Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

Too many good memories to list them all... 'Men' at the end of a 26hr marathon, Philip Glass playing 'Similar Motion' with the All Stars, 'Music for Airports' in its entirety, and playing as the sun came up over New York... thanks for so many memories and so much music.

I've been a big fan for many years. Congrats on 25 years.

Happy Anniversary : )
Thank you for doing such a inspiring music. Your Bank on the Can Marathon became part of our tradition.

I have long been a fan of bang on a Can through Phiip Glass and Ethel

Recommended through the power of facebook!

The best

I've been a fan of BOAC for decades, but still haven't caught a marathon live. One of these years...

John Schaefer's frequent mentions on New Sounds introduced me to the group and its many iterations. Then, my first Bang on a Can Marathon four years ago. Wow!

I probably first learned about Bang on a Can from the fabulous Janet McKay, one of my daughter's flute teachers and music is my great passion. Happy 25th and many more to you guys and hope I see you live one day!

Living in Philadelphia for four months, three houses down from the World Cafe, the first Philadelphia marathon was a must. And the length of a program really provided a value of its own (even though I did not make it all to the end). Stunning.

Steve Reich 75th birthday concert at Carnegie with 8th Blackbird, So Percussion, Kronos and Friends. Double Sextet is the best. Thanks All Stars for setting a standard of artistry and integrity.

Fell asleep and woke up for weeks at a time to a loop of Music for Airports. Like breathing.

Seeing Bang on a Can perform Music For Airports" live in Vancouver and then to thank Evan Ziporyn personally for his music ranks up there as one of my musical memory highlights.

Oh my god the "Music for Airports" live at the World Financial Center NYC. One of my favorite pieces made...richer!

Well, I saw a link via someone I follow on some website to a page about an album by Bang on a Can that featured Dave Longstreth among other artists on it, and I couldn't pass the opportunity up.

I wish we could be at all of your concerts. Bang on a Can gave an awesome performance in Tucson, several years ago. Big Beautiful Dark and Scary was my most-loved part of the program. So glad to see it is now out! I look forward to this album. It truly is a most special gift from you to all of us.

May there be another performance in Tucson.

Thank all of you....for being what you are!

Ardith Grady

I met some folks who were there in 2011. Sounds cool!

I heard about this album by a mail magazine.

With Lee Ranaldo at Merkin Hall two years ago.

It was "Are You Experienced," which I believe I played for my 20th ct music class at Eastman way back in the early 1990s. They were suitably disconcerted. :)

Having Ethel perform on my college campus after the release of their self-titled effort and meeting them afterward.

The first time I heard BOAC was at MIT a couple of months ago. I was blown away by the first piece, which involved clogging.

Facebook post

I've heard of Bang on a Cam through a friend of mine who's a musician in NYC and I'm very much looking forward to hearing new and fresh sounds, thanks for the New Year present!


I remember BoaC rocking out with Gamelan in Evan's opera at BAM.


Congratulations Bang On a Can

Hearing "Industry" opened another world of music. Also being a Terry Riley fan - BOAC performing "In C" has to be one of the best performances ever.

I heard Gigantic Human Dancing Machine for the first time in 2004. Been hooked ever since!

Bang on a Can is consistently exciting and inspiring in their exploration of new music.

I love all the recordings I've heard, but I have yet to see Bang on a Can live. Hopefully I will soon. Much love from ESM.

I've followed BoaC for years, though have only seen the group live once a couple years ago in July during a Mass MoCa performance -- which included a number of great pieces. They sounded wonderful and many composers that I admire from the organization were in the crowd as well. It was fun!

I remember blissing out to the BOAC recording of "Music For Airports" while I waited for class to start.

Many awesome concerts!

I ordered something from you years ago but I have forgotten what it was. However, you keep sending me emails and your music keeps being very interesting.

Composer who loves bang on a can. A friend sent me this link.

I had the pleasure of being one of the composers at the 2010 Banglewood. I remember Evan and Christine's adorable golden doodle, arranging "Billie Jean" for gamelan on a perverse whim, and hearing a wealth of great music at the Mass MoCA. An amazing summer!

Bang on a Can is awesome! Best music of today.

Reading the original script for "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" I was surprised to see that Bang on a Can's version of Music for Airports was supposed to be in the first date scene. That would've changed the mood! I want to see a recut version....


you arrived in a period of new music dormancy, and proceeded to make enough noise to wake everyone up. bravo!

email notification

I can't properly explain how amazed I was with the Bang on a Can performances of Philip Glass's work. Amazing!

Listening to Music for Airports (Live) over and over for days, waaway back in the 90s!

I hear about this promotion through a friend. Looking forward to listening!

Professor told me it was available for free. Boo-yah!

My fondest memory is still the first day I decided to actually check out the festival's page on the BOAC website. I felt as though I had finally found a home, like an abandoned child finally finding his family. Coming from Houston, Tx, I didn't know communities as strong as Bang On A Can's existed. "You can do that?!?!"

I go to the bang on a can festival at Mass Moca every year and am a big fan of David Lang, Julia Wolfe and George Crumb. I also wish luck to the contestants of David Lang's piano contest. I know a few of them and I enjoy listening to the piece, Wed.


Thank you Bang On A Can for tilting my musical sandbox and getting me to think about programming in new, exciting, and engaging ways.

I remember seeing Bang on a Can at Bates College in 1997 - Electric Counterpoint was incredible live.

Steve Schick!

I attended the BOAC Summer Festival in 2010. It was one of the best experiences in my life. Thanks everyone for everything!

So many memories from the Marathons - coming to mind most vividly, Margaret Leng Tan on toy piano in Alice Tully Hall!

Sadly no memories... but would love to drop by from Australia some time and catch a gig. I forget where I heard about you, but I'm a fan of many the your composers and musicians. Been subscribing to the email newsletter for some time. Looking forward to hearing the album.

One of my favorite moments with Bang on a Can was actually my first one, when in 2008, I think, Bang on a can did a marathon concert at U of I Champaign-Urbana. The highlight, for me anyway, was the last piece, when I, and a few other students, got to play with Bang on a Can on Terry Riley's In C. It was quite awesome.

I love bang on a can. A classical violinist I know and respect told me about this scrapbook and I can't wait to hear your album! Thanks!

I bought a Bang on a Can album of Steve Reich's "Distant Trains" from Tower Records when I was still new to NYC. I listened to it on the subway. It integrated into all that was around me. It was one of the most beautiful and surprising moments of music and place. It helped me integrate my aesthetic self, my spiritual self and my intellectual self into the possibilities of the city.

As I'm based in Australia I've never seen Bang On A Can perform live, but I have several composer friends who have done their workshops in New York. My favourite BOAC moment on disc has to be the incredible power of the relentless unison passages in Workers Union.

I am a fan

I went to the 2010 12 Hour Summer Marathon at Mass MoCA. I remember piece after piece had something new to offer to me that I wouldn't have expected from concert music. I especially loved the music from Annie Gosfield, Arvo Part, all three founders of Bang on a Can, and Ted Hearne's song cycle on Hurricane Katrina.

Reddit :)

Heard about this from Alex Weiser -- excited to listen!

I love you guys and what you do. Bang verison of Music for Airports is one of my absolutely favorite listening moments. Thank you for everything.

I have been following BOAC for a few years now and although I have not been able to bathe in the light of a live experience I have been previewing for friends the music of David Lang, Iva Bittova and BOAC, purchasing CD's and catching performances on YouTube. All the best in 2012.

This year i release my CD with the label that recorded John Cage and Morton Feldman because it all began with me listening to Bang on a Can 11 years ago that led me to composing...differently :-)

I heard about BoaC from a professor and have been amazed and inspired ever since. Keep writing and performing great music!

Heard about it from my percussion teacher Dr. Terry Longshore.

I saw you guys at Macky Auditorium in Boulder about 10 years ago with my cousin. You were with Glass...very memorable and gave a big boost to my interest in getting to know more about the "instrumental" (not to say "classical") music of our day. Michael Gordon continues to interest me in particular as I have gotten deeper into artists like Louis Andriessen and others. Thanks.

Shortly after learning about Terry Riley's In C in a college class on the music of Frank Zappa, I found out it would be performed at a BOAC marathon, so I made my father volunteer with me and we worked at the door of the RAPP Arts Center in "Alphabet City." Been hooked ever since.

You guys (and gals) are great. Kudos on the new album! Can't wait to check it out.

Have heard of Bang on a Can, but never listened. Hopefully now I can change that :) Came here from Reddit.

Saw some stuff that was posted by friends on youtube and wished I could have been there.

I'm a distant fan from Perth, Western Australia. Ironically, I missed BOAC perform in Perth, 2011 because I was in America

I fell over 'Ethel' in 2006 and instantly loved them with a passion. While researching Ethel I 'discovered' Bang on a Can' and look forward to the newsletters and music from far away. I live in Australia and 'attend' all the BOAC concerts vicariously through the newsletters and website music. Keep it up..and thankyou for hours of mellowness.

Have been a Cantaloupe Club member and long-time listener/appreciater of all BOAC activities. Saw Don Byron with Ursula Oppens a couple years back at Merkin in NYC; Asphalt Orchestra at Lafayette College almost a year ago; just saw/heard Gordon's new piece, Timber, performed in Philadelphia in November. My young-adult son and I had talked about and looked forward to attending your 2010 MassMOCA residency, but his end-stage cancer made it impossible. Am still hopeful I can get to MassMOCA with him in my head and heart.

Roger Phillips

The All-Stars played at my undergraduate college before I knew I wanted to be a composer or, even, what new music was like. Years later, going to the summer festival got me out of a long stretch of burnout/writer's block. Yay BOAC!

We saw a concert with Ethel near the former WTC a few years ago, great music in a fascinating space, a perfect experience for us out-of-towers.

Keep bangin!


WNYC New Sounds appearances!

I attended the Steve Reich concert at Banglewood in 2010. Finally I had a chance to enthuse with fellow Reich fans - from discussing the musical structure and time signature to enjoying the visceral pleasure of the music. Amazing that the musicians pulled off such an excellent performance after only 1 1/2 weeks of rehearsal.

In 2000, visited friends who introduced me to Bruce Gallanter at the Downtown Music Gallery and then took me to the BAM marathon. Mind expanded by Scanner, Talvin Singh, Huutajat, and, of course, the All-stars. Thanks for sharing your music -

My last memory is when I once did a research over new music, in preparation as a student composer to search for different styles and sounds. As a result, found out one of the groups which I have never heard its music but wishing one day they will be invited to Malaysia, so I can see them live as many others had. It was mind-blowing to read what Bang on a Can had been performing all this while, and I have to say, Malaysia rarely sells this sort of music, so I have not even seen one album by BoaC here yet. I wish for the opportunity for me to download and listen to it for the very 1st time. :D

I first heard Bang on a Can at the San Francisco Marathon Concert. I was blown away!

Hearing tracks like The Anvil Chorus, Piano Piece #4, Industry, Lick, and Failing on three of the early All-Stars CD releases was really life changing for me. As an undergrad composition major in Washington State, this was not only my first exposure to some of what was happening in New York City, it was also a new realization of what was possible.

Years later I was accepted for their summer music institute and now I'm happy to consider myself part of Bang on a Can's extended family. Best wishes for 25 more life changing years!

Banglewood 2009! Love Bang on a Can and everything you represent.

I heard about you on WQXR/Q2. Wonderful Music!

My first Bang on a Can concert was the half-marathon thrown at MIT!

My Favorite Bang-On-A-Can Memory? Jessica Schmitz's dog Pumpkin. Who else?

I heard about this from a friend on Facebook.

I have heard Bang on a Can many times during NYC's River to River Festivals, absolutely love them, they rock!

I saw the marathon at the Winter Gardens this year, and had a great time.

A friend of mine told me about this. Then, I heard on youtube a composition by Julia Wolfe and became interested in this album.

I have lots of your CD's but this summer was my first opportunity to see you live at MassMoca. What a treat. A great mixed audience, young old, hip and not so hip all into the music and the energy only Bang on a Canners can create.

Outside MASS MoCA on a summer evening, spending the time with my partner, sharing paper plates overflowing with barbecue, soaking in the still-warm breezes when a rhythm begins to nudge its way into our consciousness -- we gasp, gulp, and within seconds are immersed in sound, back in the audience of the Bang on a Can Marathon.

Saw the players perform last year live for the first time. Fantastic!

I'm a rock'n'roll guy at heart though I also love a lot of jazz and various kinds of improv-based music. But there has got to be a compositional base to it. Bang On A Can's "Renegade Heaven" was my introduction to a more modern compositional approach to music but with rock energy. I loved it then and still do!

The annual Bang on a Can marathon makes my year every year.

The first concert contemporary classical concert I ever took my daughter to was a Bang on A Can Program. As a result she changed her interest from vocal performance to composition and is looking forward to attending Oberlin Conservatory in Sept. I hope the performers will know how exciting their work is and what an impact it has on the next generation.

Live Performance of Music for Airports in the Atrium of the Clarice Smith Center at the University of Maryland. A great setting for a great performance!

Heard about this through reddit

Love the Bang-On-A-Can folks from recordings (Reich, Eno, etc.) and would love to see them live

I remember hearing "Failing" the first time... and "Are You Experienced".. both very memorable events!

Where do I begin:
La Jolla's in C performance?
San Diego?
San Francisco MOCA: Bang on a Can Marathon West Coast version (sadly, only one organized)... and later that evening...
The Inaugural performance for the 25th anniversary at Carnegie Hall (the other hall)...

My brother and I TRAVEL to hear any former Bang on a Can All-Stars and current performers...

I walked into a piano store in NYC and happened upon one of the senior members of the group. I bought his CD and have been listening to the group ever since.

Well, my memory is wshing I could go see Bang on a Can. That wish has been going on for years. I get these great emails with all this cool stuff going on and I figure; "Thank goodness for records, CDs broadcast netcast, general mass diffusion and imagination." I'll make it one day.

The BoaC memory that sticks in my mind is having the great honour of playing with you at the WFC. We played 'Cheap Imitation' and I was standing 3 feet away from David Bowie and had absolutely no idea...

Rockport Music

I saw the Bang on a Can All-Stars twice at Carnegie Hall in 2010 and they were two of the best and most wonderful concerts I've ever seen. Such beautiful music! They're the #1 ensemble I want to write a piece for.

I remember in 1999 when my best friend Jen Johung worked for BoAC and seeing all the great music that came out around that time: The Carbon Copy Building at The Kitchen being a highlight. I also went to 'Unsilent Night' for the first time and it's become an annual tradition. BoAC has been an integral part of my NY experience for the nearly 15 years I've been here. 'Weather' by Michael Gordon and 'The Little Match Girl' by David Lang were two other favorites. My musical life would not be the same without you guys.... So, THANKS for all the great memories!


I am always interested to hear what is next; Bang on a Can is a reliable, challenging source for tomorrow's music, today.

My friend pasted this link on Facebook and I couldn't resist. Come back to Perth (WA)!!

It took me three years to finallly "Make It" to a BoaC Marathon. Somehow I always hear about them as they're happening, and the first two attempts were thwarted by traffic from Long Island. The Third time, i made it just in time for some good old fashioned Glenn Branca!

I don't have a memory pertaining to BOAC yet, but hope to acquire some! I found out about you through Terry Castle's blog.

I was a Brian Eno fan and in the late 90's heard this "crazy kinda classical group" playing Music for Airports. I have been a devotee ever since.

Listening to the Anvil Chorus (back in the 90's) was revelatory for me. To think that the sound of an anvil was once the loudest sound anybody heard. Wow.

Just know this name - not sure where I first heard of it......I know it's good and I like it. Thanks.

A friend share the link. Looking forward to the music!

I loved the Summer Festival in 2003 (and would happily go back every single year if I could). Thanks for sharing such great music over the past 25 years.

Heard about the album from a friend, excited to hear it!

I was at the BOAC All Stars concert this past November. Blew my mind! Absolutely fantastic!


The first time I heard Little Match Girl Passion, I cried. What a great piece from David. i love all of the "Can School"'s music.

I was electrified by Cynthia Hopkins' piece at the 2005 People's Commissioning Fund; in general that concert series fills an important gap in new music programming, and I always look forward to it.

I heard about the album on Facebook from another composer.

I live in north adams and I remember when I saw Steve Reich in 2007 I think it was it completely blew me away and started my love affair with New music because of bang on a can

Scanner tweet....


Bang on a Can has opened me up to a world of possibilities that I had never thought about, and I've only known about them for about a year. Can't wait to hear the album. Happy 25th!

No memories, just an email!

Heard about this from a friend on facebook. Look forward to listening.

I really enjoyed the Bang on a can marathon in NYC's world financial center several years ago especially John the Reclaimer.

I saw them premiere Steve Reich's 5x2 in Manchester, as the 'support' act for Kraftwerk - amazing!

I usually check what's new with Bang on a Can. One of my favorite contemporary music groups.

I'm from overseas, so I first got bitten by the BOAC bug by listening to the wonderful recordings, like this one, that you put out on the Cantaloupe label.

My first brush with Bang on a Can came while living in 500B Grand St. on the 9th floor, if I recall correctly. Anyway, I suppose the walls were talking and I walked around the corner to the Henry Street Settlement and heard the music for myself. A sweet and serendipitous occasion. Hope you all are doing well. Leon


I have heard of you many times but I have not HEARD you. Looking forward to this.

I have been a fan for years. You are an inspiration for young composers looking for a way forward outside of academia.

Bang on a Can definitely changed my life! I came to the summer festival in 2007 as a percussionist/steel pannist, and I didn't really know anyone in the contemporary classical or even the classical scene. Ever since then, I have been introduced to and have had the opportunity to collaborate, perform and compose for so many of my favorite musicians and friends in the world. Thanks so much!

Awesome stuff.

The world financial center marathons create a sense of wonder at so much creative energy. Occupy the world financial center.

Heard about it on the mailing list, look forward to hearing the album!

Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC
Didn't get to bed last night.

"Industry" came out when I was 15, and it looked so cool sitting there on the shelf at Tower Records (remember them?), so not "classical music-y", I had to buy it even though I had no idea what it was beyond the presence of Louis Andriessen (already a favorite) - and it's no exaggeration to say my life was immediately changed.

I saw the bang on a can all stars perform at the Heath Ledger Theatre for the Perth International Arts Festival last year and it was superb. With the exception of one work, it was an entirely new program to me, which doesn't happen often enough in this city. The individual musicianship of these players was something truly worth seeing!

Congrats. I heard about this from an email I received.

I have yet to see Bang on a Can live yet, unfortunately, but I greatly enjoy their recording of 'Believing'!

Just found you via r/classicalmusic on reddit. I look forward to hearing your music!

I go back to the second year of the marathon (1988?) at the RAPP Arts Center. BOAC cracked open the new music nut for all to explore. Thank you!

Never been to a live show, but will try and make it to a marathon in 2012. Love your In C, and Acoustica by Alarm Will Sound.

I appreciate that while BoaC certainly loves to stretch borders, it is from a core of great talent and musicianship.

BOAC was a huge influence on me growing up. i've been blessed to have been working with them for the past 8 years. congrats on 25 years!

Ah, being present for the Steve Reich 'Double Sextet' performance at the Barbican in London, May 2011. Beautiful!

Can't wait to listen!

Discovering Michael Gordon's XY, which completely warped this longtime percussionist's mind.

I am so glad to receive CD's from Canteloupe Club, keeping me up to date and entertained across the pond in the UK, many thanks!

I was working at BAM when I first heard about BOAC, working on their marathon. I remember Lionheart and a Finnish shouting choir on the bill. It was a day of so many cool and unexpected sounds. Been a fan ever since!

winter garden all day all night affair!

Last year, I got to see Bang on a Can at the Hartt School, along with my daughter, a budding 7 year-old musician. I'm glad to say that she was as excited about the concert as I was!!

You guys have always been a major source of inspiration for me.

Too many -- but just to pick a fairly recent one, the "Music for Airports" performance at MIT last year, a piece I never thought I would hear live. And a definite favorite memory of one member: Robert Black's solo recital, also MIT, 2009 -- one of the most wonderful combinations of old and new music I have ever heard. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Many is the time I've enjoyed "Music for Airports" when I'm at one. I also heard one of the tracks a couple weeks ago as part of the preshow music before the second night of Sting's "Back to Bass" tour here in Seattle.

Thanks! Come to Australia so we can have some memories!

Heard about Bang on a Can through the late, inimitable Steven Bodner at Williams College. Bought several albums, attended several concerts, and I still turn to BoaC and the All-Stars for inspiration and for great Andriessen recordings. Keep spreading the message!

I remember hearing Bang on a Can for the fist time on their Music for Airports album... amazing how they made Eno's work their own. A great rediscovery of the piece. Congratulations on your first 25!

I met Bang on a Can All Stars when they came to LA in 1998, touring Music for Airports. They were in res. at CalArts where I had just started my MFA studies in composition, and I was their "Slave" for the duration. LOL!

That's where I met the amazing Robert Black, and equally fantastic Dorothy Lawson who was subbing on 'cello for the tour.

I got to hang with Robert Black again two years later at June in Buffalo and reconnected with Dorothy a couple years ago - and more... every time I turn around I'm running into someone connected with the BOC Syndicate! These guys are EVERYWHERE! Keep the music playing! Congratulations on 25 years!

I remember hearing Failing for double bass and instantly getting hooked on everything by the ensemble and composers!

Happy Birthday - thanks for continuing to expose me to great music!

BOAC showed me what concert music was capable of.

I've known about BoaC for many years now from the CDs which are still among my favourites. Favourite memory must of course be going to NYC to finally see a marathon in person. Awesome!
It would be a much different scene out there without BoaC.

The first chance I got to hear a live performance of music by a Bang on a Can composer was of a piece by Julia Wolfe, "My Beautiful Scream," for an amplified Kronos Quartet and the Orchestre National de France in 2003. The piece had such an impact on not only me, but also on the friends with whom I attended the concert. And these were overall people who had never had any contact with new music before.


I heard about you from a friend that did Bang on a Can a couple of years ago. She's played me a bit of the music, and I love it!

Through a friend!

I loved watching the show in a snow storm in New Brunswick NJ last year. Makes me want to drum on everything in sight.

Hearing the incredible mix of Burmese traditional and avant-garde sensibilities in the album "Bang On A Can All-Stars & Kyaw Kyaw Naing" - led me to find out more about Burmese music and incorporate it into my playing and compositions.

I'm acquainted with people who have participated in the making of this music and I want to discover and explore what they are doing.

I learned about BOAC upon hearing and meeting Robert Black at the ISB convention in 2001 (A Bass Oddyssey...) Love what you do and can't wait to hear the new record, thanks !

I heard Bang on a Can perform an arrangement of one of Conlon Nancarrow's pieces for player piano at Mass MoCA many years ago - it opened my ears to a truly unique musical sensibility, and changed the way I think about the music I make. I also heard Michael Gordon's "Gotham" at the Marathon a few years ago - terrifying, exhilarating, and transcendent. Thank you for the many wonderful memories!

My only memory (but it's a good one) of seeing BOAC live was at Wesleyan Universtiy in Middletown, CT. They did In C with Terry Riley. It was a great show. Looking forward to seeing Lisa Moore there this spring.

New Music Reblog

Ridgeway at Kaufmann Center c. 2010?

I remeber the first time I heard about Bang on a Can, through Lukas Ligeti, I thought how I want to see it one day when I visit NYC! I still haven't had the chance, but look forward to that time! Love from Brazil!

I first encountered Bang on a Can at their NYC summer marathon concert in 2007. I was rollerblading along the West Side Highway with family, around sunset, and we overheard some ethereal, beautiful and technically impressive music emerging from a nearby building. We followed the sound and have been Bang on a Can fans ever since!

I miss NYC. I don't regret my decision to leave (10/1991) but still....
You guys let me keep part of my music connection to the City alive.
Thanks you.

Seeing the All-Stars perform Music for Airports @ Celebrate Brooklyn on a steamy summer night with jets flying overhead and insect/crowd sounds.

New to Bang on a Can - the power of youtube is catching me up though!

Seeing the All Stars for the first (and only) time in 1996, in Wellington New Zealand while I was still at high school changed my life forever; it was my first experience of 'new music' and inspired me to study composition at University. Thanks Bang on a Can!

I started listening to BOAC about a year ago & have found the music refreshing & liberating. Really enjoy the way styles intermingle forming new direction streams. Can't wait to hear them in Glasgow this March.

The MassMoca Retrospective totally rocked.

25 years.....congrats!!!!!

I remember when Julia Wolfe was here in Milan as a guest of Sentieri Selvaggi. I heard her concert: pure classical music for four drumkits. Later that day I heard a Peter Hammil concert: pure rock music for solo piano.
Aren't genre definitions just silly?

I think it was gamelan music... maybe Evan Ziporyn? I said Bang on a what???? Been listening since!

First heard about BoaC researching Riley's In C. My appreciation for the organization has only grown since.

i remember the early days of bang on a can, in the east village. 1988, maybe. relache was visiting from philadelphia. they played robert ashley's "outcome inevitable". it was mesmerizing.

I got your recording of Hoketus a few years ago and it was the most bad-ass thing I'd ever heard.

My ensemble had a great time performing at the BOACM in 2001. We were given a standing ovation for turning up (from Australia) just a few weeks following 9/11

Falling in love with and to David Lang's Little Match Girl Passion one long evening.

Still yet to have a memory from a live performance...hopefully soon!

Keep it up!

I like music.

I played in an all David Lang concert and it was wonderful. His approach to composing and interpreting should be a model for other composers.

Heard Bang play at Hartt last year. My favorite piece was written by James Sellars.

The first thing that really put BoaC on my musical map (besides their first few shows, back when I was living in NYC...yes, I remember) ws when the did Eno's "Music For Airports" live. I was so blown away by the fact that they even attempted to do it. I heard it on the radio, and I've been a fan from that day. Hopefully I'll get to see them live at some point. (Shamefull, I know.) Congrats!

Bang On A Can is a bright beacon of light in a dark world. Guys are pretty neato, I must say.

Just a few months ago, was my first Bang On Can Marathon, I found it so invigorating.

A very nice concert at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris (France).

I was working for Citysearch when 'Music for Airports' came out. It got me interested in Brian Eno and Ambient Music.

I love Bang on a Can, one of the few groups still fighting to keep contemporary music alive and well. And they are doing a great job!

I got introduced to the group a few years ago by listening to Cheating, Lying, Stealing, and have never looked back. You guys are a great force for new music and an inspiration to so many.

Several years ago, I had the luck of having Julia Wolfe workshop a string quartet I wrote (through the NY Youth Symphony composition program). Amazing.

Facebook - from a friend

I heard about this giveaway on twitter and wanted a piece o' the action

I went to the Marathon in NYC in 2011. I never expected to see so many fans of new music in one place.

I have yet to see Bang on a Can live, but I have two records (In C and Music For Airports) that I discovered just browsing on emusic. I look forward to seeing and hearing more!

Signal Performed Michael Gordon's Trance at LPR in 2009. I was on the edge of my seat the whole show. An incredible piece, and an incredible performance. The acoustics weren't quite as good at Winter Garden when they performed it again for the marathon, but the beautiful setting, the company of so many friends, and the local birds that joined in for the hocketing made it another experience to remember.

I found this on Twitter; first heard of BoaC as a common artist when looking for Steve Reich CDs. I've also got the live "Music for Airports"

I'm looking to create some memories here. A friend forwarded me this link.

I was hearing rumors of BOAC forever, back from the time of John Rockwell writing about Performing Garage and all that. But then 'round the turn of the century, the Times reviewed you guys at the end of the year real well, and by coincidence met Mark thru Rob Schwimmer at DBA. And the rest, as they say, is history. Come to the free concert, etc etc. And I've been et ceterahing ever since.

What a blessing to be able to enjoy the most meaningful music live as well as as on CD! Keep it going!

2009 BOAC Marathon, Paul Hillier with Ars Nova Copenhagen performing David Lang's "For love is stong." I stayed all night.

A friend

I don't have a memory about Bang on a Can to share, but I've learned about the ensemble from colleagues Colin MacDonald and Steve Schick.

Music for Airports did it for me.

I've been to (almost) every Mass MOCA marathon! I enjoy them tremendously. Thanks to you, Bang on a Can folks, for keeping contemporary art music alive and well. Hurrah for Bang on a Can!

Heard about this album on Facebook. No live memories but I have a previous recording I really enjoy, have been listening to David Lang recently and would love to check out the new recording!

The concerts of premieres for the PCF works--always exciting to hear brand new music. Sitting next to Dan Plonsey in the balcony of the Knitting Factory as the All-Stars banged, clanged, sang his fledgling into existence!

Hearing the Jack Quartet play an amazing rendition of Xenakis at the Winter Garden

I love BOAC almost as much as Alarm Will Sound!

Saw BOAC in NYC back in the 80's - with Arnold Dreyblatt, I believe. Love them all these years!

Been there with you at the Schleswig Holstein Festival - even at the same hotel - embarrassed you - especially Michael - at the breakfast buffet- nevertheless I enjoyed the marathon at Kampnagel and have been a fan ever since - Thanks for everything!!!!

The first time I heard the BoaC All-Stars was at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I was blown away not only by the size, power and virtuosity of the group, but the general laid-back friendliness of the presentation. Here was an "ensemble" that was clearly in love with what they did, did it exceptionally well, and had a way of making breaking down the typically stuffy concert experience to communicate to an audience with both candour and ease. Can't wait to make it to a Marathon of even Banglewood in the near future!

I heard from a former student who's gone on to a career in music and education--what a gift!

Marathons, marathons, marathons! I love them and hope it keeps happening year after year.

I introduced a girlfriend to Bang on a Can thru the album "Lost Objects". Within a week, she had bought her own copy. When we broke up, my greatest disappointment was that I had lost a companion to listen to BOAC together with

In 2008 I was looking for music from David Lang and since then I enjoy.
Congrats, what a great label.

It's not a Bang on a Can memory but a Julia Wolfe memory going all the way back to college days in Ann Arbor and Julia's unique presence in the RC, somehow serious and carefree all at once, earnest and good-humored, gentle but strong. Congrats, Julia, on 25 years!

I had submitted a thought earlier today, but realized that I had the email wrong. Sorry, I am very inspired by the collaborative nature of your works.

Here's to another 25 and more!

I heard about you thru a trusted and knowledgeable friend

From the e-mail you sent me. I am interested in your label in general.

The Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival was one of the best musical experiences of my life. Period.

My memory is seeing you perform with Phillip Glass at the Bang on a Can Marathon.

I first heard of BOAC when I heard Steve Reich's 2x5. Absolutely fantastic.

my friend emailed me to tell me about this album. he has worked with some boac composers, and is a student at stony brook currently. so he follows boac more closely than i do. however, we have similar tastes in music, so i listen to him if he tells me to listen to something, knowing that i will at least respect, and probably enjoy, whatever he's telling me to listen to. so, i go into this cd knowing that in advance

First heard Bang On a Can at the University of Maryland several years ago with Phillip Glass. I have been a fan since.

Your version of Terry Riley's "In C" had me finally testing the waters of contemporary classical music.

Heard about you after discovering David Lang's music!

There's no Bang On A Can-like project in Japan. I wish I were an american.
A happy new year and 25 years and more 25 years.

my first bang on a can marathon was at BAM ('03, maybe?). it was fantastic: all those artists from all over the world, one right after the other. i can't remember all the names, but in addition to a great set by the all-stars, there was a north african blues guy, a slavian woman who staggered all over the stage while sounding like a daughter of bjork & aretha franklin, a scandinavian yelling choir, a phil kline piece with boomboxes!! and all of that was before it got dark outside! unforgettable day!