Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

After years of listening to BOAC, I finally got to my first marathon this summer. Getting to see them and the plethora of other great performances live was mind-blowing!

My only memory of Bang on a Can was the Marathon in 2009. It was one of two main stops I made as I moved across the country to San Francisco. I had lived in NYC and never caught this concert but it sounded like one that shouldn't be missed.

Looking forward to the new album!

Heard about this from Sequenza21/ Love you guys. Happy Anniversary!

BOAC has been a constant inspiration for both inovation and technique!

BoaC's recording of "In C" was my first exposure to the group, and to Terry Riley. Since then I've become a huge fan of both, but I can't imagine a better introduction.

I am a music journalist; my first experiences with contemporary music where trhough BOAC, that brought me close to the music of Brian Eno. It is strange to know about Eno, when one is about 14, through a new music contemporary ensemble!

Looking forward to see Bang on a Can in LA soon.

I don't have any memories; this is the first I have listened to BoaC (I am ashamed to admit). I a, looking forward to hearing the album.

10 years ago, I swapped a portrait I had painted of Einstein with a good friend in exchange for a mix CD.
B.O.A.C. factored heavily into that disc.

Heard about BOAC years back on WNYC and have been following you on an off ever since.

First heard about you on the radio, must have been NPR, when you recreated Brian Eno's Music for Airports with live playing.


I'm pianist from Serbia /Europe dedicated to New Music. I know for BoaC and music by Mr. Lang, Mr. Gordon and others musicians for many years. I hope one day I'll have an opportunity to attend the Festival.

Got the chance to see Ethel from the FRONT ROW in Philly at the Kimmel Center and then met everyone after the show at a meet and greet in the lobby...what a night!

I have never seen Bang on a Can, but I have been a Cantaloupe Club member for nearly a year, and the music has been a brilliant addition to my music listening palette.

Music For Airports, London Barbican May 2011. Sadly I had to catch the last train home so missed the performance of 2x5.

Heard about your generous download offer from Sequenza21

I saw the Bang on A Can All Stars in 2006 in Amsterdam doing Shadow Bang! Fabulous music, amazing venue. What an awesome evening. Louis Andriesson was in the audience, too. I have ALL of the Bang on a Can CDs.

hearing BOAC perform Music For Airports for the first time in the mid-90s while I was a graduate student at Bowling Green State University -- one of my most memorable concert experiences

I've known of the group for years and have never heard you live. This seems the best way to introduce myself fully!

I attended the most recent Bang on a Can marathon in New York City. It was the first time seeing Glenn Branca's guitar orchestra live. My teeth have never hurt during a musical performance before, and I will never play guitar the same way again.

This group broke down the barriers of what it means to be an "ensemble" or a "band."

They showed me that music no longer has to exist within the box of a defined genre, you can create your own. And that genre doesn't matter anymore in the 21st century.

The first time I played "In C" was at a BOAC festival at my school. All the musicians in the festival played together for an hour with BOAC and Glen Kotche. That was pretty much the summit of how cool I will ever be.

I don't have anything to say here other than thanks for making the music ... and keep doing it, please :)

bang on a can marathon in store with the pianos in mahnattan, 2003 or 2004 :) bang on a can with iva bittova in zankel hall, amazing !!! bang on a can in merkin concert hall with the premier of michael gordon, bang on a can at reich festival in london 2006 :)

I've heard some great music at the Marathons, played some great music at the Summer Festival. Keep it up!

I remember the internet. I remember cans. I remember bands. I remember bangs and the sound and the fury. I remember bang on a can.

Heard through my friends.

How nice would it be to see a world tour!

I heard about BOAC through Cantaloupe Music. Awesome stuff!

Steve Reich's 75th birthday concert at Carnegie when Bang on a Can played 2x5. A new experience for me to witness "rock" instruments in that setting!

I saw an amazing clarinetist while at MassMocha and listened ever since.

Heard about this through Facebook.


thanks for the great music!! wishing you 25 more years!!

My friend bought Music for Airports when it was released and I was absolutely blown away when he played it for me. I had never heard anything like it before and have played it regularly for many years. I am always amazed that it not only stands the test of time but is also still as fresh as the first time I heard it. It is a classic that has influenced many great musicians over the years. And thanks for this one. I just HAVE to have it!

I haven't seen Bang On A Can perform in person to date, but I can say that the composers and performers associated with BOAC have had a profound influence on my own compositions. To me, Bang On A Can represents an ideal that I aspire to reach in my own professional life as a composer and performer.

Well, an Evan memory should count. On TV w/ Paul Simon. Cheryl, your nephew's officially cool.

I first heard about you when I was looking for pieces for my ensemble to play and came across "Lick" by Julia Wolfe. Unfortunately, the ensemble was very intimidated by the idea.

Found out about B.O.A.C. through the BONK Festival in Tampa.

I'll never forget my first BOAC experience. It was in a space on East 4th St, and the ambience was so unlike any other concert I'd ever been a part of, either as a concert-goer or performer. First, you could buy a beer at the door, which at the time was unheard of. It was sort of half club half school auditorium. Rzewski performed his wonderful flower pot piece, which I had never heard before, and also the People United. Wonderful.

It's hard to pick just one, but I don't think I'll ever forget performing Steve Reich's "Double Sextet" at Banglewood in 2010.

I am looking forward to having a BOAC memory. Music like this needs to be experienced.

I heard about Bang on a Can from my percussion instructor at Southern Oregon University as part of our percussion studies in the music program.

One of many: A few years ago, Bang on a Can brought their version of "Music for Airports" to the University of Maryland. I brought my son (then around 10 or 11), and we sat in the Atrium of the University's music building, listening to this ethereal music shimmering through the space. My son was entranced, and I was thrilled to expose him to some of the heights that music reaches.

Thank you for everything Bang On A Can! Happy Anniversary!

I'll never forget my very first BOAC Marathon - it was 1990, my senior year in college. Mind-blowing! It felt like the musical landscape I wanted to live in.

When I first listened to some albums by Bang on a Can, I was driven away by the energy of the ensemble. It was like something I had never listened to before. Everyone at BOAC and their efforts to make new music available is worth noting. Indeed, it is an inspirational bunch of people!

Great New Music Always!

I will forever be grateful to BoaC for being mentors to me and a vast community of adventurous musicians around the world. I owe a huge debt to them for everything they have done for me and my musical career! My most private (and probably favorite) BoaC experience is cranking Michael Gordon's Industry in my car late at night on long drives. It pumps me up better than a cup of coffee every time! I hope to make a recording that great someday.

I will not be so original in telling that I discovered bang on a can with the music for airports album / also remember a concert at the italian radio from the venice biennale, many years ago, that I recorded on a tape (still have it at home!)

thank You for your works and long life to Your special music

I remember when my guitar duo partner played at your all-stars festival. Thanks for keeping new music cool.

Robert Black at FENAM, Sacramento, CA 2008 - fundamentally changed my life.

I remember going to most marathons almost from the beginning.
Sitting for 10 to 12 hours is not something I usually would want to do on my days off from my former job which involved sitting for 8 to 13 hours at a computer. At the marathons it was exciting to stay seated as I didn't want to miss even a few minutes.

Memory? Singular? That's tough. But my most outstanding memory of Bang On a Can (aside from the fantastic music, of course) is what a great bunch of people I've met over the years. I'm not going to name names for fear of leaving key people out, but let's just say the founders, the All-Stars (and former All-Stars), the staff, former staffers, etc. Oh, and if not for BOaC, I'm sure I never would have gotten to meet Steve Reich and Philip Glass. So thanks for the memories!

The BOAC Marathon at the Walker Art Center (in Mpls, MN) when it re-opened about 10 years ago was da bomb! My young daughter and I were there for about 10 of the 14 hours. BOAC was fab and I was introduced to much avant garde local music!

Bang on a Can helps is awesome! I can't wait to hear this album!

Present Music posted on Facebook about this download. Love Band on a Can.

I'll never forget playing Three Lai with Todd and Ralph at the Abrons Art Center in 1999. That performance had more energy than any other time I've played it. It was a thrill!

Thanks for the music!

Thanks boac - y'all are awesome!

Many, many years ago (can't even say exactly when), I saw the All-Stars for the first time, and although already being quite familiar with their music, I remember leaving that concert thinking to myself "I have never heard music like that before." Endless discovery...

I saw Robert Black performing Tom Johnson's "Failing" as a college student in Minnesota in the late 80's or early 90's, and when the first Bang on a Can cd came out I saw that piece on it and had to get it and have been hooked on BOAC ever since.

I'll never forget (although I now forget the year!) just making it through the rain from Brooklyn to catch Vijay Iyer's set in the Winter Garden. I tried not to drip all over the pristine floors while keeping my gaping-in-awe-mouth closed. So grateful for the marathon!

Thanks for this gift... Houra to Kate Moore !

I heard about bang on a can because a group that is on your label was at the grand canyon music fest and I loved them!

When the All-Stars were faculty at the Norfolk Contemporary Music Seminar in 1997, I had no idea that it would be just the beginning of such a long and inspiring series of collaborations with such an amazing organization. Congratulations on turning 25: you've been a huge influence on me, my playing, and the way I think about music.

The All-stars at Hartt in fall 2010? Nuts. Absolutely nuts.

Living, breathing, playing proof that music as an art form continues to have an important place in lives of humans.

I remember hearing BOAC's version of Music for Airports on the radio and thinking how fantastic it was.

I've been following Cantelope Music for some years now after attending a concert of original work in the early 21st C. at Gretna in Lancaster County, PA.

The latest marathon was great!

I'm new to Bang on a Can. I found you when I ordered Tristan Perich's 1-Bit Symphony as a gift for my husband, who learned about it at the Addison Gallery of Art.

I have NO idea wht this is, but I'm SO intrigued I must have it!

I visited a BOAC Marathon at the WFC just after my first son turned one. Watching him orbit the space while perfecting his dance moves is something I won't forget.

from Phillipa!

I remember everything yet I forget it all when I hear you play.

I love you, Bang on a Can. One of the most interesting things out there!

Hanging with Vicky in Vegas...and watching Robert play some brand-new Elliot Carter...

BOAC introduced me to Kaia Saariaho - for which I'm eternally grateful.

Bang on a Can is amazing! After hearing rave reviews from all of my friends I checked them out. Blew my mind when I did.

Happy 25 years of great music and performances :-)

See: Airports, Music for.

The dude with the red pony tail played at an art exhibit I was in. He walked around with bellows on his feet that powered a horn type thing. It was awesome.

I see you in Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid, playing Steve Reich music.
Wonderfull. I bought some cd's.

Seeing the performance of "Music for 18 Musicians" at the 24-Hour Marathon (must be 2007) as the sun rose up in the WFC Winter Garden was a transformative experience. I have also been up to the BOAC summer "Banglewood" and seen friends who are graduates of the Manhattan School of Music play amazing stuff with the All-Stars.

Not going to a Bang on A Can event is a big regret. I had followed contemporary and modern music for many many years, searching out records by Conlon Nancarrow and Lou Harrison and David Garland and... many others for years and years. But the demands of work and raising a child distracted me for many years and with a little more time I discovered that I loved the work of David Lang, Julia Wolfe and Micheal Gordon and Bang on a Can in general. Just bought Lost Objects. So. Shoulda', woulda' coulda'. So from now on, Bang on a Can events are in my future.

After seeing Lick performed live, I was hooked. Inspiring stuff.

having the experience of time standing still while listening to "music for airports" in the Atrium of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in 2005

giving it a try

I loves it all.

Heard about you from someone who's performed with you...

Memories are made of this!

David Cossin and Glenn Kotche discussing Steve Reich's "Clapping Music" during a workshop preceding Bang on a Can's performance at Emory University. Their explanations of the piece made the evening's performance an incredibly rich experience.

Bang on a Can seems to be everywhere - especially when I'm thinking about music for multimedia - it's a great place to start.

At the BOAC Marathon a few years back, there was a piece centered on a WWII-era air-raid siren. At first it was a soothing drone, and by the time it was fully cranked up in the WFC space, it seemed like pleasant evidence that the world was ending.


Althoug I've never been on a Bang on a Can festival, I am really interested in the music of these composers , and a friend and teacher, told me that this was a great festival with great composers and great musicians. I am really looking forward to assist to the festival in the following years.


I remember the marathon concert at the College Music Society Superregional conference at LSU a few years ago. I was shocked that CMS was that hip!

I study double bass with Robert Black!

kate moore is an old friend of mine. will see you guys play one day for sure

Heard about you on Facebook

no memories... yet. gonna have to see you guys ASAP to make that happen!

I found out about Bang on a Can through a percussion teacher. I hope I play in the festival one day.

A friend told me about the album. Thanks a bunch.

Your version of Brian Eno’s Music For Airports was splendid. It’s been years with you now, and I don’t regret any of them.

Heard and hastily ordered 1-Bit Symphony as anonymous gifts for two friends and 6 months later asking them about it, fun!

My favorite Bang on a Can memory was seeing the All Stars performing ShadowBang in Amsterdam. I recognized Louis Andriessen sitting in the audience. And their presense around MIT has been wonderful this year.


In 2002 I bought the CD 'Lost Objects'. I was surprised. What a great music! Since then I am a big fan of Bang on a Can. 'Elida' with Iva Bittova is now my favorite. Heard it live in Antwerp. Please, come soon back to Belgium :-)

heard about you through facebook

I love the unexpected surprises from the Bang on a Can universe that arrive in the mail via the Cantaloupe Club. It's a favorite memory which keeps recurring.

My favorite Bang on a Can past marathon memories and memories to look forward to are David, Michael and Julia's kids selling CDs.

So many good sound memories that it's difficult to choose!

I've came to know you by the video with Steve Reich, performing "2x5". That's very interesting. I want to know your group more.

Facebook post of a friend and as a composer and new music enthusiast, I have followed BOAC for years. Congrats on 25 years!

Discovered you a few years ago while surfing the internet. Tho' this link passed on by a friend.

I recently had the opportunity to work with David Lang at a summer festival and just wish that I would be able to come to Bang on a Can!

My favorite memory is not of just one piece, but of the whole concert. I saw Bang on a Can perform at Hartt, and every piece moved me dramatically; after each piece, I became aware that I was literally breath-taken until the applause came. I am a musician, and it was my favorite concert to date!

I heard about the album from YouTube.

Since receiving BOAC's "Lost Objects" CD as a gift, I have been intrigued with their work from that point on. Thanks for this generous gift to your listeners, and for the 25 years of inspiration!

Carnegie Hall, Steve Reich, April 30, 2011. One transcendent evening.

First time i have heard about Bang on a Can was on TV Slovenia 4 or 5 years ago, the show was about contemporary music in USA. Most of music was played by Bang on a Can and I was fascinated that such band, playing contemporary music, exists and plays such profound music. At once I wanted to hear more but it was not easy to find.

thanks for the music!

through a comment on a shoutbox, in a music blog

I just love the kind of minimalism in the Bang on a Can repertoire. I really enjoy these american compositions - and I mean all of them!! Thanks for your great work!

Sadly, I don't have a memory to share (yet), but I love what you folks are doing. I wish you continued success and will support you as best I can!

Andy Akiho blew my mind; his work instigated my love for Bang on a Can.

cheating, lying, stealing - turned me on you...

Fue todo un placer verlos en Glasgow en octubre del año pasado, después de conocerlos por sus discos

Morning Ragas as the sun was coming up and filling the Winter Garden a couple of years ago...

music for airport

I had no idea what to expect when I went to my first Bang on a Can performance, and I was completely blown away. As a teacher, all I could think was, "My kids have to hear this!"

Bang on a Can marathon @ BAM 1998??? I stayed for the whole thing. Totally thrilling. It was the first time I heard Evan Ziporyn and Phil Kline.

my friend and i are huge fans

I received an email from a friend and songwriter, with information

Years ago I was visiting Amsterdam, and I went to see Evan Ziporyn's "Shadowbang" at the Muziekgebouw. Afterward, I was surprised to run into Martin Bresnick in the audience!


The Scanner told me!

You guys are really fantastic!

I follow the Ban On a Can adventures in the sonic world from a gift, in form of the cd, that my friend gave me.

i've lived in NY for years, and i've yet to make it to a BOAC Marathon. But hope springs infernal.

I spent two summers at the festival in North Adams, and they changed my life. Long live the Mohawk.

We have a fond memory of Bang in a Can concert in Granada, Spain about 5 years ago.
Music for Airports by Eno, and Decasia by Morrison/Gordon were some of the highligts. The best of all was sharing a beer and a nice talk with you guys.
Best to you in this new year and congratulations on your anniversary!
Pedro & Rebecca

Congratulations! Great job to survive in the modern music business, you keep going strong. I heard about this album from Kate Moore.

I first heard about BOAC after Eastman's Gamelan Lila Muni which I was in at the time played alongside Evan Ziporyn & Gamelan Galak Tika at a gamelan event few years back. Opened my ears to a new world of sound!

I've seen a live performance this year in Krakow on Sacrum Profanum Festival it was really extraordinary.

I am a flute player and composer, and i hear many works that Bang on a Can was performed, and i like very much the virtuosity of the interpretation.They are an permanent source of inspiration and the music that they play is always present in my home, my mp3 player, my sound sistem,...,....
Thanks for your great art.

First heard them on WNYC. Earopening. Followed them ever since.

I remember attending a composer discussion with Julia Wolfe where Bang On A Can was discussed. A couple of years later I got to see them first hand when they performed at the University of Hartford.

I'm just being curious.

via email

Information come from my son.
Thank you for all your good works

From facebook.

I heard about this album by InstantEncore.

I wish I was cool enough to already have a head-turning memory of Bang on a Can, maybe there is one lurking in this new album?

My first experience of the All-Stars was the rescoring of Eno's "Music For Airports". I love that recording - even more than the original (sorry, Brian!)

Being all the way out in Phoenix, 25 years ago, not much news about the real new york scene filtered through. I started to see the cd's show up in the local tower records store.
Who were these guys? Were they really banging on cans? I knew I wanted to. Then as I slowly began to hear some of the works... this is what I've been looking for. Rock meets west... a capeless continuation
of what I always felt Progressive Rock was all about.
You've done a lot, straddling
all the different technologies of
publication and marketing, and surviving it all. I guess you never gave up or blamed your circumstances for any difficulty.

Hearing Julia Wolfe's Vermeer Room on an early BOAC disc about 15 years ago blew me away (still love it!).

Many extraordinary concerts during the summer "marathon" at Mass MoCA, a particularly inspiring event being the performance of "In C" some years ago.

My SO referred me to this band. I thought I ought to take a listen!

Dear Bang on a Can people,
I live in Joburg so I've never heard you live. You guys are legendary - I get your newsletter just so I can drool about the music you're playing. Heard of you because I've played some of David Lang's Memory Pieces!

Happy birthday and thanks for all the great music.

Discovered them performing Reich's '2x5' and 'Eight lines' and became immediately intrigued and impressed by the diverse nature of Bang on a Can

I'm know your CD with Iva Bittova and I'm distributioning this CD in Poland, too and play your music in my radio show many times.

A few years back i had back problems and got massage at a clinic where they played Bang on a Cans' Music for Airports. Being a big fan of Eno I was blown away about the acoustic version of Bang on a Can. Been a fan ever since.

I was in awe after hearing Alarm Will Sound Plays Aphex Twin. This led me to exploring contemporary classics, thus I got aquainted to Michael Gordon's music and then Bang on a Can... Ever since I follow every news leaving the Bang on a Can camp. Greetings and love from Lithuania!

I was at the first BOAC marathon way back when and also had the luck to see the All-Stars perform Eno's Music for Airports in St Petersburg Russia, many years later. Glad to see the energy continues.

Yo Shakespeare performance at Bang on a Can Summer Festival 2010. Awesome!

At the Barbican for Steve Reichs' birthday celebrations

Friend of Kate Moore

The very day my husband received his PhD with a thesis on European minimal music, BoaC performed Eno's "Music for Airports" at the Brussels airport. We took all our guests to the concert that night. Awesome!

I joined the group minimalisminmusic youtube

Banglewood was so amazing I went twice!

Just an appreciative fan at a distance..

I really like how Bang On a Can interprets Steve Reich's music - the concert at Sacrum Profanum 2011 Festival in Kraków was brilliant. Also, I was so excited to hear about cooperation of Bang On a Can-All Stars with Iva Bittova!

Thanks for reminding the world that music lives and breathes beyond the head-banging nightmare of pop. Keep Banging those CounterLoops

I heard the Michael Gordon Philharmonic in Groningen, Netherlands in the nineties. Ever since I've been following the music of BOAC members.

I don't have a memory per se--I've purchased a few other Bang on a Can CDs and listen to them frequently.

Came across you via Tape Op mag - very interesting!

I heard of Band on Can when they played "Music for Airports" and other pieces in Brussels National Airport. Missed it and bought the cd :-) !

When I listen to their music, I dream

Heard through Reddit.

The first time I Have heard the group in Prague..looooong time ago..I was sooo surprised to see that there was also " another " side to contemporary music...

Facebook Fan!

Being a fan of Brian Eno's early ambient works, when I came across the BOAC rendering/interpretation of Music for Airports, Eons ago, I was immediately hooked

I first hear BOAC is when they performed Terry Riley's 'In C'!

oh yeah Dave Cossin

A friend posted on facebook

I love the performances of Bang on a can, I'm a big FAN!! The concert in MIT which is BOAC with Kronos String Quartet and Wu Man was amazing!!! I hope BOAC can come to Boston as more as possible!! Good luck!!

I am first drawn to Bang On a Can through its Hong Kong debut and was since then mesmerised both by the mind-blowning performances of the ensemble and its captivating repertoire with works by Reich, Julia Wolfe, David Lang, Michael Gordon, Evan Ziporyn, to name just a few.

actually, can I change my memory? my most vivid BoaC memory is now the unexpected discovery of the gems I'd missed until this download.
thankyou thankyou thankyou

I happened upon one of the marathons a couple of years ago at the World Financial Center -- what a thing to stumble upon! I sat down and started listening, and after a while I figured it must be ending soon, but it just went on and on. I had no idea it was a marathon. But all of the music amazed me, and some I found shimmeringly beautiful. You are making a huge contribution to our culture.

through facebook

I heard about Bang on a Can for the first time 2 years ago while I was researching new music and applying for school. I had my first (mini) marathon at the Kresge Auditorium in MIT last year. It changed my perception of music being made today.

I even heard about this in the UK.

thank you!

I have listened to Bank on a Can in 1998 in Vilnius (Lithuania) at Musica Ficta Festival. It was very impressive! Still now I am a fan of your group and often listening to your CD's. Greetings!

I've never actually heard Bang on a Can before, but I keep seeing people post about it all over the internet so I want to download this album so I can hear what I've been missing.

It was adequate years back following the Marathon that takes place each year in Lower Manhattan. You all were at Zankel performing the newest large work of Julia Wolf. As I sat and watched, i suddenly realised this was more of an aural orgasm. I closed my eyes and went with you all on the journey. When I awoke I had a few tears. Thank you. I have since approached music in such a different way. Oh and I love Robert, especially in his solo concerts.

I was informed of the project thanks to your newsletter.

Stumbled upon this through internet surfing, but I very much appreciate the music being played by you guys.

never had a chance to see you guys here in germany ... bring over some stuff for memory!!! ;-)
so glad there's recordings, tho ...

Sean Rubin just showed me some songs and I had to have it for myself.

C'est un ami qui m'a parlé de vous. Un ami qui me veut du bien...

Never seem The Bang live but have very fond memories of my introduction that being a gift of "Music for Airports" been excited ever since

I heard from a mate tweeting a video of you. I am now big big fan, looking forward to this lots.

You fundamentally affected who I am as a musician when I attended the BOAC Summer Festival! Thanks!

I know Bang On A Can since about 5 years by browsing on the net. Unfortunately, I'm too distant to have the pleasure to live your musical marathon. Your music is so refreshing and inovative. Please, continue to surprise our ears.

I enjoyed the BOAC Marathon in 2010, happily listening to pieces by composer and performer friends.

deadly weapons: a swarm of angry wasps, morphing into a team of cellos; drums in shapes other than circles; a sharp yell across a crowded theater; ominous rumbling and steady chimes; good times.

The first time I heard about Bang on a Can was in 2003 in Venice Italy! It was really refreshing. Are you planning to come back to Italy in the near future?

Alarm Will Sound play Aphex Twin acoustically - I didn't think that they could pull it off, but the result, Acoustica, is brilliant.

Hittin' up Lincoln Theatre @hartt

back in madrid a few years ago with steve reich, the place full and lots of people that could not get inside the venue due to te massive attendance

Also sprach Einstein by Ethel. Wonderful!

from the internet

Your Istanbul concert was one of my best concert experiences ever... Hope you can be here again soon...

Heard about this via Gregory Oh, who posted it on the Toronto New Music Facebook page. Excited to hear it!

First listening of LOST!

The first time I heard Terry Riley's In C was the Bang on a Can recording, and I felt things I didn't know I could feel.

Great band

My BOAC memory is Gamelan Galak Tika with Evan Ziporyn at the 2010 Winter Garden Marathon. The music climaxed with a seated percussionist striking gongs at each compass point surrounding him! Bonus: I worked at the WFC in the '80's and met Brian Eno during preparations for his Rainforest sound installation in the atrium, which I zoned out to daily for a couple of weeks!

Marathons are always the best.

I've heard one friend of mine talk about this group for a looooong time. Have yet to hear you guys live, but will make it happen someday.

I'm a composer & a fan!

I think the greatest thing about BOAC is that it has introduced me to such an amazing variety of composers and performers, something that few other groups do. My musical knowledge has been enriched 100x over because of BOAC.

i heard that its free from a friend in NY. Happy new year and thank you so much

I loved the 5-hour concert with the Kronos Quartet at MIT in April 2011--a half-hour of encores after midnight!

I heard about BOAC a few years ago, but haven't heard anything from it until...well until this finishes downloading.

I heard about this special celebration from my friend through facebook. Congratulations!

One of my music professors posted this link on facebook. She has great taste in music so I thought I would check it out.

So many memories, Bang on a Can really did change my life! I'm an alum of the Summer Festival '06 and those few weeks in North Adams were truly transformative in so many ways. More than anything, being there confirmed to me that THIS is my path, and there are plenty of others out there ready to walk it with me. As well as some firm friendships and ongoing collaborative projects that came out of it, it's made me want to be more active, more engaged and more creative about performing new music in all its wonderful diversity. THANK YOU David, Michael and Julia for being just who you are and opening up such amazing opportunities to create and absorb incredible music.

Heard BOAC play in Vancouver several years ago. It was a fantastic concert filled with beautiful music, mostly by composers we don't hear much over here. Thanks for all the great recordings that have allowed a Canadian composer to get to know more about American music!

A friend recommended this album and I trust his judgment greatly.

My favorite BoaC stage production was "A House in Bali" @BAM. For concert, it was Iva Bittova with the band at Merkin. "Elida" is also my fave recording.

from a friend whose musical taste I trust

BoaCAS with Philip Glass at Davies Symphony Hall in 2004 -- way too much fun for such a staid setting!

I like and sometimes play this kind of music in Toronto.

facebook friend

The Bang on a Can All Stars were a big part my becoming involved and falling in love with living breathing contemporary music. I'm so incredibly happy that I got to experience the Bang on a Can magic in person as a fellow at their summer festival

It's incredible that we've had BOAC for 25 years. It doesn't feel that long, the music certainly doesn't show it -- but what a luxury! Here's to 25 more years of genre-defying, generation-defining music!

My first semester at NYU was a total ear-opener. That was the first time I'd heard of 'Bang on a Can', and I don't think I knew what classical music could really 'DO' until I'd heard the music of its founders - Michael Gordon, David Lang, and - my teacher - Julia Wolfe. I cannot thank you all enough.

Been following BOAC for years, waiting for them to find a garbage can to bang on!

Dropped some lucy at the marathon a few years ago that tortoise closed out...indescribable!

A new fan, but starting to really capture my heart!

Every BOAC Marathon ever.

I saw you guys perform at the Lied Center in Lincoln, Nebraska in December of 2007. Please come perform in Omaha - we'd love to have you!

Saw the film DECASIA with soundtrack by Michael Gordon. Then saw Bang on a Can Allstars twice in Philly. Highly enjoyable!!

I've known about Cantaloupe Records for a while and have a couple of compilation discs along with Ethel and Gutbucket. Bang on a Can rocks