Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary


I heard the group in Lecce in 2008

:-) great music

remember amsterdam

I heard David Lang's "Cheating,Lying, Stealing" on a CMJ compilation back in the day and became obsessed with seeking out more music like it. I began to try and track down these so called "all stars". Was not an easy task back in the day and the "classical" section in most stores was usually organized by composer. I did what was possible. Thank the Alien for the Interwebs!

Heard about the album via the Azureisthenewblack blog

Saw Bang on a Can at Wesleyan University (around 2002, I think)

I listened the All Stars lineup live for the 1st time on a recent European tour, when they made a gig in Madrid at La Casa Encendida. The show was full, all tickets completely sold out - a surprise to me, I couldn't imagine they were so popular here. The bang was tight, their overall aesthetics overtly in a typical "American-post-minimal" vein, and there were some quite interesting pieces among the material they performed. I had no idea that they had made a version of Stockhausen's "Stimmung"; I wish they had played it on that Madrid gig - I love that piece!

The Bang On A Can Summer Music Institute 2011 was three of the wildest weeks of my life.

the 26 hour marathon in nyc in 2007. left as a different person, changed and enlightened. thank you.

The first time I heard "Yo Shakespeare" by Michael Gordon. It was a YouTube video, horrible video and audio quality, but the way the performers were bobbing their heads (i.e. ACTUALLY MOVING AROUND) while performing was really inspiring. Not to mention the piece totally rips, too.

From Valencia, Spain, BANG OF A CAN has a pléyade of artists very interestings, but the ASPHALT ORCHESTRA makes me crazy. Thanks BANG OF A CAN for give to me that joy.

The BOAC Marathons always feel like I'm coming home -- no matter what the composer/style/etc. It's my favorite concert experience in NYC year after year. Thanks for all the amazing memories!

FB friend

I'm a pianist and a composer, and this group has great influenced my compositional style and has increased my love for new music.

I remember finding Ethel when exploring new string quartet music, and proceeded to listen to everything I could get my hands on from Bang on a Can and Cantaloupe Music. Congrats, and here's to 25 more years or great music!

Please come to Malaysia!

Terry Riley's "In C" was very nice!

I saw one of the first marathons on E. 4th St back in '89 or '90. Somebody came on fairly early playing solo bass guitar and the sound caused stuff to fall down from the ceiling. People cheered! I sure wish those recordings were available.

My first purchase of BOACAS was "In C' and I was blown away!

I've always though you guys had the neatist name, perhaps only to be outdone if you had chosen "Bang on a Brake Drum".

"I buried Paul" was something strangely familiar. The title led me to the roots...

BOAC are no memory, I know it's twenty five years, but it all seems so fresh and new to me still. The best thing of all to me is the near perfect adaptation of Brian Eno's "Music for Airports".

My favorite memory is performing Steve Reich's "Drumming" in Alice Tully Hall in 1996 with Steve Reich sitting in the front row! Fun!

I just remember seeing BOAC and Phil Glass at the Clarice Smith center at UMD about eight years ago with a friend. Haven't caught you since because I suffered a severe spinal cord injury in 2007 and am still limited in mobility. I especially regretted not being to see the Charlie Chaplin soundtrack performance and have been hoping for a video of that to show up somewhere on the Internet.
Your performance of "Music for Airports" will never be deleted from my mp3 player.
Thanks for all you do!

I have several memories, all from the 1991 Bang on a Can Festival:

● Louis Andriessen rolling his own cigarette while speaking with me in the lobby of Town Hall during the concert of his music at the 1991 Bang on a Can Festival--then being asked to step outside when trying to smoke it.

● Also outstanding that year was Icebreaker's performance

● And Mieczyslaw Litwinski, who brought the Bang on a Can Marathon to a close with a sensitive, mesmerizing performance of singing while gently rubbing two flat stones together in circular fashion.

My wife and younger son showed up at the Winter Garden for the 2009 marathon on Saturday and wondered why the crowd was so small. Turns out we were 24 hours early--but we got to hear the dress rehearsal of "Braun KSM 2" and meet Paul Hillier and David Lang (courtesy of friends Julia and Michael).

Steel Hammer & Timber at MIT in 2011 = Woah

BAOC Marathon on East 4th Street with huge brass ensemble doing hard-core British, with hugs and kisses at the end of a day of music, beers, and meals all mixed together; later a sample of an opera I was working on at La MaMa Annex Marathon, giant space, full house; best of all: first time hearing David’s music at MacDowell, first time hearing Michael’s and Julia’s music when they’d first moved to NYC; best of best of all: enjoying the unfolding of three wonderful lives in music. Thank you David, Michael, and Julia!! XXOO Conrad

Too many to count. One of my highlights has always been David Cossin's performance of Piano/Video phase.

You were for concert in Prague, Czech rep., Europe, few years ago, United islands of Prague, and I was excited with your music! I gave my e-mail address to you and from that time I recieve your mail-news. I am happy when I can read something about your actions and sometimes also hear some music of you - and now I have oportunity to have your album!! Thank you very much, I am looking forward to such nice event! With love, eva

Bang of a Can is one of my favorite groups. You all have been groundbreaking and your performances are always inspirational.

Heard about the group from a friend, love it since then!

The first time I heard Decasia. I think on wnyc2, before Q2. I was stunned. It had to be up there for me in terms of its power with what? Tabula Rasa? Tierkreis? I never bought anything so quickly.

I'm a big fan of Bang on a Can, although yet to catch any concert in action being from overseas, the spirit and dedication of the oraganization has inspired me in every way.

While I've known about BoaC for over a decade, my best memories of the group revolve around being a 2007 Banglewood alum—so much great music, and so many great people!

Banglewood was my first ever summer music festival when I moved from Asia to the US, and it totally opened my eyes (and ears!). Thank you for doing all the great things, keep rocking!

I heard about the album through a friend and hope to go to a concert the first opportunity I get

I've loved your music for years. I've never seen you live (yet), but hopefully I will one day soon.

1st heard group on BBC Radio 3.

I've loved your music for years. I've never seen you live (yet), but hopefully I will one day soon.

1st heard group on BBC Radio 3.

My friend Dan knows all the best music (and he creates some of it too). So when he recommended this, I knew I would like it.

I remember hearing Steve Schick for the first time and being galvanized that I would follow in his footsteps.

Best memories from the 2008 marathon!

I am a conductor from Germany and in November 2012 again will perform with the NYC-based SIRIUS STRING QUARTET - it was them to give me the idea to ask for this download.

I remember learning to sing ragas with Terry Riley at the 2008 BoaC Summer Festival at MassMoCA.

I found myself(a second generation Italian American born and raised in Brooklyn NY) hoping Buster Keaton would succeed in defeating the north while the group supplied a soundtrack.

Made it to one of the early marathons, and have been following the collective ever sense.

I heard Bang on a Can in Adelaide Australia. I had already heard the Lying Cheating Stealing CD and Lois Vierk had amazingly sent me the score and discs for Red Shift. Bang on a Can has transformed my composition and performance.

I loved elephant graveyard

The first I heard of Bang on a can was the Renegade Heaven CD and it just struck me as very unique and a lot of fun! Bang on a can is about making fun music and fun making music!

From an email

I like the name of the band :D

When Vicky Chow joined the band, I came a fan. YAY!!!!!

I've been a bang on a can follower for years. Fan of your work with Steve Reich, and looking forward to seeing you at the LA Phil/Disney Hall event this month!

A stoner friend of mine who turned out to be more into Steve Reich than he ever admitted convinced me to go with him to what turned out to be the first Bang on a Can. Back in 1987 I was strictly punk rock, although I'd grown up surrounded by people who were big fans of classical music or pretended they were. So without my knowing it, this show turned out to be pretty tailor-made for my tastes as the time: punk classical, as I tried to explain it afterward. I don't remember who the composers were, but the music was excellent, sometimes abrasive, sometimes surprisingly gentle, a lot closer in spirit to punk than classical. The concert was at a SoHo art gallery: I remember it being crowded, and hot, and the sound wasn't all that great, but that's the way it always was at loft shows in those days. We didn't stick around long enough to see Steve Reich, whom I believe was on the bill, or at least that's what my friend told me. Because I was dead broke at the time I asked him if he could get me into the show and he said he could; later on I was told that it was free anyway. If I remember correctly, Kyle Gann wrote a piece about it in the Village Voice. It would be awhile before I managed to make it to another one - at Symphony Space this time - but I'm glad I discovered it when I did. Had I known how historic this was, I would have paid more attention, drunk less beforehand and stuck around for Steve Reich

Twitter - via scanner

Heard Evan Ziporyn's amazing take on Tsmindao Ghmerto on internet radio. Sold!

What do you call a band which has songs you can still remember, and hum along, after three months you don't hear them? Amazing, that's what I call it! Happy 25th Birthday, Bang On A Can!

A friend sent me this link!

The marathon finally came and everything made sense, all kinds of music, and when Philly's own Sun Ra Arkestra dawned, they fit right in. Seriously strange fun.

I first learned about Bang on a Can in an undergraduate percussion literature course. I am always impressed when groups/festivals/ensembles etc. last as long as this.

I'm interesting to hear your new work, as always, will be exceptional!

I heard about you through Reddit.

Workers Union. MusicNOW. Cincinnati 2008.

I'm new and I just wanted to say that Vicky Chow is da bomb in da can ;)

First heard of them a few years ago from my composition professor. Good music!

Don't remember how I first heard about you. Was it a New Yorker listing? Was intrigued by your name.

I've been getting the newsletter since I bought a CD and have bought plenty more since. Still to experience my first live performance but very much looking forward to it.

The Bang on a Can recording of In C is one of my favourite pieces of music. It's essential listening for all humans, imho.

I heard the group in Vancouver at the Arts Club Theatre about a 100 years ago. Transformative experience - as a player/composer I was very impressed.

My favorite Bang on a Can memory has to be Toby Twining's dawn performance of 'Stimmung' by Karlheinz Stockhausen at the 2008 marathon. Went home deliriously happy that morning.

You guys rock! ESM represent! :)

I had a great time at one of BOA's concerts at Carnegie Hall. I look forward to going to more of their concerts and listening to this CD! :)

I've been following and happily supporting BOAC for many years now.

Wandered into a BOAC Marathon at the WFC many years ago. I was on vacation from New Mexico and like that beautiful space. I stayed and stayed and stayed, listening, moving, watching. There was a woman in the seat near me, with a few small children and lovely wild hair. Many people came to say hello to her and it was wonderful to be so near to the excited supportive vibe. Later I realized it must have been Julia Wolfe. The experience was an accidental treat, the music an adventure which continues. And since then I try to coordinate my visits to NYC with the Marathon.
Thank you all so much for your devotion to this wonderful music and performance
Kathryn Kaminsky/NM

Seeing Signal play cruel sister at the marathon blew my mind


I attended my first and only marathon at the Winter Garden in 2009. It truly was an experience I often think about. When all is said and done, it has provided me, at a subconcious level for the last two years, the goal of gracing that stage one day :)


Staying up all night with friends listening to every BoaC recording and youtube video we could get our hands on.

Heard about this promotion through, looking forward to hearing it.

Three or four years ago I did a one day trip into the city to see part of the Bang on a Can festival at the 92nd? Street YMCA. The piece that really stuck with me was simple in concept. The balcony was lined with gongs, mabey 20 or so. The musicians performed a sustained mallet roll, <>, over about 10 minutes time. Quite breathtaking.

As a distant fan, Cheating, Lying, Stealing was my introduction, and Tsmindao Ghmerto remains one of my favourite works by anybody ever. Made me want to learn bass clarinet just so I could play it! Someday I really have to coordinate a NYC visit with a Marathon.

A friend at work played me "Industry" around the time it came out and a new music world opened for me. I still haven't had the chance to experience BOAC live though, something I look forward too when the planets align.

The Bang on a Can version of Music for Airports is particularly impressive, and Robin Rimbaud (AKA Scanner) just tweeted about this great release. The various avenues of music converge in unexpected places.

I've been to the Summer Festival in 2010. I can't remember anything more helpful and exciting in terms of composer's activity. The atmosphere was just so nice and creative at the same time. I admired it a lot. I met real friends, people whom I miss now. And I would llike to say thanks to all people who work on this music to be released!

playing on the all George Crumb concert at the Bang on a Can summer music festival!

When I heard BOAC doing Music for Airports I felt like they really helped legitimize Brian Eno's work as a composer, not just a pop guy dabbling in our field.

I heard about you guys last year and got the Fred I am an addict and can't wait for this new album.

For as long as I can remember, Bang on a Can has been *the* organization that sets the bar for hipness in contemporary classical music, and it still is. My memories are more wrapped up in meeting two of it's founders, Julia and David, who are extremely friendly and down to earth. Bang on a Can inspired me to have the courage to create my own ensemble, the American Modern Ensemble here in New York City.

Here's to another 25 years of banging on cans - hopefully even more loudly.

I've been a fan for a long time, with quite a few CDs in my collection.

Love the music, from what I've heard. Hope to have a chance to catch you live someday, probably in Europe.

gimme gimme!

happy birthday BoaC! and thank you for the music!

Lionheart, of which I'm a member, premiered Julia Wolfe's "Keepers" at BAM in 2000. Let's do it again!!!

In C at Lincoln Center w/ Terry Riley. Good show.

Watching stunning set from time of 'Industry' CD with two lovely sisters - a violinist and a professional flautist - at the Gardner Centre, Sussex University, Brighton, England. One to cherish alongside Kronos, Hermeto Pascoal and John Zorn/Bill Frisell Quartet, to name but a few who appeared there.

I attended the 7-hour Ecstatic Music Festival marathon last year at the Kaufman Center, arriving just before Ashley Bathgate took the stage. Such a brilliant performance that day, that i became an instant fan of hers and (soon after) Bang on a Can All-Stars itself. I'm sometimes reluctant to listen to new work, but never with BOAC. I can always trust that it will be a true gem- well chosen and sparkling-ly performed!

I was stunned in listening to Theo Bleckmann sing Charles Ives at a Bang on a Can event at BAM.

Many memories. Cds first, than live music in Cracow, Poland.
Come back soon, Bang on a Can.

I am an English/Australian living in New Zealand, so we are miles apart, yet I feel an affinity with your music at least as much as I do with the landscape I live in. And it's nice to see you've adopted Kate Moore into your mob.

I've been a long time member of the Cantaloupe Club and receive the newsletter on a regular basis. That' how I learned about Lang's Child. As a father, I wept when I first heard 'My Very Empty Mouth'. What a wonderful testimony to motherhood!

An article in Perspectives on New Music mentioned you; I'd heard of you before but hadn't followed through. Now I'm on the mailing list to look out for upcoming concerts & events.

Bang on a Can's summer festival in North Adams transformed the already-robust summer music scene in the entire area, elevating it to a new level of weight and importance.

via @camerontw

Hearing Bang On A Can was the first time I thought that chamber music wasn't just old boring string quartets.

I don't catch the Marathon often enough!

bang has changed my life. and i dont mean that the way someone says "man, that pink floyd album changed my life,' i mean, bang on a can more or less opened up the world of contemporary music, opened the door to the rest of my life. an alum of the summer festival, and a former Steven Schick UCSD student, now im studying in europe, doing generally more 'crazy' things than bang likes to do, but without them... my life might be pretty boring, and i never would have seen the interest, and possibilities of new music, i never would have had all the incredible experiences, and i never would have heard brian eno's music for airport (man, that album changed my life!!).

so, thanks to you all, from the big 3 creators, the original cast, and all the people you have touched through it all, americans and the world owe you very much, or if not "owe," they certainly thank you for your contribution.

brian archinal

Heard about this from P4K, love Dave Longstreth, Robert Wyatt, and all you do - keep on rockin

I remember seeing a performance of the entire album of "Bang On A Can Meets Kyaw Kyaw Naing" at the first-ever Bang On a Can Marathon in Philly. Amazing.

Thanks to J. H. B. for the recommendation.

I'm 24 years old, sitting in the control room at Edison, and having my mind completely blown by Michael, Lisa, Mark & Evan recording Four Organs with superhuman Jim Preiss, everyone fully focused and meditating for hours on the shaka shaka shaka shaka shaka of the maracas, each phrase expanding & releasing into the longest breath cycles imaginable.

During a performance of Electric Counterpoint in Dublin the CD backing track started skipping. Took about 30 seconds for people to notice

I was lucky enough to attend the marathon concert in the summer of 2010, where I got to sit just a few feet away from JACK quartet as they performed Xenakis's "Tetras." Great experience!

I went to Banglewood, found my wife, quit my job and moved from Amsterdam to New York. And then I didn't say anything about the soundtrack to this story yet! If music can change a life, it certainly did with mine. I am looking forward to the following 25 years!

Twitter :)

I had never heard of a "new music" marathon before, so we had to check it out. We flew from SF to NYC to spend two crazy days in 2006 witnessing a gigantic public space transformed into a listening and learning environment. Unforgettable.

Heard about it through Scanner via Twitter, he always recommends interesting stuff so I found myself here. Thank you!

Not quite a memory of BOAC, but in 2006 in Bristol in the UK I attended a concert by the Britten Sinfonia celebrating Steve Reich's 70th birthday - an accompanying piece was Michael Gordon's Gotham - and it blew me away. I keep looking for the CD release.

The best memories I have of Bang on a Can was doing the summer festival in 2010. Wonderful people and a wonderful experience!

Twitter > Tristan Perich > Cantolope > BoaC mailing list. Very much looking forward to hearing the music!

At Mass. MoCA Summer Festivals, seeing my young son sitting on a gallery bench shooting the breeze with Steve Reich, my son-of-a-Dutchman spouse bonding with his Dutch contemporary Louis Andriessen, and our two small children sailing through 6 hour new music marathons. Good times, great people, awesome music.

I became familiar by meeting Robert Black and watching him percorm with Bertram Turetzky and Mark Dresser. Love all of the stuff I've heard and look forward to seeing you all play this summer in Mass

Maybe 15 (or even 20?) years ago BOAC were on Dutch tv, and I kept an interest in them ever since.


I am just a fan who could not of missed wishing all music were simpler.

I'm new to Bang on a Can so I don't have a memory, but learned about it through my boss David who is the authority on wonderful and eclectic music.

Love Bang On Can!

Other than the Bang-on-a Can marathon, a very memorable show was October 3, 2010 at LPR in Manhattan. The program:
Stronghold, for 8 double basses (performed by Robert Black and the Hartt Bass Band)

LAD, for 9 bagpipes (performed solo with accompanying pre-recorded bagpipes by Matthew Welch)

Dig Deep, for string quartet (performed by the JACK Quartet)

Amazing night of music.

I try to see BOAC every year. I have been going for about 6 years now.

Over the 1988-89 academic year, I took harmony with Evan. Best class I ever took, and it's influence lives on today - Evan introduced me to the wonders of Bach, of Reich, and of Gamelan.

The first year I lived in NY I went to the 2000 Millennium Marathon at BAM, ever since then Bang on a Can has been a part of my life.


BoaC is the embodiment of NYC! The marathon is the most exciting event of the year, as far as I'm concerned.

I've seen BOAC many times at the Wintergarden and at Merkin Concert Hall---special thanks to John Schaefer of WNYC to introducing me to this awesome group and their music!

I loved listening to BOAC when I was a music student interested in new music.

I remember going to the Bang on a Can Festival in New York City in 2006 I believe. It was an incredible experience. Such great music!!

I've attended the 10th Bang on a Can Summer Festival. It's been a really AWESOME experience, which improved my technical skills and which made me have a lot of fun!! Long life to BOAC!

Somewhere between meeting Ethel after one of their concerts and hearing David Lang's "Are You Experienced?" performed at my school, I discovered Bang on a Can.

Big thanks to Jeremy Grimshaw for pointing me toward this, both now and in class years ago.

I saw my first BOAC show this summer in New York City. Definitely one of the best free shows I've attended. Top notch musicianship.

The CDs have been good, especially Decasia and Music for Airports, but the highlight was the very rare London concert with Iva Bittova.

Heard about this release from a fellow fan, can't wait to hear all of these great pieces FOR FREE!

Facebook friend

Just got the BOAC newsletter email with the subject line "New All-Stars Album for FREE - 25 Days Only!" Wow, thanks guys!

my wife and i saw the all stars 5 or 6 years ago at the old tonic on the les. they had just gotten back from mass moca and had the whole crowd cheering go north adams steeple cats go!

it was found among lost objects

you guys are awesome

I'm one of Robert's students at Hartt. I heard about Bang On A Can through him and am looking forward to hearing more great music.

I've seen BOAC twice, both concerts last year. I enjoyed the instrumentations, the virtuosic performances, and the sense of wonderment and playfulness in each member's music-making.

For the first two years of my daughters life we played your version of "music for airports" on my daughters CD player at night to ease her into sleep & give her good dreams... Thanks for that.

I've been following BOAC for some time now. You guys have been a huge influence on my adventures in performing new music. Thanks for all that you do!


If I'm not mistaken I discovered Bang on a Can while seeking out a recording of Terry Riley's 'In C'. Fortunately, I found the best one.

always incredible, moving and skillful in every way.

Brian Eno's Music for Airports at Glasgow royal concert hall in 2011 being an incredible, mellow experience live.

I first heard about you many years ago when I was a student. I've followed all y'all ever since!

Reddit! Looking forward to a new listening experience, thank you for this

I heard of you guys through a magazine called Mental Floss. I then looked you up online and bought a couple of albums!

Listening to BOAC Classics while cleaning up the mess my roommates made, with a feeling of anger and satisfaction at the same time. C'est ce qu'on appelle : la transcendance ménagère.

Salutations de Montréal et bonne année à tous!

I came to Bang on a Can through the piece "Tsmindao Ghmerto" which remains to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. Your collective spirit and willingness to explore the fringes is inspirational to me as a composer. Congrats on 25 years and thanks for the album!

I saw Bang on a Can perform at the Festival Musica Visual in Lanzarote in 2000. The performance took place in Jameos del Agua which comprises two spectacular volcanic lava "bubbles" are turned for the occasion into modern auditoriums. Eno’s Music for Airports never sounded so good in that location.

Discovered BoaC thru a documentary on dutch VPRO tv. Keep on banging!

I saw the Bang on a Can All-Stars perform with Glenn Kotche in Austin TX. Their performance of Louis Andriessen's "Worker's Union" was amazing. An aggressively virtuostic and technically precise performance I will never forget.

Love to listen alongside writing, keeps my brain open. Thanks to Q2 internet radio... Can't believe y'all are 25!!

As a dancer, I hear music as dancing bodies; once I discovered Bang on a Can, my 'dancing bodies' have experienced a creative explosion!

I saw the All Stars at the University of Iowa to perform Terry Riley's In C. It was a great performance, but David Lang's settings of Velvet Underground texts left an even deeper impression.

I saw you with Music for Airports in Muziekgebouw Amsterdam. Great performance!!!

Bang on a Can - the only people to have the guts to play, perform, and record fantastic new music. The first CD I bought many years ago was Brian Eno's Music for Airports which was played over and over and over at work (but not in airports). Thanks a million, and keep up the good work.

I actually don't have a memory -- total newbie. But I love new music and we appear to have lots of mutual friends. :-)

Saw a link on Google +
Also have your CD of In C

twenty four years ago, myra and i went to see the marathon. i think one of the performances was outside. it was so exciting. we wanted to find michael & julie, but after looking for a while, we just watched. we loved it, and were so proud. the following year i went alone. a very, very special memory for me.

Cruel Sister at the Winter Garden, and the summer festivals.. I wouldn't be who I am today without BOAC :) Happy 25!!

Haven't seen them live, only on YouTube. Great performances!

Read about this double album online.

Scanner flagged it up.....If Robin likes it I am sure I will yeeeeooooo!


Every year I wish I was in NYC to see the marathon. great, inspiring music!

The all day and all night concert at Wintergarden in New York, wandered into it and stayed and stayed and stayed ......and loved every note !

I'm new to Bang On A Can but am looking forward to experiencing their music.

I don't have memories of actual BOAC concerts. I became involved when I purchased a "demo" CD. I was quite taken with a short piece by Eve Beglarian and Phil Klein and Conrad Cummings.

i've caught Bang on a can whenever/wherever i could, unfortunately, not often enough to me, it is a breath of civilization.

BOAC has modeled for a generation of young musicians what it means to build a vibrant, generous and pluralistic musical community. Here's to the next 25 years and beyond!

More than a good few memories actually, both live and recorded But stand out would be 'Industry' at SBC London sometime in the 90s. Very rochnroll. And Cheating Lying Stealing at The Proms with EZ on the mic, that shook the dust outta the place up a bit. But also the amazing Cruel Sister at Barbican last year. Just fantastic! Thank guys! Axxx

My earliest memory is the exhilarating Marathon at The Kitchen in 1993. Have been a fan ever since.

Bag on a Can a Wintergarden

Heard about this album thru Twit-ter

I've been a fan for a while now. Congrats on the 25 and thanks for all the lovely, inspiring work.

I remember being called by a friend 25 years ago to be asked if I could play at this marathon that this composer named David Lang was doing called "Bang on a Can" and I was disappointed that I already had an out of town engagement. Made it back another year...cheers, here's to another 25!

about 20 years i follow Bang A Can - it started with Andriessen and the rest follows

Now for another 25 years - not listening to the Mayas.

Heard the word from Twitter - Patrick Lauke

¶ Background: At the 2011 Bang on a Can festival (my third or fourth one), I arrived at around 1 PM and, even though I expected to stay 3 or 4 hours and, I ended up staying to the very end, around 1 AM, for a festival experience of approx 12 hours, instead of 3 or 5. Maybe I've become a hardcore listener.

¶ The memory: "This one goes to eleven": It was perfect, and funny in a way (a good way), when, at the end this year's festival, power-closer Glenn Branca came on, played a song, then, before starting the next one, he grabbed a microphone, spoke to the audience, and then to the sound mixer, whom he called by name, with request regarding the volume of amplification -- he asked her to TURN IT UP!

Amplified bass drum at MASS MoCA marathon. I still dream of the sound.

I went to to the BoaC summer festival this past summer and it was a wonderful experience! BoaC gets great music out there and that's what the world needs. Happy birthday BoaC!

Been to three BOAC marathons so far, can't wait to move back to NYC so I can go to more!

Excellent tunes! Happy 25!

so many memories from the winter garden marathons...watching marnie stern, so percussion, gamelan, matmos and of course the BOAC all stars. congrats on 25 years!

Sent here by Mr Scanner, looking forward to hearing the album. Very nice initiative, thanks!

It took me moving clear across the country to hear about BOAC. The Bang On A Can Classics CD keeps challenging me after all these years! Thanks, guys!

marathon in NY three years ago. sublime music all through the night and a vibrant scene of music enthusiasts to share it with. thanks and cheers for many more years of great music!!!

Bang on a Can's Music for Airports remains one of the most surprising and satisfying records in my entire collection!

Scanner sent me here!

First saw the name Bang on a Can on some sort of CD comp pertaining to The Knitting Factory. BOAC didn't exactly bang on cans at my first hearing, but has done so much more. Cheers.

I heard life performance of shadow bang by ziporyn many years ago in SF; terrific. Wish I could get that recording...

just wonderfull music!

Hearing Robert Black perform: amazing!

I first heard about the Bang On a Can All-Stars from my professor at ACSM and before I knew it, I was a concerto soloist playing in the BOAC Marathon!

I went to the marathon 3 times and enjoyed it very much.

I saw BOAC All-Stars perform Reich's '2x5' at the composer's 75th birthday concert at Carnegie Hall this past April. A masterful and energetic performance of a brilliant piece!

The All Stars version of music of Glass "Music in 5ths" and "Two Pages" are major inspirations.

A friend of mine whose taste I respect mentioned this album. I've always been curious about Bang On A Can.

i know your previous recordings, david lang and evan ziporyn and michael gordon with his most beautiful 'weather'.
thank you

I was introduced to Bang on a Can a few years ago by a very dear composer friend. Since then I've discovered a whole new world of music and even though we now live on different continents, it is still a connection we share.

In C!

I remember seeing Bang on a Can with the Susan Marshall Dance Co. at BAM years ago. I've been hooked ever since and love finding new music through Cantaloupe!

The All-Stars was an unexpectedly excellent first date, as it turned out.

Heard about you from NPR story about Ethel

In 2009 I used to attend a performance of David Lang's, Michael Gordon's and Julia Wolfe's "singing in the dead of night" in Berlin. Since that day, I'm a fan!

I went to see Quartet For the End of time at Mass Mocha a few summers with my uncle and cousin, we were all blown away! I've been back every summer and I've gone to other BoaC events!

A very inspiring three weeks spent with BOAC in Massachussetts in 2008...too many wonderful memories from that time alone. Thank you and keep on influencing young composers like myself!

I am sure I will have plenty of memories to share if I make it to the summer festival :)

I recently read a rave review of Big Beautiful Dark and Scary and was intrigued. Then a good friend told me he'd heard it and was absolutely dazzled - and since he's never steered me wrong [he sent me this link], I decided I had to check it out.

I heard one of the founders of Bang on a Can interviewed on NPR one day as I was driving around town. Interesting, I thought. I wish I could see them, but they would never come to New Mexico. About a year later, my stepdaughter and her family--including our 3 grandchildren--moved to Williamstown, MA. We visit every summer in July, and now I go to Banglewood every year--5 years, going on six. Grandchildren and Bang on a Can now mark my summers.

My composer friend always turns me on to the most amazing music and artists - Band on a Can tops his list.

I don't actually remember when/where I heard about BOAC. Just part of the new music scene I guess.

Friend of BoaC...

Heard about you from Jim Findlay (frmr St Ann's and frmr Wooster group director). I only recently have been showing up at the marathons at the Winter garden 2009-2011

Thanks for all that you do!

Happy Birthday BOAC !

ETHEL's first international appearance, our first CDs, our first "In C" -- All thanks to Bang on a Can. Julia, Michael and David, and the entire BOAC family, supported and encouraged us -- and so may others! -- as we all started on our paths. Thank you, Bang on a Can. Here's to the next 25 years!!!

I met Mark some 15 years ago on the occasion of his contribution to the "Burner" compilation CD, then later Polygraph Lounge. BOAC snuck in there somehow...

Long time BoaC fan.... :)

Happy Anniversary, BoaC! I'm a late-comer to your music, but I love what I've heard so far.

I heard from the composition department at my school.


My most compelling memory is of Michael Gordon's Trance I-IV at Mass MOCA marathon. The clarity, intensity, and focus was just incredible!

We discovered Bang on a Can through the Chamber Music Society's Great Day in New York event ... an event which should be repeated as it opened a new audience for today's music!

Known about you for 25 years.

a few years ago, I have discovered you through "sentieri selvaggi"
And that was it just the beginning...

I saw a post on the internet that a new album was out.

The first thing I heard was cheating,lying, stealing about 10 years ago. This put me in mind of one of my favourite bands Henry Cow. Been on a journey with you ever since.

Listening to Toby Twining Music perform Stimmung as the sun rose at the end of the 2008 Marathon

my first time hearing BoaC asserted my weird inkling that classical music could be cool, and affirmed that I wanted to spend the following years (in vain) trying to be cool by writing classical music.

first thing i heard was 'industry,' i think, and i had to go in search of the cd. not easy to find down south, but i was somehow successful. lots of cds and mp3s later, still listening and still hoping to be in nyc someday at the same time as a marathon...

I visited the Bang an a Can- Marathon in Hamburg in the year 2000

I heard about you from a friend

I had taken a girlfriend to my first marathon. I was so intoxicated by the music, that I turned to her and told her I loved her. It was a new relationship; she felt that I was going too fast, so she broke up with me. I told her that I only had said I loved her because I had become so euphoric during Gutbucket's set and got carried away. She laughed, relieved, and said that she had only broken up with me because she was in love with me and it scared her when I said I loved her. Then I broke up with her because I thought she was moving too fast.

in 2008 I was at a performance including Lucas Ligeti and Brian Greene in NYC. I found out Lucas was also performing that night at the Bang on a Can festival. My friends and I got there just in time for Steve Reich's "Daniel Variations". Feeling completely destroyed by the amazing music, we parted for a nap. At 4:30 am we regrouped and ventured back to the World Financial Center to witness Stockhausen's "Stimmung". As this piece played the sun started to rise and the birds were freaking out. This was possibly the most blissed out I have ever felt.

Took your "timber" recording to Portland, where Timbers is big team. Great success.

David Lang and I met on a residency many years ago, sharing an unforgettable week of playful times. Since there it's been a sheer delight to discover more of Bang on a Can as they years have passed, even the honour of deconstructing Handel for a release with them. Please continue to break the rules and produce outstanding music!