Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

After taking a Music History course in college I was disappointed that nothing was mentioned of current trends in art music, so I began to research it myself. I soon discovered Bang on a Can, bought a few albums, and have enjoyed this great music ever since.

Performance with Iva Bittova (Bratislava, Slovakia, 2006) was one of the best I ever saw. It's long time since You have been somewhere near Slovakia. How about coming to Vienna ? Hope to see You again, soon.

Facebook and Thank You! for music


My friend Betty turned me on to ya'll. Like the selections

I heard through and needs a mention too

First heard you when you were playing Terry Riley's stuff

"Music for Airports" in the middle of the night at the World Financial Center, 2007 BOAC Marathon. So lovely.

Heard about it on Soundcheck.

A friend of mine highly recommended this band!

met members of the ensemble(mark stewart,gregg august,michael gordon etc) also did a workshop at UVA last year...awesome concert at in Cville & warm friendly band-members...almost went to outdoor NYC show, definitely want to see them again

a link on Ashley Bathgate's FB

I regulary visit you web site! thant's a lot for new cd and all the best in the next 25 years!

I first heard of Bang on a Can from my brother, who visited NYC last winter. He brought back a copy of the Asphalt Orchestra album, and I've been a fan ever since.

I recently saw the MIT Bang on a Can marathon, where Music for Airports was performed in its entirety. The room seemed to breathe with the piece. It was stunning. Thank you for recording and performing such excellent music.

Imitating john cage listening to the sounds of the street at his window.

Went to a Bang on a Can concert @ Carnegie Hall on the 1st weekend in November. Bumped into Steve Reich while using the facilities. Was so awestruck that I remained silent even as I found out that he was sitting one row behind me.

I especially enjoyed Lukas Ligeti's piece during the concert.

Thank you very much for your music. I first heard about you through The Wire...

Having been a student at New College of Southwest Florida,after being involved in music all my life, one group of folks I always heard about was Bang On A Can

My first Bang on a Can release was Music for Airports, then I got more adventurous. With each release I think, "hmm, that's strange"..and then I find myself wanting to listen to the next one.

an email


Hearing Cheating, Lying, Stealing for the first time and having my proverbial socks blown off.

I can’t remember when I heared/read »Bang on a Can« the first time – but I can tell that I immediately fell in love with the name.

It was through Donncha Dennehy's Crash Ensemble that I came across Bang on a Can and I've never regretted the introduction!

Just wanted to stop by and say congratulations!

Music without dust on it, always a fun time.

Congratulations !
I learned about Bang on a Can through my interest in Steve Reich and about this album by my dear friends at:

The memory is yet to come! Have heard about BoaC, but not yet familiar with its sounds. Looking forward to that changing.

A friend of mine told me : don't miss this album. So here I's Time for me to know your music. Thanx for the gift. And Happy 2012. Cheers from Rome, Italy.

I have only reveled in Bang on a Can music when it has been on Sound Check or New Sounds on WNYC! But the variety has been great. I only fleetingly was in the Wintergarden at the WFC once and could not tell you the year. I work in health care and the paper work increases as the sanity decreases-
Bang on A Can recordings will help me keep my sanity to be sure...Thank you for following your musical instincts rather than convention!

Had a great time hearing members at Mass Moca


Heard you on Soundcheck yesterday driving into the city, then saw your face on the side of Carnegie Hall, and put 2&2 together with a performance my wife and I saw last year of "A House in Bali" that was absolutely brilliant. (My wife is Indonesian and used to dance with Evan's group at MIT back in the 90's, so high praise coming from her both for honoring the tradition and bringing wonderful innovation). Respecting tradition while bringing innovative seemed to be your biggest concern/aspiration in the Soundcheck interview -- in our eyes you have certainly succeeded and we are grateful for it. Congratulations & Best Wishes on the next 25.

James & Prima (Soemijantoro) Wilson

i'm sure i came across in c and music for airports has grown from there.

Missed you the last time you were in Dublin. Won't happen again.

I remember when ,we was jamming with Mark in Poland after the concert of Fred Frith Quartet in early 90's-XXcentury...from that time i'm looking for his new this way BOAC was always with me on the Baltic Saeside!

Soundcheck - John Schaefer

I heard about the album through a new Twitter friend, with mutual friends. I have heard of the ensemble before, but not heard them!

I remember going to Tonic in NYC back in '06 (I think) to see a band I had heard briefly on a Bang On A Can compilation. That night I experienced the snarling, angry wrath of Gutbucket. It. Was. Awesome!

I am a composer and I have been hearing about Bang On A Can for awhile. I am interested in the record!

I first heard Bang On A Can in 1995 when I picked up "Industry" and I've been a fan ever since. Also love "Renegade heaven" and "music for airports" as well as "Terry Riley In C". Thanks for all of the great music!

In 1999. I was listening radio program Muzyka dla Freaków i Fraków in polish radio Radiostacja.


I look forward to
BOAC MassMoca
Every summertime

email from publicist

Duke Performances 2011 in Durham, NC. Found my way to this site via The Wire magazine news feed.

Listened wnyc and loved what i heard

I'v learned about BOAC from David Lang's Wikipedia profile. I've checked it after listening to his wonderful "The Little Match Girl Passion". And about the album - from my friend's Facebook entry.

Saw many of your great performances when I used to live in Manhattan. Missing you in Florida!

Drinks with the All-Stars and James Tenney at the Feve in Oberlin circa 1995.

Also, Men with Mike Svboda at the Marathon. Thanks for all that!


I first encountered Bang On A Can in a review in Gramophone Magazine for the first (?) solo album on Sony, donkeys-years-ago. David Lang's Anvil Chorus knocked me flat. I haven't looked back.

1/4/12 - home sick - John Schaefer - Bang on a Can - I was transformed and hooked.
Thanks for touching the chord.

Via The Wire


Found out about this through twitter. Am a Brit so never heard you guys live - though hope to catch you soon!

i remember standing on a cold table and getting measured. my ma and dad stood in front of me. i am not sure about ma, but dad promised to buy me a superhighway. he had to ask gramps for a loan.

I heard about you, and your album, via a friend's recommendation - a friend whose musical taste I trust!

First saw you play in Huddersfield in 1993 - remembering Tom Johnson's "Failing" still makes me grin!

Learned about Bang on a Can when I discovered the Music for Airports album on eMusic. Been a fan ever since!

Been reading about BOAC for a while. Saw Facebook post.

the boac marathon @ the winter garden - wfc, nyc, 2007. loved it.

Haven't see you guys live yet, I hope this will change this year. I don't remember how when and how I heard about you for the first time, was long ago. And about the album - thanks to The Wire. best

Pamiętam Wasz koncert przed laty w Krakowie na festiwalu Audio Art. Dziękuję! Piotr.

Bang on a Can helps me get through airports


I haven't heard BOAC before and am curious - saw the information on the Barbican fb page

Music For Airports - who'd be crazy enough to take-on that? And yet there it was: a wonderful CD, and my intro to BoaC...25 years? well, well - how many air miles?

From Facebook

Facebook. Will look forward to this.

"Zippo Songs" was profund and moving.

Seeing Tortoise at the Bang on a Can marathon

I have heard of your work on The Wire!

Read about this on Sequenza 21

Let me answer with a quote: "I like to remember things my own way (...) not necessarily the way they happened."

On a related Sidenote: The Wire sent me ...

I never wanted to be a musician. Then I heard the Bang on a Can All-Stars.

The best performance of "Manhatta" !! Truly love it :*

I followed the Wire and it led me here!

I first heard BOAC in a composition seminar at the University of Iowa. It was one of the live collections and it blew me away.

in C

Not a memory - just wanted to say Minotaur Shock brought me here - very interested to hear more!

I was first introduced to Bang on a Can when I started studying music at the University of Huddersfield, UK. it opened my mind and as a composer in got me more interested in experimental music and improv.

This was forwarded on to me by my girlfriend. Going to have a listen now.

An ex-girlfriend burned me a CD with a track by Bang on a Can on it. Got me into minimal classical music.

I came to know Bang On Can through buying the album Industry. I bought this album for the Louis Andriessen piece. Because of this album i came to know the music of Michael Gordon. A composer of which i never had heard before. When i first heard his piece Industry i was blown away. Since then i followed his music and also that of Lang and Wolfe ever since.

BIg fan, heard abou the album through The Wire Magazine

I First Heard About You Through The Wonderful Interpretation You've Made Of Terry Riley's In C. Then I Couldn't Get Enough...

from the Wire

25 years ago, I wouldn't have had twitter and Minotaur Shock to tell me about this album.

The Bang On A Can arrangement of Music For Airports by Brian Eno is the bedtime music for our one-year old twin boys.

Thanks to my friend's Dens !

Saw the All-Stars at the Sacrum Profanum festival in Kraków, Poland, last year playing Steve Reich's Video Phase, 2x5 and Double Sextet. Fantastic concert!

I found you through a Twitter link from Minotaur Shock. I found Minotaur Shock late one night on the dark television, with a video made of water and sound, and some sadness.

I remember ever Your gig in my City - Perugia italy - as a beautiful night

Saw you playing "Music For Airports" in London many years ago...

I've heard you in Cracow on Sacrum Profanum festival and i was pretty amased. I wrote a review of it here: and here: About the record I heard on twitter. Take care and happy birthday!

It was all in the Wire ;o)

I just read about this project on Irish music site The Journal of Music, and I think it's such a great idea. I've been writing songs for bands for years myself and have only recently begun to tentatively dip my toes into composing instrumental music. Would love to hear the work on this album!

You guys were a great inspiration when the ensemble I'm a part of was working with Workers Union for some years ago. Great memories listening to it!


Wire mag tweet

I heard Industry (Cello+ Electronics) on a Bang on a Can CD once....

Heard about it thanks to Wire mag on Facebook.

There is a way to explore new music. Thanks for sharing this with me....

Many years ago in Warsaw, BOAC playing Eno's "Music for Airports". Unforgettable.
And last year in Cracow, during a truly magic festival a magic performance in the city's old tramway depot.
Thank you for your art.
Robert S.

Heard the name, but never heard the music before. Am curious ...

I heard about this on twitter.

Heard about you from an interview on Sound Check. Loved the philosophy, dug the music clips, and was left hungry for more.

Always loved the name, finally saw you at the mammoth Reich night at the Barbican last year.

Hoping to build up memories from now.

I heard about this album from The Wire's twitter account. My memory is awful, and I worry about it sometimes because I'm 35 and need reminding how to drive to the supermarket.

Listening to BOAC's Music for Airports for the first time... being so overwhelmed at how this piece of music I knew could now sound so vibrant and beautiful. Thank-you!

introduced to BOAC through Iva Bittova

I heard about the album through The Wire Magazine, on line.

BOAC playing Eno's "Music for Airports" at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall in 2011, amazing live re-creation of a classic album.

i am a huge Brian Eno fan...a couple of years ago a frind of mine give me as a present your version, you amazing and trully beautiful version of Eno's Music For open a new way to listen to that amazing piece and at the same time introduce me to your world......thanks of all those years of company and great music!!!....Happy 25!

In 2003 I took part in a composition workshop that some of you guys led. Evan played us a piece he wrote that used the sounds of aircraft engines recorded from inside the plane. I've never forgotten its muted claustrophobia and the utterly beautiful massiveness of it. Everytime I sit down to write a James Joys track, Evan's track is resonating somewhere in the distance, daring me to emulate it.

Thank you Wire for bringing me here!

Twitter -> Facebook -> The Wire -> here.

Fairly sure I first heard your music courtesy of Mark Russell & the late and much missed Robert Sandall on BBC Radio 3.

I discovered Bang on a Can playing Double Sextet with Eighth Blackbird at the Reich Reverberations festival. Now that was a night for learning about music.

Steve Reich festival at the Barbican/St. Lukes. Was there for all of Saturday, which amounted to 11 hours of music excluding breaks. Lots of Bang on a Can, of course.

I think you are an inspirational group, I was delighted to come across you when I was first getting into contemporary chamber music performance. Thanks, Catherine

Heard about the album here:

from facebook

I live in Perth, Western Australia and studied at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. My brother lives in NYC and he sent me this link. I love what you guys are doing!!!

I was very motivated when I saw the group play in Singapore, quite a few years ago. Having lived in Singapore for some time, and living/working in the IT bubble, I had drifted away from contemporary classical music. That concert reminded me of what I was missing!

Couple years ago I saw BOAC in Archa theatre in Prague performing "Elida" with Iva Bitova. Fantastic, fragile, yet strong experience! Thanks:)

It's too hard to pick just one memory, so: listening obsessively to BOAC recordings as an undergrad, convincing friends to drive from New Haven to see Lost Objects at BAM, the Marathon in 2007, open rehearsal for PCF, and spotting Paul Simon in the audience when you played with Terry Riley at LPR.

I love BOAC

I like some of your CDs

japanese blog

friend told me about it

Look forward to seeing Bang On a Can with Steve Reich at Disney Hall!

I listen to free jazz and avant-garde, but never heard your group. My friend told me, that your music is just for my ears, sai about this site and I should admit, that the idea is great.

I have cool friends who like to help with the advancement of music in America. Thanks for your advancement.

Came to it really late, after hearing David Lang's "battle hymns" and meeting him at the Chorus America conference in Philadelphia in 2009.

I listened to Michael Gordon's 'Decasia' symphony over and over and over on my entire 10 hour flight from Honolulu to New York. For fans of my music, Buy this CD!

My son told me about the recording and I love Julia Wolfe's music!

Was entranced by the NewSounds broadcast earlier tonight. I've never heard of Bang on a Can before, but what you spoke about & the excerpts I heard reminded me why I love New Music. By awakening in us the recognition that music--itself already so powerful--may be MORE for us than it has been, it helps us start to yearn for it to be more, and in so yearning to will music that is truly new into being. True music calls an audience forth; that is what you are doing.

Bang On A Can was one of the first groups of contemporary ensemble which music inspired me to choose to be a composer! Thanks!

Happy 25th!

Was introduced in high school. BOAC inspired me to pursue composition!

I was thrilled to find, on a trip to Paris I took alone in 2000, the Bang on a Can All Stars playing at IRCAM. It was fortuitous indeed (especially at that venue, for so many reasons), and it reminded me why the Canners' esprit mattered, that group of hyper-educated misfits I knew about ever since the wise David Lang presented his music at my school half a decade prior. On the strength of his music and personal mode (can they be separated?) I bought a lot of records and listened, listened a LOT, listened to a lot of music that still informs--and thrills--me even if my own work sounds nothing like it (I quite literally wore out old titles like ARE YOU EXPERIENCED, BIG NOISE FROM NICARAGUA and ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY which were CDs purchased at a Tower Records, may both rest in peace).

Moving to New York, I attended two marathons soup to nuts, macho in my endurance and proud of my sapient dedication, and even when I didn't like what I heard I appreciated the days which simply pullulated with sound--and more to the point, I appreciated the chance to hear these things I did not like (who cares?) put forth with the spirit of rangy curiosity and an unfixed fixed aesthetic.

In a way, Bang on a Can (and its progeny) changed what it meant to be a composer, at least for the small sector who care(d) about such things, and we have them to think for keeping us honest and making us laugh and think, and their raw tenacity--the fact that, twenty five years hence, they are still there, still looking in an important way to the future. Happy quarter century, dear Bangers, I'll look forward to many more tributes.

Bang on a Can emails, friends posting on facebook. Word has been getting around!

The first time in Bang on a Can concert was the most enlightening experience!

Steve Schick is a huge inspiration for me! When I saw him perform for the first time, it changed my life!

Thank you for your great performances and a taste for new music that is so close to mine. Keep going 'big, beautiful, dark and scary' for the next 25 years! Best, BO

Heard from fellow students.

Music for Airports in Chicago (late 90s), composer's colloquium with Robert Black at Northwestern (Failing), and this month Reich at LA Phil Green Umbrella!

God bless Twitter for leading me to Bang on a Can!

I saw BOAC when it was in Philadelphia a couple years ago. I stayed the whole day! It was amazing. Thank you for making this available!

I heard about Bang on a Can from a friend.

I'm a composer. I've known about Bang on a Can for a while and own the "Bang on a Can Classics" CD.

Read about it on facebook

I am late to the party, congrats for 25 years! a huge fan of don byron and when i heard your album featuring basquiat i just thought you guys rocked and loved that cd. Also have come to learn how much more you guys are into than that first cd. I also heard the wnyc podcast so here i am. And curious about all your other doings.

I heard about this album from my boyfriend.

My friend Audrey sent me the link. It will be a surprise. Can't wait!


I learned of your music and anniversary this evening on wnyc. I would appreciate the download. Thanks and congrats!

From a friend

Facebook and Mailing list

Found out about you guys on r/contemporary which I found on r/classical. Want to give you guys a try.

Love Bang on a Can. New music cannot be beat.

aproach someone can bring very good results

2x5. Enough said.

Saw you at MIT perform steel hammer.

I've been a fan for a while, and Matt told me there was a firesale of great sounds happening up this way.

Looking forward to hearing some more great music!

Heard about download through Sequenza 21

I was playing Worker's Union at Wayne State University in Detroit and then heard BOAC play it. Needless to say, it was more than awesome. I was inspired and motivated to play more new music and will continue to embrace it and promote it to my students.


I heard about it on FACEBOOK! YAY social media!

Bang has changed my life...

NPR crazy music at night show.

On C. The sparkling vibrancy of the recording is a source of repeated delight.

I heard about BOAC on NPR and some short pieces. Sounded really cool.

I heard about it on wnyc. I am very happy about having the opportunity to experience the recording.
Thank you.

Discovered you on M4A. Loved you ever since.

Heard about you on soundcheck. I want to hear more.

I heard about the new album on the Sequenza21 blog. Congratulations on 25 years!

Intrigued by what I heard on "New Sounds"

I've been a big fan of Evan Ziporyn's for a few years now and, through him, found BOAC. I've been a huge fan ever since.

I happened upon the marathon by chance one year and ended up, my friend and I both, standing in place, in a sort of awe or stupor for a good 45 minutes, I've been a fan ever since!

Sequenza21 website.

still great

Hurry for WNYC Sound Check for introducing your music into my life!

Hey, I'm a new guy, just heard about you guys on NPR today, was really intrigued. Can't Wait to listen!!

As a fan of Industry and your cover of Music for Airports, I'm certainly curious about BBD&S

remember hearing louis andriessen being part of a concert




Heard you on 2nd ave and 8th street as I walked by many years ago. Saw the show. Wow.


I heard about the album on facebook. Thanks- I'm excited to listen to it!

I do not remember how I came to know of BoaC (perhaps in relation to Doctor Nerve?) but you always do something that definitely ought to be.

I am friends with Jeffrey Mumford and I know he has done some wonderful music with Bang on a Can. Happy Anniversary!

I discovered BOAC when following the work of Evan Ziporyn and Iva Bittova. Here I discovered Phil Kline, David Lang, and others. I appreciate the ensemble's musical skill and sensibility. Wish you continued success in your creative endeavors!

wnyc soundcheck. thanks!!!


One of my Facebook friends posted this link on his page....

Facebook friend

Thanks for the download! I'm really looking forward to it.

Thank god for Facebook. That's where I learned about this.

I heard from you via Sequenza21 and some Terry Riley's recordings.


No memories yet.

I came across Bang on a Can's facebook page and I am very curious to find out what it's all about!

I love the recordings of Steve Reich's 2x5 and Double Sextet!

University of Maryland 2009

The excitement of hearing Bang On A Can for the first time has me shaking in anticipation. Download GOGOGO!

Heard about the new album from a friend today. You rock the minimalist music, and I know I'll love this one, too! Thanks for this cool opportunity.

I am originally from Brazil, so I'm hoping that that explains why I hadn't heard of you guys before. First time today, on the radio (interview on NPR? I was on the road, don't remember if I was in CT or NY when I heard it). I LOVED IT! Thanks for making the music available for free this month. Can't wait to see you live!

Remember going to Bang on the Drum's marathons at the World Financial Center. Spending hours and hours listening to wonderful music. Thanks for this.

I was able to see the All Stars at the Chicago Cultural Center in 2004. It was a small room filled with a big sound. Wonderful!

Playing Industry as a guest DJ on KMXT, public radio Kodiak, Alaska, on a late night classical show. I received both complaints and praise from curious callers.

My favorite Bang on a Can show was the presentation of Music for Airports at the Clarice Smith Center in College Park Md. It was a spacious and asymmetrical space that one was able to wander and listen and enjoy.

Stumbling on a BOAC recital at Mass MoCA. I had heard of them before but always assumed it was literally people banging on plastic buckets. Now I always go to as many gallery recitals as I can!

Was visiting Mass MoCA in North Adams MA and looking at Catherine Chalmers' giant photos of caterpillars eating tomatoes and being eaten in turn by praying mantises. BOAC was doing a concert in the same gallery, which was packed with listeners and viewers. A really memorable experience.

Loved the show at the WFC last year

I've never seen Bang On A Can live, but I've heard all the Steve Reich pieces they've performed. I think they've done the definitive version of Reich's Eight Lines.

I discovered BOAC as a result of my love for Steve Reich's music. BOAC now have a place of their own in my heart and my record collection.

When I heard samples this afternoon on WNYC Radio I decided to download for our 17 year old son, who wants to start college next year as a music composition major but could stand some shaking up in the meantime.

I left NYC just before BOAC began but have followed it from the Midwest ever since.

Excited to listen! Heard great things!

Relatively new to BOAC and David Lang's music, but I'm definitely an admirer of both. Thanks for championing new music!

Little kids dancing on the steps at the back of the Winter Garden atrium during the BOAC marathon maybe 4 or 5 years ago.

Not sure when I first heard BOAC, they just seem to always have been there. (Detroit used to have a great public station.) Saw about this at Sequenza21.

Hanging out with Marc Mellits and Bert at the Marathon 2010. Ran into Irish fiddler Tony DeMarco who was there to buy sunglasses...he had no idea what was going on!

I don't like the clarinet, but Evan Ziporyn's Tsmindao Ghmerto is one of my favorite pieces of all time!

I first heard you guys perform live in Atlanta back in the late '90s. You did an acoustic arrangement of "Music for Airports." It was an amazing concert that I still remember to this day!

My brother introduced me to you, thinking that you would be my cup of tea!

Heard about you while studying in Baylor. Saw a concert in University of Texas at Austin, mindblowing evening!

I got to meet Steve Reich at the 2007 Marathon! and in 2011, I got to have drinks with all the All-Stars during their residency at UVA. I'm a lucky fella.

Heard the very interesting interview on SoundCheck

Happy Birthday!

I remembering hearing the recording of the hoketus for the first time. Always seemed much more in keeping with Andriessen than all the other recordings I'd found up to that point.

Happy 25th BOAC! Continue bringing the Awesomeness!!!

I remember listening to Michael Gordon's "Light is Calling" on the M60 bus on my way to LaGuardia after a long and intense semester my sophomore year of college - it was beautiful and calming

I found it not searching but finding

Louis Andriessen video in youtube!

I wrote a paper comparing your album "Music for Airports" to the original Brian Eno album. I must have listened to and enjoyed that album at least 100 times.

I've known about you since my early days of discovering new music - with much thanks to Armando Bayolo!

Everytime I listen to BOAC I learn something new :)

via facebook. thanks a ton!

Heard about y'all from a fellow composer on facebook :)

BOAC introduced me to many modern classics such as Terry Riley's "In C" and the works of Philip Glass.

I took my son and a friend of his, both budding musicians, to see the new music festival at World Cafe Live. Their chit chat was completely replaced by amazed grins when the Asphalt Orchestra marched in, and couldn't stop talking about the different acts for the rest of the day.