Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

I had the pleasure of performing at the BOAC Marathon in 2010 with Ars Nova Copenhagen, and of all the concerts I did with this group this one is a particular pleasant memory. The atmosphere in the hall was great all day and when we performed Julia Wolfe's Thirst in this very space, there was a magnificent match between the music and the location - it totally came together. And as I write this, there's a big smile on my face :-)

A few years ago, I heard that you were doing a marathon 24 hours at The Winter Garden and I decided to see what you were about. Perhaps I managed 8 hours and it was all wonderful. I have been a devoted fan since.

world financial center

Loved the concert at MIT in fall 2011. Glad you are playing in the Boston area.

Not sure whether through Boston EMF , St Martin in the Fields, or elsewhere

I first saw Bang on a Can in Paris at IRCAM in 2000. It was also my first introduction to David's, Julie's and Michael's music. Suffice it to say, I spent all my money on CDs and had to walk home that night.

I live in Bogota, Colombia abd here is very difficult find this kind of music. I knew about you by internet reading about the bang on a can festival.
I was very happy when I knew Julia Wolfe at Poisson Rouge in oct/2010.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Read that TMT article.

Bang On A Can All-Stars at the Walker Art Center in April 1998. During the opening of Cheating, Lying, Stealing I realized that the performance was going to be considerably more rocking than I had expected, in a good way. I also recall that watching Wendy Sutter was very enjoyable. She was into it.

One of my favorite memories is the concert in collaboration with Kyaw Kyaw Naing and his Pat Waing. I was hooked!

Via Facebook!


I play/teach/learn/love/(fill in the blank) percussion. Bang on a Can regularly features music from my instrument family and I cannot think of a better way to make a living!

By email recommendation

My composition teacher recommended BOAC to me.

Stopped by NYC on my way from Boston to DC last year, and was thrilled to see it was the same day as the Marathon. So amazing to see THOUSANDS of young people digging new classical music. I even met Philip Glass! Thanks for all you guys do and here's to the next 25.


I remember very clearly my first time hearing Bang on a Can. It was four years ago, I heard the first track on Gigantic Dancing Human Machine. Since, I have nurtured a deep adoration for the group. I'm looking forward to the album and my first live experience, hopefully soon!

Seen you at many a Steve Reich performance. Always fantastic.

I heard about this album on the Journal Of Music website. I have heard about you but never actually heard you. I am curious!

Through my professor

Thanks! I heard my first marathon over a decade ago, continue to enjoy Bang On a Can concerts and composers as a listener and performer in Atlanta.

i know you because of your Music for Airports, at first. Thanks for all your music!

Friends recommended the album on G+ - looking forward to listening!

David Lang's percussion piece with the auto brakes and Julia Wolfe's "Lick" both send chills up my spine. They are effective in linking up the "art music" concert tradition with the best of progressive pop.

It was Kyle Gann's writing that led me to the composers in and works performed by Bang on a Can. Glad to know they're still doing new and exciting work.

I have seen you in Athens Music Hall, Athens, Greece back in Spring 2000 with a great program including works by Steve Reich and Brian Eno. Great performance, very good music excellent performers. Please come back! And of course keep on with the great work!

New music? After 500 years of 'classical,' all it took for me to get hooked onto the solid nervy fresh and often visceral visions of what music can be and do was thru the Bang On A Can marathon broadcast (then a still fresh concept) streaming on the web: a stellar series, live in my very own livingroom. And that's it. No turning back.

a friend of mine told me about you on Fb

Heard snatches of the last album at a party - excited to get hold of the new one!


I heard about it through the music press

I was sent here by And God.

Tiny Mix Tapes told me.

I've seen Bang on a Can live at MassMoCA not too far from where I live. It was a wonderful, eye-openning experience.

Been a happy listener to BOAC for 8 years.

I picked up the recording of Terry Riley's "In C" some years back and have been a fan since. Thanks!

I have known about Bang on a Can for years. I heard about this download from an email from Red Poppy.

I clearly remember the BOAC performance of Brian Eno's Music for Airports at the Airport in Brussels in 2005. I loved every minute of it and afterwards I was able to have a short chat with the performers. Beautiful, thanks again !

My first live encounter with the touring arm of Bang on a Can was quite memorable – not only for the music but for the unplanned context. The concert took place at USC before a small yet energized crowd – on Sep. 10, 2001. The next morning, I had to write a review of the concert on deadline for the Los Angeles Times! Somehow, I managed to filter out the violence screaming from the television and was able to complete the article which, as I see now, still reads pretty well.
Thankfully we've survived the last ten years – and I hope that Bang on a Can keeps on keeping on well in to the future, no matter what the obstacles.

Ever since I heard their rendition of Terry Riley's "In C" I've been hooked. Hard to believe they've been around for 25 years. Keep going strong, for the sake of good sounds!

I got here from a TinyMixtapes news article.

Inspired by what you do! (hm...though I think you could have more kicked bucket with chains and flag waving during performances...)

The Hartt School

October 1998, the All-Stars in Bowling Green, OH...Music for Airports. Confused the hell out of the little old ladies attending the concert as part of their subscription series, blew the minds of folks attending as part of the New Music Festival. Mark ate about 30 chicken wings after the show. Good times.

Peter Wise is the best!!

I've been a fan of Bang on a Can for several years, and I read about this album on sequenza21.

Over the holiday break I listened to BOAC's MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS in JFK after missing a flight--mayhem was avoided. Thanks.

I celebrated my birthday at WTC a few years ago with Bang on a Can Marathon. As the sun was rising and I was starting my first day of 26th, Stimmung was my beginning and the marathon's ending. What a great surprise!

Loved the concert at MIT in fall 2011. Glad you are playing in the Boston area.

First BOAC marathon was 2008 at the Winter Garden. Reich's "Daniel Variations" was incredible. Also, great performance from So Percussion!

MuRecordings a very "different" HUZZA!!!!!

A good friend refered this to me.

As a passionate fan of music of all kinds, I am most definitely a BOAC fellow traveler. Time & tide have kept me from a concert, so I'm looking forward to catching up with music. And I plan to get to a concert in 2012, hopefully with my 13 y.o. daughter (who has Elliott Carter, Sleigh Bells & Stevie Wonder on her iPod). Here's to another 25 years!

First saw Bang on a Can at BAM or World Trade Center. Can't remember which was first.

I heard about this album from the Bang on a Can emails I get.

big fan!

Thanks for doing what you do. I've been a fan since seeing the marathon in 2002/2003. People's Commissioning Fund was such an inspiration.

One of my first experiences after moving to NYC in 2008 was the Marathon concert. It was amazing to be in such a huge crowd at 3:30 in the morning, listening to new music.

my preferite band

i have known about bang on a can forever but i found out about this album on Sequenza21

Mike at Red Poppy Music

I remember camping out at the Winter Financial Garden for the BOAC Marathon my first year living in New York... it was a great hang with memorable music all day and night!

Bang on a Can is an exciting performance group who I've been listening to for years.


My first acquaintance was via David Lang's piano compositions, and thus I discovered BOAC. What a great name! It's always bothered me that music traditions are usually formal and fuddy-duddy, and we need to thank those, like BOAC, who help us understand that great music can come from "real" people..

First album for me: "In C", by Terry Riley. That is still a wonderful and exciting work.

My first BOAC marathon was at Alice Tully Hall around 1995. I ran around backstage with my audio recorder gathering interview material for a radio feature. Was a thrill to get to talk with Toby Twining, Annie Gosfield, Kathy Supove and others. Still regret missing the segment with Antheil's Ballet Mechanique.

So Percussion!!!!!

I've been wanting to apply for the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival for years, but other music projects have always prevented me.. I'm now living in London (from Australia) and still hope to get there one of these days! Watching from afar will have to do for now..

I read about this album on Tiny Mix Tapes.

Hey Michael - remember when you came to me as a composition student? (What year was that?) You've done very, very well in every way, and Timber is a keeper. Hello to Ashley Bathgate, also!

Listening to them at the Winter Garden during the marathon a few years ago. What an experience! I couldn't get away.

Happy Birthday! Many returns...

Bang on a Can represents the artistic nexus where I like to live, compose and perform. Right at the crossroads of chamber music, jazz, rock and roll, and classical music. A truly unique voice.

My Composition professor recommended this group to me and they're great!


Sound interesting. Link from FB.

oh sir, thank you!
i've seen you two years ago in Rome, Palladium Theater, for a Music for Airport in acustic performance... truly spectacular!

Seeing Mark Stewart do soft shoe percussion during an entire movement of Steel Hammer stole my musical soul!

untitled movie great music!!!!

I found Bang on a Can through the music of the wonderful Glenn Branca who appeared on a complilation - I felt I'd finally found my aural home !

Tinymixtapes brought me here, they are a group of reliably forward-thinking music aficionados. I hadn't heard of Bang on a Can till now and I'm looking forward to some scrumptious ear candy, yo

I've been a fan and collaborator for many years. I even remember the Spit Orchestra. Here's to 25 more years!

Sounds great!

Heard Bang on a Can at a party. Tried to steal the album.

A good friend recommended it

long-time fan given short-time human

I've always wanted to go to BOAC...I'm on the mailing list anyway!

Ok... my memories include Julia Wolfe's LICK (1994) and David Lang's CHEATING, LYING, STEALING (1993) - both performed by newEar contemporary ensemble in Kansas City! Thanks for 25 great years!

I've heard a lot of great things about Bang on a Can and have loved what I've heard of them so far! Looking forward to hearing more!

I bought Industry at Tower Records when it first came out. My, how things have changed.

I first saw the Bang on a Can All Stars in the small town of Perth, Scotland. The visit was sandwiched between Beijing, Shanghai, London, Lisbon and Madrid. Had they lost their way? Did they think it was Perth, Australia? No, this was their second visit to Perth. We travelled up from Edinburgh to see them; what a treat. And this summer we were in New York just when it happened to be the BOAC Marathon. Great! Thanks for working to make contemporary music fun and accessible.

Bang on a Can was my first introduction into how cool contemporary music can be

With Trio Medievale in Chapel Hill. And of course, through Robert Black, the genius of double bass. Bang on a Can is doing wonderful things for the world.

Congrats on 25 years, BoaC! Here's to 25 more - filled with great music!

I came across Bang on a Can when looking for information about David Lang. Synchronously, a friend of mine in Crash Ensemble (from Ireland) told me about their experiences performing at a BoaC Marathon in 2008.

Liveblogging last year's BOAC Marathon for Seq21 for 8 hours was a treat (! Congrats and looking forward to the next 25 years of good stuff.

I recently had an MRI and one of the things that helped me relax in the tube was thinking of the sounds as part of a Bang on a Can piece. It was incredibly comforting!

You are a new discovery, memories are in the making!

I first heard the Bang on a Can All Stars playing at the Steve Reich 'Reverberations' festival. They blew my mind, giving several amazing performances over the weekend.

My music guru friend, Tim, posted this link. I always listen to what he recommends!

You played a lot of great music during Sacrum Profanum 2011 in Cracow, thanks for that and hope to see you soon in Poland!

I have heard Bang on a Can's music off and on for a number of years, but never paid it much mind until hearing the recent interview on WNYC. I like what I heard and want to hear more.

My first encounter with Bang on a Can was because of a college professor. He is really into modern music, especially cutting edge American Composers. He gave me a stack of recordings to check out (Phillip Glass, John Adams, etc.) One of the several of them were from Bang on a Can. He told me to check them out an my life has never really been the same. Gotta love people that push the boundaries to create beautiful and expressive works of art.

I heard of Bang through Lang and can't wait to hear this tang.

To bang or not to bang. That is the question I ask myself almost everyday.

I discovered you on eMusic, where I found your versions of Music For Airports and In C. Loved both of them. I've learned about your new album on Music is Good website.

My first live-encounter with Bang on a Can was in 1999, when they played in Ancona (Italy), the city where I still live. There were four of them; I remember Michael Gordon in person played the keyboards. At the end of the concert, which also featured DJ Parker, Evan Ziporyn wrote, in a NWR cd dedicated to his gamelan music that I brought with me, these kind comment: “thank you Filippo for your big ears!”. My ears have grown since that time, thanks to people like BOAC. Subsequently, I met BOAC All Stars at the 2003 Biennale di Venezia, directed by Uri Caine – an unforgettable edition of the festival; I’ve just cited that remarkable experience of “musical melting-pot” that happened in Venice in a paper I wrote about musical genres, which is going to be published very soon. I attended to all the three concerts of BOAC, where they played some of the pieces which now are included in the forthcoming Cantaloupe cd. There are two funny episodes related to that event. Before going to Venice, I wrote an e-mail to Cantaloupe, and asked them if they would have brought with them some of cd’s of the newborn label; they thought I was Filippo Del Corno, the composer, so they invited me for a “professional” meeting. I specified just in time that I was another, less important, Filippo.. but I was nonetheless invited to participate at the encounter with the David Lang, Julia Wolfe and Michael Gordon; a seminar where only composers and musicians had the chance to participate, but to which I obtained the entry permit, thanks to the fact that I bought all the first 6 or 7 cd’s published by Cantaloupe… I also had the honor of asking the last question to them. My question was: “Do you consider yourselves as the heirs of people like Bernstein, Gerswhin or Copland, given the fact that you, like them, pursue a musical coalescence of different styles, genres, territories?”. Mrs. Wolfe answered that the parallel could be maintained, in a certain manner, just in the case of Copland. Now that I know much better both BOAC and Aaron Copland, I start to grasp the “certain manner” to which Mrs. Wolfe alluded: both, Copland and the BOAC composers, believe in an integrated, pluralistic, pulsating with life, and humanistic, musical world; and both pursue the same target with an economy of expressive means which I find aesthetically gratifying. There a lot of other things which could be said about it, but I hope that there will be other occasions to express them (maybe in person, who knows?). Long life to Bang on a Can!

Always wanted to see them (I live in New York) but have yet to. A co-worker is a big fan, and shared this link.

Love the CDs I've heard, but haven't had a chance to see them live. Planning any trips to northern England?

I've always been aware of BOAC but only recently purchased my first recording; 2x5 by Steve Reich. Such great playing all round! Bravo BOAC and a very happy 25th birthday!

Glad of the Newsletter! Wish you'd come to Seattle.

The Bang on a Can live rendition of Brian Eno's "Music for Airports" opened the door to Eno's pop and instrumental work, mid-1970s David Bowie and Iggy Pop, and Miles Davis's stranger and less accessible (but nevertheless incredible) work after Bitches Brew.

Thank you.

From Rob Hardin


I think Lang, Wolfe and Gordon are unquestionably the best composers of their generation, and Bang on a Can interpret their work brilliantly.
Living in the UK, I only wish I got the chance to see them more! Thanks for the music.

A friend sent me your link

In the Christmas holydays of 1996-1997 the only time I visited New York City, thirsty to know new things I happened on a small music store in the Lincoln Centre and there I found the CD's of Bang on a Can: my favorite composers ever! Best wishes and long life, Pilar

I'm here for Davis Longstreth so I'll recount my first memory of hearing his music. It was the track Rise Above from the album of the same name and it was on a mix that Katie Gavin made me back when I was in love with her. I played it on repeat and found and listened to all their music. When Bitte Orca came out the fondness grew to obsession.

The very idea that someone could do a live version of Music For Airports made me skeptical, but the album turned me into a believer.

I heard Bang On A Can first on Nova, my favourite radio program in Ireland. Somehow I believed they were a new Irish band. It took me I-don't-know-how-many more months to learn that not only were they American, but also that they had been going pretty much forever... and that they actually were a collective of composers... and that the "band" is called the B.O.A.C. Allstars. I instantly liked them, though - some chaotic new and nicely different music.

Heard about you on WNYC and just had to listen further.

Decades after BoaC's inception, the live performances are still the closest experience a listener can have to seeing a band formed by classical composers. My favorite memory so far is hearing "Timber" live and being engulfed by its natural resonance sweeps and dynamic transitions *spatially*. There's nothing like being in a room with all those sticks.

found this thanks to a college professor.

I've never heard of you, but come at the recommendation of a guy who's never let me down musically. Can't wait to hear it!

David Lang's music for "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui." Also, one day in the [early 1990's?], David Lang was good enough to go to Tower Records with me in the East Village to pick some top recordings -- Berio Symph 5, a Berlioz, a Shostakovich late symph, etc.

first heard on NPR, when BOAC did Eno's Music for Airports. ethereal in the live version.

My friend Emily recomended this band to my friend Stephen. I thought i would check it out.

Introduced to Bang On A Can through WNYC. "New Sounds" and am always surprised by something I hear. Thanks for the download.

Friends from the festival.

I'm a percussion student, and we use Bang on A Can recordings as resources on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing with us!

I remember the Bang on the Can All Stars marathon at MassMoca, some...five or six summers ago. Got there not long after things had started up and for many hours I slowly drank good beer and listened to such fine, fine music. Wish I could remember the name of the long & wonderful piece that featured three heroic female soloists and many symphonic harmonies, in front of a movie screen with gentle scenes.

My favourite memory: listening to Gigantic Dancing Human Machine over and over while taking long walks one autumn

I'm pretty sure I once saw someone get caught in the door of a bus while I was listening to Exquisite Corpses. They didn't die. That's all I've got.

BoaCfest 2010.


I heard about this album on Reddit.

Mass MoCA!

A friend told me I am going to love this.

you guys are amazing!

I first heard Bang on a Can at Dartmouth in 2007. They showcased Bali gamelan and it was spectacular!

My memory is listening to carbon copy building, now give me some free bang on a can!

Having known about Bang On A Can for a while, I saw this album promoted on Facebook via the Australian Music Centre. Thanks for all the great work that BOAC does for new music!

I love all of you're albums!

facebook is an excellent advertising tool!

Had known about BOAC for a long time. After all, they had a cellist. Then, lo and behold, in note from Ashley Bathgate - she had just been chosen to join the BOAC ensemble. That consider-ably raised my interest and en-thusiasm for the group. I go to performances within driving distance and am never disap-pointed. Long life to BOAC!

My fellow percussion friends posted a link on Facebook. I have also heard of you many times but failed to check you out...not anymore though!!!

Facebook friends

Went to the Marathon this past year. Incredible trip, drove all the way from Southeast Ohio packed in a tiny car. 4am-11am driving, 12-12 concert, 12:30- 9 driving back. Worth every second.

Participating in Banglewood was a collection of very inspiring musical experiences.

I remember how blown away I was at the artists in the 2010 Marathon. Even though I'd hoped to go since I came to Boston, I didn't manage to until Galaktika played in it. I was so unfamiliar with the other musicians, I guess I naively thought I knew much of the music scene, I did not know what to expect. I was stunned at the amazing artists and how well the music worked in that space.

My friend had me listen to Brian Eno's Music for Airports late one night. I then discovered Cantaloupe Records and thusly Bang on a Can. Incredible.

I can't wait to hear you live for the first time at the Barbican in March

Late-night karoake/jam sessions at BoaC SummerFest 2011 - belt it out, YO!

I was listening to Soundcheck and liked what they were playing I want to hear more. Thanks for the gift.

Good luck and continued success for another 125 and beyond . My first encounter with the "Canbangers" was 1991 in New York, seeing a performance of Michael Gordon's Vincent van Gogh opera.

I've heard so many great things about your festival from people who have been, and now that I'm finally old enough to apply I hope I will be joining you this summer!

Heard the interview on WNYC's Soundcheck and wanted to check it out. Thanks for the download and sharing your music!

"The Wire" publication

Can't wait to hear this album!

Happy Birthday! "In C", "Music of Airports" and others have been a part of the soundtrack to my life.

Saw you guys live for the first time in Austin last year, after following/listening for years! I'll never forget my first 20th century music teacher playing Bang on a Can videos during our classes. Been a fan ever since!

I'm sorry I don't have a memory since I don't live in NYC and have never attended a performance. But I listen to WNYC and Q2 so I hear your music. Maybe some day a visit will coincide with a concert. In the meantime, Sonos will have to do. Thanks, Barby

I enjoy listening to their rendition of Music for Airports. I turned many students onto them with that album. I have a few other recordings of theirs but they slip my mind. Thanks for the download!

my favourite memory of boac was finding a copy of music for airports dirt cheap in a second hand record store. "i'm buying that", i thought to myself. and i did.

Not too familiar with BoaC, but I'm looking forward to becoming more acquainted!

Reich, Ziporyn, Lang, Luther Adams...just so much music to love! Thanks Bang on a Can!

no memory, just references: cage, branca, eno...

I was working at Media Play in 1995 when a box of Industry CD's showed up from Sony. A SUNY-Buffalo music student, I was delighted to be familiar with the content. Later, I went to the Hartt School and met and collaborated with Robert Black. Always a fan! Happy 25th! Chris

I am excited to hear this music. I have heard so much about it at college!

Heard from my dear psychotic friend.

My first Bang on a Can memory was nearly 17 years ago when I was in my mid twenties. I decided as an experiment to discontinue listening to punk/ metal etc. and just listen to classical- to see if it would help to center me and shed some attitude. Soon I discovered Glass, Nyman , Reich and importantly- Louis Andriessen. I loved the stuff so much I started spending all my money trying to get my hands on anything by these composers and others by mail order. This lead to me getting the live compilation discs of Bang on a Can festivals volumes 1 and 2, I think on the CRI label. They were hit and miss, but I remember falling in love w/ a Michael Gordon track and ,I think, Red Shift by Vierk? Another highlight was an Argo album- Terminal Velocity with an otherworldly David Lang droning track on it. Needless to say, I've gone back to listening to rock and all kinds of music and I think it was composers/ ensembles like yours that led me back.- with pleasure and fertile ears.

A fellow percussionist

In C!


I remember hearing The Smith Quartet a few years ago at the Marathon. They played a short version of The Sinking of the Titanic, which was my introduction to that wonderful work. All activity in the huge public space came to a stop and you could hear the proverbial pin drop. I was very moved and after the performance the host announced that during the piece someone emailed or tweeted that earlier that very day the last survivor of the Titanic had died in England.

While never seeing Bang on a Can in person I have enjoyed their music since I first heard of them years ago. Their unique sound and style is unparalleled and I hope to enjoy for many years to come!

I don't have a memory, but one of my good friends recommended this album! Can't wait to check it out!

Love Bangin on Cans

one of my good friends suggested this album; he said it was one of the most amazing things he's ever experienced!

I do not currently have one.

Someone covered Music for Airports? When I heard that I knew that I would have to find that album. Fantastic! I also have Renegade Heaven, and will be working to get even more - this is a great way to continue my collection. Thanks.

i became a composer because of you all's music. now you are successful enough to be the establishment to fight against. :) (said as he shamelessly downloads the album...)

Bang on a can does such interesting work. Why haven't I seen you live yet? It's gonna happen.

My good friend that introduces me to a lot of new music let me know about this album.

Thanks for the music BOAC.
Keep doing what you're doing!

I first heard of Bang on a can when David Lang visited my school last year and our composition class listened to some of their recordings of his work. I was excited to hear an ensemble doing such fun, genre bending and exciting things!

Have had great experiences playing along side Bang on a Can alumni, and have enjoyed listening to recordings of great music!

I first heard about you since I've bought Music For Airport, and never stopped... thank you

I haven't heard Bang on a Can, but what a wonderful way to start? This is a great idea, and I hope to bring you many new fans!

Experimental Musicians New Jersey

For me, Bang on a Can represents all things interesting and excitingly different in new music. This was made especially clear when I attended the 2010 and 2011 Bang on a Can Marathons. I plan to go to as many major BoaC events as I can, and look forward to listening to this.

I read about Bang on a Can on the blog Sequenza21. I've only listened to a couple of tracks and look forward to hearing more.

Heard NPR/Soundcheck yesterday, loved the cuts you played, and I'm one of those "Glass,Reich" people.
Thanks for download!

Facebook linked from some percussionist friends.

My favorite memory of Bang on a Can was when my mother and I first attended the Marathon concert in NYC! My mom knew I was into new music but she had no idea what she was in for! We had a special experience together on that day 3 years ago. Thank you Bang on a Can for giving us such inspiration and fond memories!


Grateful to friend who shared you.

I discovered Bang on a Can in a disc loan service bus (we have such things, in Belgium). I already knew Eno's original version of Music For Airport, and I wondered how it was possible to adapt it. When I heard your recording, I was mesmerized. It was different, full of ideas, as great as the original. A real rediscovery. Thanks for this.

I've caught bits and pieces of Bang on a Can's work over the years and I always associate the ensemble with making contemporary music interesting, accessible and even fun. Keep up the good work!

Spent many an evening with Bang On A Can's Music For Airports CD,it helps to keep me sane...

I heard music for the first time and knew I was alive.

I heard a lot of Bang on a Can alumni this winter at the Bowling Green New Music Festival. A few friends of mine posted about this free download on Facebook! I am a musician myself, and I love and support new music!

Congratulations on the silver jubilee!

Two fairly recent memories ...

Though not strictly Bang on a Can, I remember sitting in BAM being blown away by the playing for Evan's 'A House in Bali' in October 2010.

Then feeling like I was dipping my toes into contemporary music history when Bang on a Can performed as part of Steve Reich's 75th birthday concert at Carnegie Hall. Precision and emotion rolled into one. Brilliant.

I heard 'Gigantic Dancing Human Machine' playing at Tower Records when it first came out and wondered what crazy new indie rock band put this out. Nope--it's Bang on a Can rocking Louis Andriessen!

I heard you first in gothenburg, sweden - and "Cheating, Lying, Stealing" by David Lang made a much bigger impression on me than the eno covers. I like you performing steve reich stuff too, "octet" and Evan's version of "new york counterpoint" are among my all time favourites!

Been hearing about you guys for years! Would love to get to the states sometime to see you. Or you could come to Australia!?

I've been aware of BoaC since the '90s, but am hard-pressed to name anything I've actually heard. Hope to redress that now.

I am, however, a huge David Lang fan. The Passing Measures is one of my all-time favorite records.

Hoping to make it to the summer festival this year!

First experience of BOAC at St Lukes in London last May as part of the Steve Reich 75th Birthday Celebs. Beautiful, provocative music in an ideal acoustic. A fond memory indeed!

I have never been to Bang on a Can. My friend has.

youtube (minimalisminmusic)

I heard about this album through reddit.

Sorry, I'm not very interesting today. Got the link from the Carnegie Hall twitter feed.

While I don't have any memories yet, I'd like to begin with this download

Don't know much about you lot! Got here through a link on The Wire magazine's RSS feed, and, after having read the memories here, I'm really looking forward to listen to this album.


"Steel Hammer" at Zankel. A great night!

I remember an all-day-long-that-wasn't-long-enough of BOAC live music in San Francisco about 3 years ago. It's days like those that make me wish I lived a lot closer to NYC.

I'm thinking of auditioning for the bang on a can festival. I love bang on a can!

I will hear your music for the first time. I've read it sounds excellent.

I listened to some of these songs and loved them!

I heard about the album on

Last year, I went to see World Minimal Music Festival that was held in Amsterdam. There I had the luck to meet Julia Wolfe. She was kind enough to give me her autograph, which is now one of my treasures.

Heard about it through a friend

The first BoaC piece I heard was Cheating, Lying, Stealing and it blew me away! It was a perfect introduction to BoaC - funky, clever, played with precision and verve and every recording since has continued to impress and live up to that first impression.

I hear about the download via the Wire magazine Facebook page!

Music for Airports in headphones. A summer evening, surround sound cicadas, an intense thrumming stillness.

I heard about you, and your album, via
thank you for a concert in Cracow-Sacrum Profanum Festival.

Your album with Iva Bittova

I heard about the album on Twitter.

I remember the first summer marathon I went to. I felt like there was a whole in the world that was suddenly filled.

First saw Bang on a Can in San Francisco over ten years ago at Moscone Center. Really enjoyed the atmospheric qualities of Brian Eno's Music for Airports as presented, with acoustic instruments, at that concert. I went out and bought the CD of that same music a few days later. By the way, I play bass and sing in blues/rock bands here in the SF Bay Area and appreciate other sounds...

In times of 'fast and shallow' music industry domination cantaloupe music and bang on a can provide an extremely interesting collection of fresh sonic energy. According to my opinion they published the most important records during 2011. Keep up the good work and have a weird sounding new year.

I came to New York to see the production of BOAC's "Lost Objects" at BAM a few years back (I've lost the year). I had been mesmerized by the album, bu the production took my love of the music to another level.

i heard about you on obrigado!

The Wire e-bulletin

My first BOAC marathon took place on May 11, 1990 and was held down in the East Village at the R.A.A.P. Arts Center. I had just formed the Khayal big band then and this was the only gig that we ever played as a 10 piece group...(subsequent Khayal ensembles were always with 5 members) George Brooks, Bill Douglass, George Marsh, Molly Holm, Barbara Higbie, Jaron Lanier, Jim Newman, Shabda Owens, Miranissa Douglas and I blew our budget flying to NY from California because BOAC had given us our first and only opportunity to present this band in a concert. The Khayal big band played its lengthy jams on hastily assembled charts made for this show and we closed the concert with IN C, joined by many members of the audience including Tom Constantin, La Monte Young, and Marian Zazeela. It was my first marathon (although the solo all night flights I did in the 60's came close) and it had the lively energy that those old Tape Music Center concerts in San Francisco had in the early 60's.

My next event with the group:
The 40th anniversary of IN C was celebrated with the All Stars on a tour of the south, midwest and east and was an opportunity for me to really get acquainted with the All Stars and their music making skills and an enjoyable reunion with Phil Glass, who with his characteristic generosity and grace, joined in the performances. It was a chance for me to share the sound waves with Mark Stewart, David Cossin, Robert Black, Lisa Moore and Evan Ziporyn...musicians with ferocious classical abilities and sharply honed improvisational instincts. During this time we would often enjoy impromptu jams during the sound checks for IN C which kind of set the stage for our next big project together, Autodreamographical Tales.

In 2004 at my first summer composer residency in North Adams, Mass., in the course of a talk to the students and faculty, I played the studio recording I had made of Autodreamographical Tales. Evan Ziporyn's suggested that it should be orchestrated and arranged for the All Stars so that it could be performed live, a project which Gyan Riley realized by transcribing the original recording for the All Stars lineup. In March of 2007 at a Sound Res in Puglia, Italy, the All Stars and I rehearsed and put the piece together for a somewhat bewildered Italian speaking audience in a beautiful courtyard in Lecce. The psychedelic text was mostly in English but Alessandra Pomarico translated a few of the tales for me to read in my somewhat unpolished Italian.

Hats off to David Lang, Michael Gordon and Julia Wolfe for their vision...spawning music marathons all over the world. It makes me happy to see musicians down the road a generation from me staking out an original path while encouraging music community... wow what a great way to go! They have shown that cooperation replacing competition can produce work of originality and vitality. The Bang on a Can fountainhead...3 composers who have produced some of the most powerful and startling original music of our times, carried along by the electrifying performances of the BOAC All Stars, have made a huge impact on the music of today and the future.

May the force be with the Bang on a Can family ...only 25 years left to reach the 1/2 century mark...It would be nice to be around for that!

I'm actually not terribly acquainted with the work of Bang on a Can. I saw a performance of Ziporyn's "A House in Bali" at Zellerbach with the Bang on a Can All-Stars (I don't really know the difference between the two groups), which was groovy. Anyway, here's to further musical education!

I've not experienced "Bang on a Can" yet-- but I'm looking forward to the festival at Mass Moca this summer!

Loved 8 Lines

I hear you yesterday on sound check and it brought back memories of listening to you at a friends house. I was impressed with your love of and dedication to music, one of the true essence of life. Made me pick up my guitar for the first time since I was diagnosed with stage IV terminal head neck and throat cancer.thanks for the inspiration Bob

Just love your recording of Eight Lines Paul

Sitting at a Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto next to a girl with a cello and being introduced to BoaC later that night at a performance at Stanford. A good day.

During my undergrad, my "Intro to Composition" teacher brought his copy of "Industry" to class one day -- it was the first time I had ever heard of Bang on a Can, and it changed my life. Two years later, I was able to come to the BoaC Marathon in Summer of 2010 to hear some incredible music, such as Gamelan Galak Tika and the JACK Quartet. Unforgettable. Thanks for the memories, and I can't wait to make more through your music!

I've been a Steve Schick fan for years- saw him at Oberlin and multiple PASICs.

Always looking for something new and different and found it today while surfing the web.

in C sur emusic, puis "meets Kyaw Kyaw Naing " en solde chez un disquaire, ce dernier album m'a convaincu de surveiller Bang on a Can!