brian Eno's epic music. Been a fan ever since!

I saw a wonderful exibition in Rome (Palladium Theater) few years ago

Personal highlights from last summer's Marathon concert were the Allstars/Glass dreamland and Glenn Brancas relentless rock.

I've been familiar with David Lang's works for several years. And it was through his music that I became aware of Julia and Michael's works as well.

Stumbled across the BoaC marathon during my first summer as a student in NYC several years ago. I've been a fan ever since.

I heard about you from a friend.

I learned about you writing a press release for my first job

I got your email and can't wait to get Big Beautiful Dark and Scary.

When I discovered Bang on a Can, after growing up in the rural west, I felt like the chubby bespectacled girl in the bee costume from that Blind Melon video.

Several years ago I had the wonderful luck to be visiting New York during an open rehearsal of the Bang on a Can All-Stars. I had heard of the group but was not familiar with the music. What a great surprise!

I was lucky enough to see Ethel play in the Cleveland Masonic Temple Auditorium some years ago. This amazing early 20th Century Room is among other things the place Cleveland Orchestra used to perform a number of recordings. I'm also a fan of other Bang on a Can artists, especially David Lang.

Everything that Bang on a Can is doing with the music of our time a huge inspiration to me as a young new music performer. I'll never forget the marathon at MASS MoCA in July 2011, which was an absolutely amazing show. I think the best moment for me was the contact-miced bass drum solo in David Lang's "Increase" — wow!

Had my ear blown off by the Bang on a Can All Stars at the Unknown Public all-dayer at London's South Bank Centre in 1995 or 96. They signed my freshly purchased of Industry and said they appreciated that the then London audiences were less animated during performances as it showed they were listening.

Sharing a concert with the All-Stars in Shanghai was a treat!

The first marathon I went to was at Lincoln Center. A week or two earlier I had sat in the second row to hear the Emerson do Shoshtakovitch. This time I sat somewhere in the middle of the orchestra seating and revelled in the disorder of the audience, the tangles of gear, wire and instruments on the stage, the cool laid-back-ness of the intro's and then THE MUSIC - one set after another taking me to different planets, hot cold dark brilliant slow fast noisy still shimmering crashing. That marathon began a relationship with BOAC that is now a rich and steady, almost daily part of my life (thanks to my ipod) with at least half-a-dozen concerts a year, new discs, great deep solid friendships, great sounds of the world and a great perspective on life and the universe that only this fresh and ever inventive music can reveal. THANKS. (SUBMIT! - OK - I SUBMIT TO BOAC!)

I remember hearing Dreyblatt's "excited strings" and really enjoying it. What I like about Bang on a Can is that they show that avant garde music written today can also be accessible, fun, and relevant--as opposed to academic, dry, and more interested in following the ideology of theory than in making music somebody would actually want to listen to.

must have another good band that led me to you. my ears are tuned in and thats all that matters

I was first introduced to Bang-On-A-Can by the All-Stars concert at last years International Festival of Arts and Ideas. Clearly I've missed some great stuff in 24 of those first years, I'll just hope for and to make the best of 25+ more.

Hamburg Germany in autumn 2003? I heard BoaC live in the Musikhalle.
Then still with the very attractive Wendy Sutter on cello.

What impressed me the most was the encore: the Louis Andriessen composition "Workers Union".

One of my favorite compositions (not played in the concert) - is Michael Gordon's "Yo, Shakespeare".

Cherry Cheesecake. I Lost a Sock. And thanks for introducing me to Arnold Dreyblatt and Nik Baertsch.

Have been into Bang on a Can since high school. I thanked them in the liner notes of one of my first home recordings... on cassette!

After receiving a sampler, I quickly became hooked to the All-Stars and other Cantaloupe releases. Even though most of the events are in NY, I am happy to say I keep up with ya'll.

Hoping to get to my first BOAC All-Stars show this year!!

An occasional visitor to New York, I can't remember when I first heard of BOAC--probably from a report in the Times about one of the first Marathons. Also can't remember the first piece I heard by one of the collective's composers--probably a Wolfe cello quartet. But my favorite is still Phil Kline's "Rumsfeld Songs": sublime!

I'll have a memory to share after I see the All-Stars performing Reich a little later this month! ;-)

I got an e-mail

I first encountered BOC last summer at New Haven's Arts and Ideas Festival...WOW! I bought tickets for my son and his wife to attend your upcoming convert in LA at Disney's Concert Hall. Have so enjoyed your music ever since. Thanks.

I think I really enter in the 21st century music when I listened the Cheating, Lying, Stealing for the first time.

Having the opportunity to go to the summer festival, and work with the amazing fellows and meet such incredible musicians with whom I am still collaborating with 2 years later!

Bang on a Can came to Glasgow recently and you were brilliant! I'm looking forward to the next visit

Thank you.

I caught your free performance at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville this past . . . spring? What I heard was less challenging but every bit as fascinating and sometimes thrilling as I'd expected. Please come back some time!

"Men" of David Lang was the most inspiring visual and musical work I have seen for years, and it was finally the reason why I founded the music agency schneider+ and now work with composers like Max Richter and Matthew Herbert. Thank you, Matthias

The first time I listened to Lost Objects I was so delightful so enthousistic that It became immediately " the classical oratorio " of my

A friend on facebook posted about you.

The light of new music shines brightly in NY because of BOAC.

Fond memories, back to the mid 90s and those early albums...

I love going to see the Bang on a Can marathon! Hours of fantastic new music. Few things are better than watching it with family!

I remember being delighted at the openness and kindness of Evan Z, when I joined the (non-music) faculty at MIT.

I was a composer fellow at the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival back in 1998. I was pianist who at that point had only been composing for a few short years. Bang on a Can was in residence and played an INCREDIBLE show, that was truly inspiring, and helped crystalize my ideas about becoming a professional composer. Thanks for providing composers with a template for how to blaze your own path in the compositional world!

I have 2 BOAC t shirts. Always reminds me of the 24 hr marathons at the WFC

One of the best performances I ever experienced was the BOAC All-Stars' concert at Felix Fan's house in La Jolla. And Mark Stewart may be the friendliest rock star I've ever met!

I have loved you all forever...but only saw you live recently. Thanks for making every day delicious.

Bang on a Can should be in every Thesaurus connected to challenging, interesting and fun.

my friend told me about this, looking forward to listening and learning!

Only know the group through recordings and mailing list. Performing "Music for Airports" live was a brilliant idea.

Remember Biking to the winter garden in WFC. Finding a site to camp and spend all day. Friends come and go. Sinking of the Titanic, Sakamoto with BOC allstars and Tortoise rocking the house to top the cake. Awesome.

Listening to Music for Airports at the then new Indianapolis Airport. Wonderful!

got the recommendation from bill bragin on twitter. been meaning to listen for a long time, this is a great opportunity! thank you!

First Bang on a Can concert for me at MIT this fall and am converted! Julia Wolfe's piece Steel Hammer with Trio Mediaeval and Michael Gordan's Timber. Wow.

25 years? Not possible! -- seems like yesterday we were getting the first news of the Partch performances, the guitar orchestras -- so good!

Hello! Happy new year!
I´m Silvia, from Spain, I love Bang on a Can since 2006 or 2007? when they play music in Granada, Spain!

Thanks for all!

I went to my first Bang on a Can concert at MIT this fall and was converted. Julia Wolfe's piece Steel Hammer with Trio Mediaeval and Michael Gordan's Timber. Wow.

I heard Lost Objects on the radio and had to buy it. Seems to suggest so much with so little. But I am a bit nervous to play it - so much loss.

I treasure my time at Banglewood in the summer of 2009. Incredible people, and incredible program, and a killer band!

My best memory about BOAC is David Cossin playing Piano Phase live in Paris. I really could see the music...

I remember seeing Bang on a Can live at the Perth Concert Hall, Scotland. Really enjoyed 'Music for Airports' by Brian Eno and 'Phases' by Steve Reich. It was a new musical experience! Cheers Dode

I've been on your mailing list since the 2008 Bang on a Can Marathon - keep 'em coming!

Saw BOAC twice in Glasgow earlier this year, doing pieces by Lang, Glass, Longstreth, Moore and others. Truly wonderful, inspiring stuff, and I want more, I tells ya.

I don't necessarily have a memory specifically in relation to Bang on a Can, but I have been following the new music scene (Alarm Will Sound, Eighth Blackbird, etc...). I definitely want to hear more from you guys.

1995: was so into CHEATING, LYING, STEALING, I put it on my answering machine.

There was an early 1990s concert in Kresge Little Theater (MIT), where one of several encores was an atonal version of "Sixteen Tons" (aka "I Owe My Soul to the Company Store"). I think it must have been one of the first times the All-Stars played in the Boston area. Which means I've been hearing the All-Stars pretty much from the beginning... a real privilege!

I crossed half of Europe to watch LaLaLa Human Steps perform Amjad in Lisbon, and David Lang's music captivated me.

Performance of Music for Airports, under the stars, in Brooklyn...

cantaloupe is one of maybe two or three labels i completely trust. if they release it, i'm almost sure to love it.

New to Band on a Can. Came across their recording of 'In C' and keen to hear more.


I don't know your discography at all, but I've discovered Cantaloupe Music last year and I'm curious to listen to your music!

Thank you for the free download and have a wonderful year!

Hearing many of the Bang On A Can artists at MassMoCa this summer with my family. What a treat!

Always hear something new at BOAC.

My first Bang On A Can experience was in 2009 when I went to the festival with my composition class and met Martin Bresnick.

I like BOAC. Happy New Year!

Seeing a video of the All-Stars performing Andriessen's 'Workers Union' inspired me to give it a shot with my new music ensemble at school. One of my most edifying musical experiences!

A friend played a recording of some of BoaC's stuff...blew me away. I've been a huge fan since.

Happy new ears - practicing the slogan of John Cage, the Bang on a Can has taught us for 25 years to keep our eyes and ears open for the new - this is your greatest lesson.
J. Marcos

The first time I became aware of BOAC was when I heard an interview with ETHEL on NPR. I had been hooked on new music for years, and finally here was a venue for my pleasures. Keep up the good work, guys!
Barbara Medaille

I heard of this album from a friend. I have always been interested in this group but have heard very little. I am excited to give them a listen finally

I've been on the mailing list for a while, but don't remember how I came across it. Looking forward to hearing the album.

Bang On A Can brought me one of my favorite albums, Treasure State by Matmos and So Percussion, and consequently one of my favorite artists, So Percussion. Each new Bang On A Can album I hear redefines music for me again. Thank you for providing such an incredible musical experience!

My mother(70+) stayed with me over new years and went home with Bang on a Can- Music for Airports. She thinks it is wonderful and I have to agree.

I love the music but living in Utah I have never seen Bang on a Can live...

Jamming into the wee hours with Gregg August and lots of other Banglewood fellows at the Elf Parlor in North Adams, MA. I'd never improvised in public before, and that night I caught the bug. Thanks, BoaC!

On the Steve Reich day at the Barbican. What a total experience, what a fantastic day.

Concert at Bowling Green State University. Stage full of instruments with no performers. A dark-haired woman appears and starts a curious sort of wailing into the microphone. Is this a tech testing the equipment, a sound check, or the start of the concert??

She then takes a violin and starts playing while singing. Mesmerizing. It's Eva Bittova, and the rest of the All Stars eventually join her. What a great way to be introduced to a fabulous new performer.

After attending several marathons at MASS MOCA, I convinced my whole family to come along with me one summer. Our contingent included my wife and three children, my daughter's friend, and my two sisters and their husbands. Coolest family reunion ever!

Daily concerts at the MassMOCA festival. Students and faculty would pour great effort into presenting what they thought was important to hear. Lovely surprises abounded, and the industriousness was always inspiring.

I was at this year's marathon for about 9 hours. It was intense and not all the music fit my taste, but it was an experience worth repeating. Seeing and hearing Philip Glass perform with the All-Stars made my night.

2011: Saw the marathon in the Winter Garden for the first time, was spellbound by Cruel Sister, later encountered Julia Wolfe and could have kissed her.

I'm new to Bang on a Can, one of my Twitter buddies told me about you.

I attended the Bang On A Can marathon in 2009 and age 19. I stayed the entire length of the concert. That experience changed my life and completely opened up my mind and ears to music that I had no idea existed. I will never forget walking away from the concert after midnight, mesmerized by what I had just experienced.

Bang On A Can, standard setter. from a long-time fan

Going to see Bang on a Can Allstars for the first time as a 19 year old and realizing that here were people making music that was simply great music, without the typical ideological barriers and limits we call genres.

I saw and heard Julie Wolfe pieces on the 9th edition of the Sacrum Profanum Festival in Cracow, Poland. Pieces of the American composer were presented by Asko|Schönberg.
What a great evening. Lots of energy. I was glad that I attended.

Not really a memory, but everytime I hear a BOAC tune, I get happy. I did my a several copies of Music for Airports in a discount bin at a commercial store--they were the only thing worth buying in the store and so I wound up giving them to friends.

I heard about Bang on a Can through my friends.

Fan of Little Match Girl Passion

The first couple BoaC's were so amazing -- realliy fostering a sense of community and vitality that's still ongoing after 25 years. I remember PianoDuo's beautiful performances of Cage's Three Dances and Andriessen's De Staat at Exit Art and R.A.P.P. Arts Center.

Saw music downtown at Bang on a can festival. Great!

I first heard your music at a dance concert and was blown away by the uniqueness and captivating sounds

Thanks for the music!

First heard of you guys through fellow composer friends in college.

Saw you guys at Hamilton College when I was a student there. You played a piece by Marc Mellits called 5 Machines. That was my first exposure to the ensemble and I have been a fan since.

Thank you for your performance at Sacrum Profanum 2011, Cracow, PL! Come again to Poland as soon as you can, please! And thank you for this record and distribution, it is highly appreciated.

Having Robert Black as a teacher at Hartt and attending the Bang on a Can Summer Festival in 2010 have truly been great moments in my life.

I looked at an cd insert for cantalope records and found out about Bang on a Can. I'm a modern dancer/teacher and always looking for extrordinary and innovative music. Thank you

Went to the Marathon for the first time last year. It was amazing.

i dont have a specific memory yet but im on the mailing list...

I saw some of David Lang's music performed as part of a reception for the movie (untitled). Great stuff.

I brought my wife to Bang on a Can's all-day extravaganza in the city three years or so ago...brilliant music in a brilliant setting, an organic and free-flowing event! Thanks!

I do not remember when I first learned of BOAC, but you are an important part of this complete breakfast - I mean, of my musical life. Thanks!

have not yet seen BOAC live but will get to ASAP... HNY 2012

My memory is pretty small but it
goes back to when I first heard
of composers like Conlon Nancarrow on a regular friday morning show on KPFA radio in Berkely, Calif. called 'New and Unusual Music'. That show introduced me to the wonders of the 'new' music and I have been a listener ever since of new and unusual music. Unfortunately the show went off the air some years ago.

Just love the marathons in NYC, from start to finish.

It all started with a tiny chip glued into a CD case that played a symphony for an hour. What a community!

julia wolfe was in chicago recently at the MusicNOW series for a piece that I believe she had composed many years ago - (sorry, the title eludes me) wow!! It was Fantastic!

I try to go to the free concerts at the World Financial Center every summer.

heard about it from my daughter

I first saw BoaC live with Kronos Quartet and was instantly transformed into an avid fan.

my favorite memory was seeing so percussion playing steve reich.

Listening to David Lang's Cheating. Lying, Stealing over and over again in my first year of university.

I was turned onto BoaC when Evan Zipporyn gave a composition seminar at my conservatory in 1991. I've been enjoying the vibrant new music of the BoaC community ever since.
Robert Levin

First-year university: composition course taught by Prof. David Mott (also a phenomenal new-music saxophonist). Every lecture was basically a listening session followed by a discussion about some of the macro ideas about composing and about music in general. It was, for me, disorienting, overwhelming, and ridiculously exciting. The beginning of this journey? The first piece he played was Andriessen's "Hout", from BoaC's "Industry" disc, and since then, my ears haven't been the same.

I first came in touch with BoaC by writing my B.A. Exams about minimalism in opera. And I really fell in love with The Carbon Copy Building, the musical simplicity, anyhow being so multi-faceted in this opera, is overwhelming! Thanks for that!

I love Bang on a Can's work with Steve Reich, and remember some of their performances together as some of my favorites of all time.

Stumbling upon Renegade Heaven while living in Atlanta (Wax n' Facts). Listening to it -- transfixed --over and over again for weeks. Becoming fascinated with the compositions of Arnold Dreyblatt. Thank You!

I h ave many memories of magical times at Bang on the Can Marathons. The first time I went to one was just because I saw this listing when visiting NYC at something going on at BAM. I went and was knocked out, especially by a piece I thought sounded like shattering glass... it turned out to be David Lang's The So Called Laws of Nature. I have choreographed work to many Bang On a Can tunes.... thanks

I love BOAC's version of Reich's Music for 18 Musicians -- my favorite!

I discovered today on Rhapsody that BoaC plays one of my favorite pieces of music, Terry Riley's "In C."

I saw this on facebook and I LOVE new music!

I heard about this album from twitter and look forward to my first BoaC listen!

I heard Julia Wolfe's Steel Hammer at MIT, it was amazing, I can't wait for it to become available.

Always love the bang on a can marathon at wfc

When BOAC did their marathon tour around the country, I played "Cruel Sister" and "In C" at the concert at UIUC. It was awesome playing with the group!

I've never experienced BOAC live, but own several recordings and always enjoy the eclectic répertoire and outstanding execution.

Love the bang-on-a-can marathon concerts.

I saw Bang on a Can perform at the Steve Reich weekend in London, 2011. The best concert I attended in 2011. I also very much enjoyed the performances of pieces by Michael Gordon (Beethoven's 7th reworked, or some such) and Julia Wolfe (Cruel Sister) during the same weekend.

My memory to share is seeing Bang On A Can play here in the Kansas City area (Lawrence, KS.) They performed an amazing arrangement of the Master Terry Riley's "In C." But the real highlight was both Phillip Glass and Terry Riley (for the only time in history I believe) joining in and playing with them during the performance. A true "night to remember!"

In a moment fall in love to the Bang on a Can when I first time heard the "Music for Airports" CD about 13 years ago.

I remember checking to see if BOAC is comming to Seattle on tour. Alas.

Not sure how became aware of you- a concert in Halifax NS, the Boston Early Music Festival, St Martin in the Fields, London or purchase of a 24/96 classical or jazz dvd.

No memories, yet, but I heard about this on your website.

Having the opportunity to hear new music free every summer at the Bang On A Can Marathon is wonderful!

I saw BoaC All Stars at the Pittsburgh Arts Festival while I was still in high school. I still remember performances of Music for Airports and NY Counterpoint. It was a turning point musical event for me!

Got an email. Thanks!

After hearing David Lang's "Are you Experienced?" on the radio, I bought the Bang on a Can live albums. I knew that after listening to "Failing" (the first track on Volume 1) that I'd found a new musical home and nothing I've heard from BOAC since has changed my mind.

I saw their music back in June,
And they played oh so many fine tunes,
So to all those who've said
That classical music is dead
Bang On A Can will say, "poo poo!"

I love you guys and your music! Here's to another 25 great years! -David

Several years ago we attended one of the concerts in the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan het IJ and all of us were thrilled by the music and by a fantastic drumperformance.

Never seen you live, but I have many of you wonderful recordings.

So Perc & Ethel have graced Montana stages. Bring your cans & bang for us, too. That would be memorable.

We get to enjoy so much new free music every summer at Bang on a Can Marathon.

I went to college just down the road from Mass MoCA. I had no way of knowing beforehand, but performing and listening to the music of Bang on a Can composers pretty much eclipsed the rest of my music education. Attending my first marathon concert was eye- and ear-opening; musicians visibly enjoying the music they were playing (extremely well), audience members visibly enjoying the music they were hearing, and a palpable camaraderie between the two groups that's so often absent from "classical" performances. Looking forward to the next 25 years!

We get to enjoy so much new free music every summer at Bang on a Can Marathon.

Listening to the BOAC version of "New York Counterpoint" and getting teary over the beauty of the recording.

Facebook, thefountain of all knowlege

An obsession with Michael Gordon's music led to my discovery of Bang on a Can! Thrilling stuff.

I discovered Bang on a Can through Michael Gordon's "Weather" CD, and I became a big fan of all of BOAC's work.

Even though I had a considerable collection of Bang on a Can albums in my collection I was still struck dumb when my lecturer brought in a track to play us all. Failing was put on and my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe that I had missed their early albums and even though I have never experienced the live event they have still informed and inspired my compositions and creative style.

I first heard of Bang on a Can when I bought your rendition of Terry Riley's "In C." Since then I've bought music by Evan Ziporyn, David Lang, Michael Gordon and others, but "In C" was really significant since it initiated my awareness of a whole kind of music that was post-atonal and somehow thoroughly American.

Plugging the ear phones into Tristan Perich's "1-Bit Symphony" and switching the CD to ON. Live music on the palm of my hand!

Being part of the BOAC summer festival and getting to meet and make music with some of the All-Stars made for one very memorable summer experience!

Escalator - lifts me every time!

bon anniversaire ! happy birthday and happy new year for our ears.
my first "souvenir" ('scuse me i'm french) : "Music for airports", of course.
thanx a lot for your gift !!!

BOAC Marathon 2010
Sunday, June 27, 2010 

The entire musical landscape has changed while I've been sleeping in Huntington, and it's inspiring.   Right now I'm listening to an ensemble of early teens called Face the Music performing Mesh by Graham Fitkin in the Wintergarden.  Four saxaphones, three flutes, two guitars, including bass, and two keyboards.  The music is minimalist color splashes, textures and episodes, played with dedication and excellence by these aspiring performers.  Beautiful contemporary classical music in middle education.  I am again filled with excitement and flushed with emotion, as often happens at these events.

I remember fondly bringing my dad to see BoaC at Carnegie Hall for his 62nd birthday and hearing him say "wow, not all new music has to sound like crap."

I saw Mantra Percussion perform part of Michael Gordon's "Timber" as part of the Percussive Arts Society's International Convention in November; what an experience!!

BOAC Marathon 2010
Sunday, June 27, 2010 

The entire musical landscape has changed while I've been sleeping in Huntington, and it's inspiring.   Right now I'm listening to an ensemble of early teens called Face the Music performing Mesh by Graham Fitkin in the Wintergarden.  Four saxaphones, three flutes, two guitars, including bass, and two keyboards.  The music is minimalist color splashes, textures and episodes, played with dedication and excellence by these aspiring performers.  Beautiful contemporary classical music in middle education.  I am again filled with excitement and flushed with emotion, as often happens at these events.

I like Bang in the Can, and I often recieve notices from them.
I will add the double album to my iphone.

The 5 hour marathon that I went to in Boston was one of the best concerts of my life.

No memo, just all ears.

I just knew about the record from the website as well as from BOAC's facebook and twitter, and I look forward to hearing it! BOAC rocks!

A friend told me, guess it will appear soon on his blog,

I heard about BOAC in the mid-aughts from some nerdy classical music friends. They've got great taste.

Thanks for your music and the example that you set.

I was going to name the dawn performance of Stimmung at the 2008 marathon, but someone just did, so I'll pick walking through Charleston, SC that December to the tune of Phil Kline's Unsilent Night.

I remember hearing "Cheating, lying, stealing" and finding it exciting, breathtaking and somewhat risqué. On swedish television no less. Followed BoC/cantaloupe ever since.

In 1995, I found out about Bang on a Can after being hearing David Lang's "Illumination Rounds" on the radio. Absolutely wowed by this piece, I tried to find his recordings and came across the Bang on a Can Live CDs and found so many wonderful composers represented... I tracked down records by these composers and was turned on to avenues of creativity that were completely new to me. What great CDs those were! Congratulations on 25 years, BoaC!

I heard about BOAC in the mid-aughts from some nerdy classical music friends. They've got great taste.

Thanks for your music and the example that you set.

Hearing Michael Gordon's Weather 3 for the first time. I will never think of music in the same way again.

I have always loved Bang on a Can's recording of Terry Riley's IN C!

I had played Andriessen's "Hoketus" before and I thought I knew what it sounded like until I heard BoaC's version. I make the comparison that their version is quite like being chased through the woods by a bear while any of the versions that I have played in are sort of like being pursued by a few small ducks.

always the most inventive, open-minded, committed, talented group of musicians and composers to bring new work to the forefront.

love every record of yours. you have done more to advance music than anybody else. thanks !

I first learned about the Bang on a Can All-Stars through a newspaper article. This lead me to Evan Ziporyn's "This is not a clarinet" recording and to the All-Stars' Library of Congress series concert.

I'm new to BOAC. Found out abt this on Twitter. Thank you.

I first heard Bang on a Can on the "Classics" album back in 2006. Incredible.

I ordered Alarm Will Sound's Accoustica on a whim (best album of the 2000s, in my humble opinion). The order came with a Bang On A Can compilation. There's an epic Michael Gordon track on that compilation that sounds like an icebreaker pushing though the arctic. I played that for all my friends when they visited my drafty, snow bound house in rural Ontario and it always astounded them. (I ended up ordering the album, Trance IV) as well.

I live in New Mexico but come to NYC once a year and on one trip found myself at the Bang on a Can Marathon @ the WTC because I liked to visit the space. It was a complete surprise and I was transported. I spent hours listening, watching, moving, going out, coming back. What a treat! Now when I plan a trip, I try to coordinate with a BOAC performance. A new adventure each time!

I've never had the pleasure of a live performance, but as a teenager I discovered both Brian Eno and Philip Glass through Bang on a Can recordings.

Never felt so compelled to listen since the first listenings to BOAC's albums... Some of the more attractive, exhilarating, refreshing music I have heard in years!

In 1995, Evan Ziporyn's gamelan group from MIT performed a piece of his called "Tire Fire" at the NYC marathon, and an arts organization at the 'Tute sent a busload of us to Lincoln Centre to see it. In that week, which was the week before I graduated, I saw Bang on a Can, Moby, The Orb, and Ian Anderson (from, um, Jethro Tull). It was one hell of a week.

I went to an event in NYC, and since then I have been following them

I don't have much personal experience with Bang on a Can, but I fully support and am excited by the innovation that goes on in the BoaC community. Hearing about various events and new works keeps me on my toes in thought about what music is. I jive with the BoaC collective brain waves. Also we share a joint birthday!

Toooo gooood!

Shelter, 2005, at BAM. This was one of the most inspiring and beautiful works/performances I've ever experienced. Very special evening. Can I buy a recording?

I found my first BoaC disc - one of the live collections - at my school's library. It showed that complex music could be performed with an extraordinary level of skill, without the trappings of traditional performance spaces.

Music for Airports is sublime performed by this ensemble.

My first encounter with Bang on a Can was at a special event for Steve Reich. It's the only time I've heard them, but they made quite an impression and the memories of them on stage are etched in my mind.

Happy Birthday, BOAC!

Best Bang memory: getting to learn more about making music in one Banglewood festival than in fifteen years of classical study.

Going to the Bang on a Can marathon in North Adams with my boyfriend, on our first vacation together.

I accidentally came across Michael Gordon's music when I was 18. I'm now a musicology grad student focusing my research on BoaC and the music they've inspired. Thank you!

My favorite memory is seeing BOAC play in Boston this November. Really amazing concert.

Iva bittova singing on the escalator at a marathon a few years ago

"Lad" at the start of the 2007 marathon - those bagpipes!

I remember the CD that introduced me to the ensemble, “Bang on a Can Live,” issued in 1992 by CRI. And I remember how friends reacted when I first put this record on for them. Amused, consternated, even, and, after a time, distracted, maybe, or had they simply integrated these odd sounds into their immediate environment? Because I wasn’t about to stop playing it. And I never have stopped playing it. And neither have they.

Going crazy trying to find an overlap between the BoaC All Stars performances and me.

I was first blown away by 'Industry' and then to hear that you had orchestrated 'Music for Airports' was amazing and to create a beautiful piece of work from Eno's work was wonderful.But the best was for me the version of 'In C' which took on a masterwork from the modern canon and made for me the definitive version!I love the fact you folks are out there still pushing modern composition and i hope one day to attend the marathons as i live in Windsor,Ontario.Keep up the great work!!

I'm not good at this sort of thing. I've seen BoaC a few times, and have listened to some of their CDs, but can't pull up any particular memories. I heard about the download from the email you sent me.

Was on a road trip in September late one night and had Gigantic Dancing Human Machine playing as I watched the Northern Lights! Spectacular!

BOAC started it, where will it go next?!

I was fortunate to be able to attend the BOAC Marathon in NYC twice. You are an inspiration!

I first saw Bang on a Can while studying composition at Hamilton College. Between "Music in 5ths" and the use of the daxophone, I was blown away! They pushed me in all the right ways at just the right time.

In a moment fall in love to the Bang on a Can when I first time heard the "Music for Airports" CD about 13 years ago.

With your albums and live performances, Bang on a Can helped open the world of Steve Reich to me. I attended Banglewood in 2009 to see Music for 18 Musicians and Eight Lines, and it was magical. Thank you!

I've been getting your emails since 2004, and have the Reich Double Sextet. I can't get to your concerts but it's great that you bring such interesting music to so many people.

My best Bang on a Can memory--and its a tough choice, since I've been to every BOC marathon since the beginning--was the middle of the night performance of Music for Airports at the 2008 marathon. It was beautiful and enhanced by lying on one's back and staring up through the palm trees in the NYC Winter Garden and out at the night sky. The Bang on Can folks put out a nifty digital release of the concert which I can play to recreate that sonic landscape in my bedroom. Thanks!

Love the Eno, Reich, Glass, Riley performances as well as all the members' own fantastic works. Happy Birthday!

Went to the Marathon at WFC in NYC a few years back. The all-stars played "Horses of instruction" and just about blew my face off. Then Tortoise came on and rawked for 20 minutes or so. Unfortunately, I was discouraged from dancing during their set.

Jamming into the wee hours with Gregg August and fellow Banglewood fellows at the Elf Parlor in North Adams. I'd never improvised in public before, and that night I caught the bug. Thanks for the freedom to try new things!

A 25 years - symphony!

i'm here via tumblr! <3

When we left New York for Missouri for teaching jobs, among the (many) unknowns was: how will we survive without Bang on a Can concerts? Answer: frequent trips back + the Cantaloupe Club! Not quite the same, but you gotta eat ;-)

A friend I whose taste I trust told me to download it. I'm excited to listen.

The first time I listened to In C, I alsmost missed my bus stop as my iPod had induced a hypnotic state!

playing Reich's Music for 18 Musicians at the 2007 Marathon

Here's my story: If it wasn't for BOAC, I wouldn't have found my way into contemporary music. So, thank you - thank you - thank you !!!

Really enjoyed the concerts at the Tramway in Glasgow last year ... looking forward to seeing you back in Glasgow in March!

Can't imagine today's music scene in NY without BOAC. THANK YOU

I heard the BOAC All-Stars in Budapest several years ago. Great concert!

Really enjoyed the concerts at the Tramway in Glasgow last year ... looking forward to seeing you back in Glasgow in March!

I found about this from twitter. I don't have any real bang on a can memories, but i'd sure like to make some!

h a p p y a n n i v e r s a r y
saw the bang on a can all-stars
in baton rouge a few years ago.
we anxiously await your return.

I heard the BoaC All-Stars at Darmstadt years ago. And the audience booed them. I was astounded--how could they not love this driving, amplified, energetic music? It was then that I understood that there was still a divide between much European and American music, and it was then that I was confirmed as an American composer.

Loved hearing Michael Gordon's "Every Stop on the F Train" at the Winter Garden in 2008.

Year after year, I keep missing the Marathon. This year I'm going!

Favorite memory: Having my mind thoroughly blown at Park West Chicago for the performance of Eno's "Music For Airports" by the encore of Michael Gordon's "I Buried Paul".

I have to say first off that I heard about Bang On a Can through Hilary Hahn before I heard about it anywhere else, so please thank her immensely for the plug. :)
I volunteered at 2 of the marathons and it has been a wonderful experience to hear the music just as I was working the merch with the BOAC folks. I also remember at the 2010 marathon seeing Evan Ziporyn in the purple Gamelan Galak Tika clothes (that was the first time I'd seen him). The 2011 one gave us our few minutes with Philip Glass at the table when he signed autographs. Seeing him perform with the All-Stars was a great experience too.

The BOAC performance of Wolfe's "Steel Hammer" at MIT on 12/15/11 was one of the most astonishing and sonically exciting musical experiences of my life. If it's not available on this album, I really look forward to its release.

Won tickets Evan Ziporyn's opera premiered in Boston! The marathons in Winter Garden. And sadly, getting rejected (some would say overlooked) by BOAC's summer institute for a fellowship. :( Anyway.

As a bass player and a composer I've been inspired by Robert Black for awhile now. Last June I had the honor to briefly work with him at the ISB in San Francisco and it really pushed me to challenge myself creatively. Thanks!!