Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

I look to BoaC as an inspiration to pursue extraordinary and unprecedented projects in music and the arts!


The first time I heard Bang on a Can all I wanted to do was scream and hit some resonant object with joy!!!

Some years ago. Ravi Shankar. Music went on & on. Town Hall? Hooked!

My definition of 'classical' music changed forever when I heard Andriessen's "Hoketus" on BOAC's "Industry" cd.

A fellow composer posted this link on facebook. I have been a fan of Bang on a can since meeting David Lang at the University of Delaware.


Don't really have a memory--just like Philippa's music with the Ukaladies, Gloria Deluxe & M Shanghai

My friend loves sharing things. He shared the link - and I followed it. Can't wait to see what I'm getting into ...

a good friend of mine told me about you...

Studied/collaborated with David Lang and Lisa Moore.


Been listening to Bang on a Can since I was born. Love you all.

I have been lucky to see Bang on a Can perform on numerous occasions, most recently at Amsterdam's Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. You blow me away every single time, totally rocking venues of all shapes and sizes! Countless friends have told me about their amazing experiences Banglewood. I sat through an entire marathon in 2009 and don't even get me started on how awesome your record label Cantaloupe is… My dad even digs your music. Keep up the ground breaking work and cheers to another 25 successful years!

I play non-classical cello with rock and experimental bands. I've heard your music from various friends.

My first BOAC marathon was at MassMoCA in 2000 or 2002. Was completely blown away by David Cossin performing Steve Reich's Piano/Video Phase. Cool that Reich was there as well!

Thanks for playing "outside of the can"...BRAVO

my sister just sent this to me. have always appreciated what BOAC has done for keeping nyc music weird!

My brother worked at the Bang on a Can festival

In the early 2000's, I sat at Symphony Space -- watched and heard Maya Beiser play David's Little Eye. sublime. I visualized an entire scenario from my life... created the dance/video LAKE for 2 of my dancers. And being a part of Meredith's 2005 Marathon with you at Zankel Hall. Thank you David, Julia and Michael.

Always have loved BOAC and heard about this offer through Bowling Green State University's Mid-American Center for Contemporary Music (specifically composer Jeff Weston).

Seeing BOAC perform a Bryce Denner piece was fantastic in NYC.


Not totally Bang but Icebreaker Trance at the South Bank '95 (I think it was), an evening out of the ordinary!

I also saw BOAC at Strathmore in MD, Double Sextet and 2x5 by Steve Reich, amazing performance. Thank You!

I learned about BAOC from my dad, way before I was old enough to appreciate them!

Conceptual, epic, big-hearted. That's how I'd describe you. Thanks to Destination:Out for pointing me here.

I had the chance to be at the last two marathons in New York. What a great experience. I was able to meet great people like Philip Glass and Julia Wolfe.


For the use of pulse without apology or shame, and for its grateful return to the arsenal of possibility, I thank you all.

love the bang on a can all-stars and their marathon!

Vicky told me about it.

I've always loved Bang on a Can! I am a big fan of new music, and and I am also a musician, currently learning some of David Lang's music. I look forward to the link for Downloading the Album! Thanks!

i heard about you in the afterpop mag

Potential future memories: I'm applying to the summer program for this summer. Nico Muhly tweeted about this page.

The All-Stars played to a packed house at the Hartt Schoool last year. It was a highlight for the family of one of R. Black's students.

Steve reich!! Also bang on a can classics is so good.

Being introduced to both BOAC & In C by their fantastic recording.

I am a huge fan of John Schaefer and his New Sounds. I've always thought you guys should be his own personal backup band!!

I can't remember when I first heard of BoaC but I remember playing 'Sweet Air' to my wife (she's a dentist). She thought it captured the sensation perfectly and wondered if it's possible to bottle that music instead.

Oh, I also forgot that BoaC is one of the important models and precursors for my own ensemble. Again, THANK YOU!

Robert Black's live recording of "Failing" is THE industry standard! I have been listening to the All-Stars ever since I heard it!

Bang on a Can is my role-model for making new music!

I first encountered Bang On A Can through myriad references in concert reviews and articles to something being 'BOAC-like' or 'BOAC-esque', or 'in the style of BOAC'. I was relieved, when I finally heard the ensemble for myself at some early point this century, that it usually lived up to such mythologising!

Several years ago, BOAC did an "e-festival," highlighting clips from past marathons, a few clips per day. I watched out of curiosity at first, then I became addicted. Several pieces I saw, including "Goldbeater's Skin," "Headset Sextet," and "Failing" inspired me in my own compositions.

I joined all the kids in my neighborhood for rounds of kick the can on hot summer evenings. It was beautiful, dark and scary.

by email

You introduced me to minimalist music - and taught me to love it :) - As a student in the UK

Saw Bang on a Can Allstars playing Steve Reich at Strathmore in Maryland. Concentration on faces of players rivaled the concentration of Las Vegas card dealers.

At the Adelaide Festival in 1996, I was given a free ticket to a BoaC concert by a boy who was trying to impress me. I had no idea who they were. They played PG's "Two Pages". People left. At the end, I wished they'd start again. I fell a bit in love with all of them. I can't remember the boy's name.

Carnegie hall, watching eighth blackbird and the All-stars play Double Sextet, glorious.

I heard from this CD thanks to a good friend of mine. I love percussion music and I like your cd's a lot!

I've heard bang on a can many times on new sounds. Thank you for enriching my life.

As a young composer, Bang on a Can showed me that there was more to music than the neo-Romantic orchestral music I "grew up" listening to as a high school and undergraduate student. Without BOAC and David Lang my musical world would be the poorer. Thank you!

My friend sent me the link and made me curious.....

Lost Obects. Whenever my wife or I find a single sock after doing laundry we start singing, "I lost a sock. . . "

No memories, just saw it on Facebook. I'm all about free stuff.

Hey guys! My friend Irene Trudell mixed your stuff for NPR. I got to here you staight from the board. Awesome! Cant wait to dig the download! Kev

I heard a sample of your work on NPR's "Sound Check" with Terry Gross. My father is a musician and I sing with different choirs. The music caught my attention. Curious to hear more.

Saw BOAC at SF Performances a few years back. Loved it!

I heard today's interview on Sound Check (NPR). I look forward to listening to teh album.

I discover you with Steve Reich's music (my "musical god"), And I love your interpretation of pieces like 2x5 or Eight Lines ... They are so incredible, so amazing .... so true !

I heard you on Soundcheck. I thought the music was beautiful and everything David Lang had to say about it was inspiring.

Have really enjoyed your albums in the past; excited for new material!

Terry Riley's In C!

A friend told me

thanks twitter!

From someone on youtube

Desde Music for Airports los he seguido, gracias por la nueva música

One of those names that's just engraved somewhere.

The director of my play Critical Mass, one Jamie Leo, said one of our spoken poems should be submitted to Bang on a Can. This was in 1996. I never heard of this Bang on a Can, so he brought us some music, and we all, the whole cast, congealed into a unit around the way this music was being made; it was the same way we were making theater.

My memory is of the great interview you gave to Lopate today!


I remember a bagel brunch at Michael and Julie's when they lived on the Lower East Side, maybe 15 or so years ago. We all looked pretty scruffy, but there was this even scruffier looking guy there named Louis Andreissen who was introduced as a VERY Important Composer--I found out why only later when a piece of his (about workers???) played at a BoAc marathon blew my mind.

Good Music

I have attended countles BOAC events over the years... probably starting very close to the first event. MY favorite BOAC memories are of all the marathon.
I have attended almost ever one of them and try to do so in their entirety if possible. As a 25+ year resident of NYC, BOAC marathons are some of my fondest musical memories (which I have lots of to compare to)....Thanks for 25 great years BOAC!!!

thanks for all you do!

I've been a fan since my Yale days!

Discovering BOAC 20+ years ago has led me to discover an infinite arry of new and great music. A life changing experience, no shit!

Will never forget playing Michael Gordon with Tactus at the BoaC marathon... incredible!

I love Bang on a Can!

I was listening to your music and the discussion of your creative process in an interview on Soundcheck at WNYC. I was wondering how I missed out on this beautiful experience for the last 25 years! Congratulations!

I'm glad that there are ensembles like BoaC dedicated to performing new music and exposing it to audiences who may not otherwise attend a concert of so-called "serious" music.

I heard about this music on the radio today - it sounds brilliant.

No memory, except to say that BOAC hit me the same way Punk Rock did-I can do this!
Thank you Bangers, for enabling me.

Saw you at the opening festivities at the then new Alice Tully Hall. What a wonderful concert and how perfect to have included innovators like BOAC All-Stars.

I'VE ATTENDED every single Marathon at MassMoca from the beginning! It's the high point of my summer, and always full of a sense of awe and wonder. Never forget the whirligiggy things that musicians turned dancers twirled about at Mark's direction, followed by the helicopter's strange moanings!

Heard about you guys on Soundcheck on the wonderful public radio station here in Detroit (WDET). I'm more of a rocker, but I'm always interested in weird, cool music, and I'm exploring more experimental stuff. Hope to hear/meet you guys in person sometime! Mazel Tov on 25!

My friend shared this with me.

My first encounter with Bang on a Can a few years ago in the Winter Garden coincided with my move to NYC. A perfect soundtrack for it!

I just heard you on Soundcheck and want morE, moRE, mORE, MORE!

Have heard bits in pieces of your music on NPR in NYC but I'm always driving or otherwise busy so I rarely get to hear a full airing. This download will allow me to rectify that situation and immerse myself in the compositions at my leisure. Thanks
George Sweeper

George Sweeper

I have seen the night and the night has seen all of me.

‎"Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?"

Vicki Ray came to NAU and performed an amazing, inspiring recital. She gave a master class the next day for the piano studio and she and I talked about the George Crumb piece I was playing. Somewhere in the conversation I remember her mentioning BOAC... I've been hooked on new music ever since. Thanks and congratulations on 25 years!

brian eno, frank zappa, bang on a can, beats the hell out of mainstream music, thank you for your 25 years

WNYC Soundcheck led me here.


I love bang on a can!

The live Eno/Airports piece is a marvel. Thanks to all All-Stars!

I've been to one BOC event and was blown away by the diversity, energy and community that was evidenced. Such an exciting and important organization.

My clarinet professor introduced me to the music of Evan Ziporyn. Then I connected the dots and realized he was on CHEATING, LYING, STEALING! Your group has expanded my mind progressively for the past few years.

I first heard BoaC's music years ago, with the CRI release, while working in a record store. I've drifted from the record store, and from aggressively devouring music. However over the last 10 years BoaC has found me again and again... Researching the use of 'orphan films' there is Michael Gordon and "Light is Calling"; A friend who pushes dance on me suggests "Amelia" and again we have BoaC with David Lang. Thanks for getting to the interesting places before me, so I feel at home when I finally arrive.

just heard about you on WNYC Soundcheck and this fits my musical interests perfectly. Hope to have good memories from this year

I heard about you on WNYC.

attended my first BOAC marathon this past year, and went in the morning for Todd Reynolds, and came back at night for Glenn Branca. Amazing. I shan't miss it again.

I saw Bang on a Can many years ago at the WTC Winter Garden. Very cool to see this music played live. I was turned on to the group by John Schaefer, of course in the late 80's. This was after I became a big fan of Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Laurie Anderson, PCO, etc. I went to the first 3 years of BAM's Nextwave because of WNYC and New Sounds, and I was just a college kid from NJ at the time. I love all this music and thank BOAC for keeping ALL this music ALIVE.


Bang on a Can music is the music I hear in my head!

Thanks for hearing it, too...

I heard about you via your recording of Philip Glass' music

My first BoAC album was the incredible, entrancing performance of In C. The first, and not the last.

I am a painter and while I work I listen to WNYC a lot. You are one of many wonderful things that come to my ears from there...

I'm an abstract painter and your music frees my mind when I'm working in the studio.

I remember the first time I heard of bang on a can, on soundcheck, about an hour ago.

I discovered Bang on a Can when I first heard David Lang's Matchstick Girl Passion and wanted to know more about him. I was pretty unaware of their work but really fell in love with Cheating, Lying, Stealing and have avidly collected their music since.

I think I first heard Bang on a Can on New Sounds, and though I'm not a musician this music has influenced my film work for several years, particularly in inspiring me to launch an abstract video blog just last week ( And I'm sure the influence is just as broad with other artists in other fields. Thanks!

One night on a long, lonely drive home, I heard New York Counterpoint playing on the WNYC. I was hypnotized, and have been a Steve Reich fanatic ever since.

I remember when BoC first came into my consciousness through WNYC and thinking that there had just been an opening of a whole new channel for composers and performers who didn't realize that they had always wanted to do something like this. Thanks and Congratulations!

I just heard soundcheck and wanted to check out more of your music. Thanks for making it available so easily.

This formerly-edgy girl leaving work late from a gloomy corporate job at NY's WFC, hearing Bang On a Can in the Winter Garden and suddenly feeling edgy again...thanks

I know very little about your music but have always been slightly envious of those that do. Now is my chance

Learned about it from WNYC - Soundcheck. Hope to catch a performance in future.

we liked to play bang on a can
after school, to train for the forthcoming soccer-match and I like
Conlon Nacarrow' s love for the Delta_Blues

Listening to the WNYC story right now...

I heard about this offer on Soundcheck on Wnyc. Thank You

I listen to Soundcheck and John Schaefer specifically, and WNYC generally, religiously because I always learn something new and am continually exposed to new ideas, new approaches to music and musical genres and ways of appreciating and thinking about music and what is music. Based on your segment I am very interested to hear you album and interpretation.

I heard the marathon this past summer and loved it. Among the acts, I was delighted to see Sun Ra live, and Glenn Branca blew my socks off. Thanks for plugging me into some great new music.

I had heard about you but never any of your music. The little I was exposed today on WNYC was great. Thanks for sharing your music!

As a young and impressionable classical musician, yours were the recordings that pushed me to pursue new music. Now I run a burgeoning contemporary out for The Box Is Empty!

Just the kind of thing i've been looking for. I heard about this on Soundcheck.


I'm listening to WNYC right now and can't wait to hear your music!

I was one of a very small number of people who saw Carbon Copy Building in Liverpool in 2006. People didn't know what they missed!

Have known the name for years but not the music



I love Terry Riley; can't wait to hear this, y'all!

I loved the performance at the winter garden congratulations for 25 years,

my friend told me about this and I would love to hear the album!

Beautiful banging for 25 years... here's to 25 more!


I remember a time before there was a Bang on a Can. Those were dark times, too, but not so beautiful and scary!

I loved it when the elephants came marching!

I was there at your Huddersfield debut in 1993 (was that your UK debut too, I wonder?). The performance of Tom Wolfe's 'Failing' was outstanding and I heard my first David Lang piece 'The Anvil Chorus' - since then his music has never failed to impress. I was there when you came back with 'Music for Airports' too. (1999?) Happy times.

I hooked into your Philip Glass connections and admired your comittment to new music

I discovered your music when I borrowed the Steve Reich 'Phases' CD collection from my local library. I listened to the entire 5 CDs as I studied for major test. I can't think about the test now without hearing Bang on a Can playing Reich.

I've never been to a BOAC, moving for work away from Austin before the Eno performance. But I did have a glorious night with the first performance of any new music at SXSW--So Percussion performing Drumming with Reich there. Great night. Before that night, I'd loved BOAC and all the Cantaloupe music for a long time. It's a variety of New Music or Contemporary Classical that seems made especially for my taste

From one Evanstonian to another - happy 25th Evan!

I picked up the BOAC Music For Airports Brian Eno CD around 2000. Having watched electronic music reinvent acoustic sounds over the years, I was amazed to see BOAC turn this all around.. electronic back to acoustic. Bravo!


I heard about you, from a friend. Congratulations, and thank you.

I am new to your music and thank you for the chance to listen

music librarians helping to spread the word around!

I have never seen BoaC live. (I've come close, though.) Anyway, every time I listen to a new Bang release, I am transported. You guys have yet to disappoint, and I suspect you never will. :-)

Would love to hear tracks by D Longstreth.

I sadly miss the BOAC festival at Mass Moca every year because of scheduling conflicts, but I've been interested since first hearing of BOAC on the "Hear This Now" compilation.

I saw the BOAC All-Stars perform live in Chicago, back in the late 90s, after the release of Music for Airports. That's still one of my all-time favorite concert experiences!

I have some of your CDs, as I like percussion music.

...drifted peacefully through the BOAC All-Stars performance of Brian Eno's Music for Airports in Austin, TX last year. Sublime!

I heard about you via your recording of Philip Glass' music

I remember that I first heard about Bang on a Can and from that point on I developed a greater appreciation for modern music

I can remember driving home from work one day and being utterly mesmerized by a piece that was being played on WNYC (back when they played music at night...). When I got home, I rushed into the house to go online to find out what it was and listen to the rest of it--it was "In C" by Terry Riley, which I had never heard before (though I had certainly heard of it). I ordered the BoaC version on CD, which I have enjoyed many times since! Thanks, Bang on a Can!

I've never had the chance to see BoaC, but the first piece of minimalism I heard was BoaC version of In C and it was awesome.

Seeing the all-stars live for the first time at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, with special guest Glenn Kotche of Wilco. I had never heard "classical" music rock so hard before (especially "Lick" and "Mobile").

I will still never forget BOAC gathering at Avatar Studios and transporting us with their still sublime rendition of Music for Airports.

I came to NYC in May 1993 with the direct intent of attending the festival and marathon. I had read about it from afar and it was a musical beacon for me. I remember very distinctly the magical performance I saw of Bun Ching Lam's "The Child God".... I knew then that I had to work in the field of making such amazing experiences happen!

I remember the BOAC marathon in San Francisco. Quite a hoot.

I heard about the band from a friend of mine, liked the band's name and decided to give it a shot.

My memory best BoaC memory is hearing Robert Black give a lecture at the ISB several years ago. He played some BoaC material. My other favorite BoaC "moment" is Music in Fifths, simply a superb album.

Memory: MassMOCA marathon, a beautiful summer day, 2005?, back and forth between the galleries and the performances, synesthetic correspondence between the aural and the visual/spatial performances. Was that the day that that BOAC introduced me to the music of Annie Gosfield?

Heard about you on twitter

Integrity for 25 years = rare breed

I first ran into Bang on a Can when looking for music by Mary Wright; til that poit, I'd had no idea that I'd been listening to them in person for years.

My favorite Bang on a Can memory is hearing Ziporyn's amazing piece "Tire Fire" at the 2010 Bang on a Can Marathon.

I found out about Iva Bittova from the Bang on a Can Album - went right out and found every other album of hers that I could...

I live in Brazil, in a particular estate where, honestly, musical inovations are not really there to be seen... I had a wonderful chance to spend the winter season in New Haven, last December ~ March, and one beautiful Thursday I decided to leave work earlier and rush to New York to try this so-called "electric chamber music virtuosos" concert I heard about through the Kaufman Center newsletter. From then on, I realized that sort of creative experimentation is what I wanted to make my life all about. Throughout the following year of 2011, I convinced the heads of my university to fund a project of an electric ensemble of experimental music, in the struggle to lure some ears and minds towards our nowadays deaf and mute campus. So thank you, Bang on a Can, thank you very much, and I hope we can all share a place on stage someday!

Andriessen's 'Life' on Youtube.

I've heard the name off and on for quite a few years--finally looked you up this morning. Great stuff!

Found via Twitter - and I am really looking forward to the listen...

I heard about Big on a can thanks to Als Eco! Excellent group, Excellent people.

From a friend

Wonderful summer marathons in the Berkshires

First heard Bang on a Can a decade ago on their Steve Reich album, the one with Four Organs and New York Counterpoint. Viva BoaC!

long time fan of y'all in person, with various configurations and various conflagrations, but still most memorable, somehow, is Wu Man on the pipa in Terry Riley's "In C"

Two years ago saw the Tristan Perich exhibit in Andover, MA - ordered his CD case piece from you - became aware of your interesting productions

I finally attended the marathon session last year and brought my children, who wanted to stay all day. They are now big fans at 5 and 8 years old. Thanks

I'v never seen a live performace of Bang on a Can but it music is wonderful.

Going to that first marathon when I was in undergrad - I just remember the rush of inspiration I got. Here is an atypical ensemble that plays contemporary music that is as popular as any string quartet.
You've given an entire generation of young musicians hope that they too can do this with their lives.

i remember bonding with friends and making new ones through our shared love of boac and contemporary music

I'm relatively new to Bang on A Can, and have yet to see any performances, but I'm looking forward to making a new memory by listening to this album.

Heard about this through Cantaloupe newsletter - introduced to Bang on a Can with their recording of "In C" several years ago.

Jessica Schmitz (Asphalt Orchestra) told me about it- heard them at Lincoln Center in 2010 and have been hooked since. What a group of total wackos! Favorite is when the trumpeter jumped in the fountain in rain boots and Jess lied down in the mud while playing piccolo.

I've been a fan of BoaC and the All-Stars for about 23 of your 25 years, since hearing Ziporyn, Gordon and Co. in Toronto. Thanks for so much great music and wishing you all 25 more!

An homonymy was the cause of my discovery of Bang On A Can artists and composers. In fact, it's all because of Matt Groening, and more exactly, of Bill Morrison, an artist who's worked with him (and who's done some great humor comics). When I first heard about Decasia, I thought it was a film by the Morrison who'd worked with Groening. I quickly realized that wasn't the case, but that lead me to Michael Gordon's music, and then to the other Bang On A Can musicians.
I can't thank enough the two Morrisons family for giving their sons the same first name. Michael Gordon and the other musicians of Bang On A Can have created some of my favorite music, and I hope I'll have the pleasure of listening to their work for a long time to come.

I saw BoC at Carnegie Hall playing a Steve Reich event. anytime they play Reich it is a great show!

A great friend of mine, and an excellent musician who is in loved with minimalism "showed" me "Music for airports" de Eno, I was in loved of it.That is how I found that it was played in this great festival that you have and within the scope of this magnificent project of contemporary music.

Thanks! Every recording by you guys just blows me away, and I don't see this one being an exception. Happy 25th!

No memories yet, but I hope to get some soon. I came here via

My first BOC demo record got me hooked. Phil Klein, Eve Beglarian, Bob Cummungs etc.

Lang's "Cheating, Lying, and Stealing" and Gordon's "Light is Calling" are part of my life's soundtrack...simple as that. And Evan Ziporyn is a bass clarinet rock star!

Years ago I had a subscription to Bang on a Can. So many CD's with the most wonderful music fell on my doormat in Amsterdam. I became acquainted with new composers. Often long before their works were heard in concerts in the Netherlands.

Sequenza 21!

I am a big Fan of Philip Glass

Thank You

I heard of you from a lithuanian friend (she is composer)

First heard of BOAC All-Stars when their version of Eno's "Music for Airports" came out.

I don't know if I have a memory. A friend told me about you.


Recommended by a friend.

I appreciated the attention that Julia Wolfe showed my son when he approached her about composition. He had a great time at the Bang on a Can Festival at MASSMOCA.

My sister-in-law composed one of the songs on this album

Siete stati davvero importanti per la Nuova Musica nel mondo. In Italia abbiamo "Sentieri Selvaggi" che svolgono il vostro stesso ruolo ma, forse, con meno fortuna...

Buying "Industry" was a life-changing event: dissonance + rhythmic drive = where do I sign up? meeting working with bang since then = a dream come true. Happy 25!

Over than 10 years ago I went to a concert of the ensemble Sentieri Selvaggi in Milan, where I first listened to pieces by Lang and Gordon and got to know Bang on a Can. Such a fresh and fun approach to contemporary music made me understand that I wanted to be a composer. Keep doing the great job guys!

Bang on a Can's music has virtually been a definition of totalism since the very start - a place where the head meets the heart - where compositions of often extreme structural sophistication are given performances which marry virtuosity with sheer visceral energy, fire and ballsiness...

For me, their performance of Andriessen's 'Hoketus' was the first piece I heard performed by them which made a great impact. The group's rendering of this piece is a touchstone in the application of violent energy and propulsiveness with phenomenal discipline and super-tight ensemble playing to create a kind of chugging relentless machine pulling listeners into its own unique gravity field.

It left me in no doubt that this was the future of serious music. A music which injects art music with a heightened level of physicality.... to make us feel and live these structures not just in our heads but with our bodies...

So far I've only managed to get to one of the marathons, but the memory of the sun rising over the 9/11 site and reflecting off the buildings on the Jersey shore, with exciting and beautiful music playing, stays with me.

I Know from a friend. It´s lovely!

Scanner tweet

Someone used a BOaC performance of "In C" to explain something about mathematical structures in music. Most of the explanation was lost on me as I became enveloped in that beautiful piece.

My wonderful talented sister

I saw Bang on a Can in March 2004 in Nantes France and I found it "formidable"... your music but also your stance on politics. Thank you for your work.

Heard via canaloups music's twitter feed (trying againas your download code doesn't like the latest firefox)

I've never been at a BANG ON A CAN concert. So I'm going to tell you briefly how I got to know about you.
I first heard Michael Gordon, Julia Wolfe and David Lang on the CD accompanying Stéphane Lelong's book "Nouvelle Musique". I have to admit that my heart went directly to Michael Gordon's Trance. I ordered the CD immediately and got to love it. I then got hold of various works by Michael, Julia and David and took an interest in the Bang on a Can project. Unfortunately, I've never had the chance to see a live performance... so far!

My friend Bryce told me about this!

I was lucky enough to see BOAC Allstars when the came to Leicester (UK) quite a few years ago now .. that performance is still a great memory ... great music performed with real enthusiasm and a very patient Mark Stewart who allowed me to ramble slightly drunkenly at him for a little too long!!

I heard about the offer via the cantaloupe music twitter feed - though I've known of band on a can through BBC radio 3 for quite a few years!

Scanner's twitter:!/robinrimbaud/status/153925850146938881

I am always interested to discover new music. I saw this posted on my facebook wall by a crazy jazz violinist from NYC so I thought: if he supports it, that would be awesome crazy stuff...

Bang On a Can has really amazing music. I've already liked it the very first time I heard it!

My friends and I drove 10 hours through the night to NYC for the 2011 summer marathon, and then immediately 10 hours back afterwords. An experience to be remembered.

BoaC produces such amazing music!

I don't have a memory, but Bang on a Can have been fairly instrumental in changing my view of classical music.

Bang on a Can da sempre mi ha accompagnato nel processo creativo delle mie opere.

My relative

I first saw the Bang on a Can All stars at the delaide Festival in South Australia...must actually have been nearly 25 years ago!

I was most impressed with the fabulous arrangments of new music..not only new "classical" music, but I think they also performed arrangements of Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix.

So, when I saw you were coming to Sydney some time later, I took my mother, not really a new music lover to the concert in Sydney. She too was delighted by the virtuositiy of the musicians, and the varied and hugely enjoyable repertoire...I particualrly remember "Failing" the now famous double bass piece..the first time I had heard this.

Congratulations on 25 years of great music!

friend shared it on fb

word of mouth

Bang on a Can is a massive inspiration to me as a young composer ... can't wait to hear the new album!

I first heard "Cheating, Lying, Stealing" on an earlier release, but when it was programmed here in St. Louis by members of our symphony I thought new music was finally reaching my city again!

on top of creating some beautiful music, every time i listen to a piece performed by bang on a can or hear a composition by an affiliated composer, i walk away thinking about a new timbrel combination or composition technique. bang on a can is the first ensemble i've heard that consistently makes me want to work on my own music & think about music in an academic way.

I heard about Bang on a Can via Nick Photinos, who I was at MusicX with in Switzerland this past summer. I am intrigued by the festival and am hoping to participate at some point!

No memory - Bang on a Can are a group that I've been meaning to discover for quite some time, so the email from the Cantaloupe Music newsletter with a link to this site proved just the excuse!

First time I heard you (or, rather, SAW: it was "In the Ocean") on the satellite tv in the middle of a big forest, during my summer holidays... It was a real blow - as if the CITY came and said: "You will never forget me..." And I haven't forget. Your music is the essence of the city: it's modern, heavy, intense, strong, dark, it has its own, complex order. I feel it in my head and in blood. Thank you.

Nolan Stolz

heard about you from the Philip Glass mailing list

I guess it isn't really a pleasant memory, but this is it....I worked September 11, 2001 (remember that day?) and got home around 9 or 10 pm. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) was doing special programming in view of the events of the day. David Wisdom was running the night broadcast. He played BoaC's version of 'Music for Airports' which I payed close attention to. Went to Zulu records and bought it the next day. And have played on that day since. That's how I heard about 'em.

My earliest memories of BOAC hail from '98. Walking into my favourite record shop, the clerk of the moment handed me, over the counter, a copy of Music for Airports. "I'll have it on," he said, "as soon as this Ramones track's had it." "That won't take very long now, will it," I replied. "Third verse, different from the first, Jackie is a punk, Judy is a runt, they both went down to Frisco, joined the SLA. And oh, I don't know why. Oh, I don't know why. Perhaps they'll die, oh yeah…" segued into 1/1.

A great idea and definitely an amazing way to rediscover musical gems. Thank you!

I heard about this via Patrick Allen Burke of Now Ensemble

Bang on a Can presented a new universe of sounds, attitudes and sheer beauty. Thanks for your kind gift.

Saw a song on Youtube. Loved it, wanted more, much more, so I came here (from the link in the video description) to get more of this intense wonderful music.