Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

Having worked with some of the members, I can honestly say this is a kick-ass group.

Saw then at St Luke's, London last year

I remember hearing about Bang of a Can when and undergrad. I thought it was the coolest band name ever!

The first time I heard the music I pictured a theatrical world and was hooked.



Thanks so much.

just curious what you guys are up to ... missing you all!

Been a BangOnACan fan since I heard Hoketus the first time, just amazing!

Memories from North Adams, July 2003: Harmonic Bridge, Tree Logic, great indoor exhibits at MassMoCa, Mark Stewart!, and an amazing six-hour Bang on a Can marathon that flew by – I've been to "regular" concerts that felt twice as long :)

Recommendation from cousin.

Facebook and I want to know you. A very good friend shared the news in FB. :)

Paz told me

first bang on a can-recording was »music for airport« . Hear it many years ago for the first time - and love it still.

read about you in the recent spontaneous combustion magazine.

Seeing Bang on a Can on Carnegie's stage in April at the Steve Reich 75th birthday concert, performing 2x5. A perfect match of composer and performer, and simply divine in performance! Can't wait to see BoaC does next!

Congrats on 25 years anniversary! Looking forward to see your show in Japan.

via facebook - but I know some of your recordings via Art of the States - I am recieving it for my radio show about amerian music..

I saw the "Music for Airports" performance at Casa da Musica, Oporto, circa 2007.

I'm a great fan of Bang on A Can since I've dicovered Michael Gordon in the Stéphane Lelong's Book "Nouvelle Musique" (1996). I've wrote a page on my website Néosphères (

i notice too many good musicians involved in this

My friends at SoundNotion told me about it. :)

One of your CDs was referred to me through my previous searches/purchases at

first time was from works with Steve Reich, but the most amazing experience was the trak by Hermeto Paschoal in Iva Bittova's dvd. since then I follow your work with lots of atention. thank you for your wonderful music.

I had heard of Bang on a Can around 2005, but didn't really understand exactly what it was, who was involved, just that the music was known to be innovative and unique, and that there was some sort of crazy marathon that took place each year. When I started working with the Young People's Chorus of NYC, that's when I "got" it, and had the pleasure of working with many of the members and composers, and finally got to perform there last year. Can't wait to hear the album!

found out about bang on a can through the 1 bit symphony album, since then i've been getting emails and checking some of the stuff out

The girl i like shared this on twitter!

I love Bang on a can! They made me discover some great artists I never heard about, like Louis Andriessen or Kyaw Kyaw Naing... I'm excited about Dave Longstreth's music in this 25 years album

Body and soul!



through a website that talks about jazz

Will never forget your Feb.2009 concert at the Chan Centre in Vancouver. Amazing!

I am a percussion student at the University of Michigan, and am working with Ian Ding! Really interested in the album.

Bang On A Can Marathon in Philly with the great percussionist at the end (and Normal Love) was fantastic!

I heard about the album from tinymixtapes

Before I ever composed my first "proper" piece of music, I improvised and recorded something I called "Coca-Cola Symphony" when I was 12, using my first cassette recorder, several boxes of various sizes and composition, an assortment of pots and pans and about a dozen empty soda cans and bottles. That was 41 years ago. When I first heard Bang on a Can's live recording of Eno's "Music for Airports", I realized everything I've done since I was 11 was a diversion.

Dirty Projectors' David Longstreth!

I say Evan Z. play with Terry Riley at MIT last month. It was unbelievable. Please continue to keep making music!

Come back to Philadelphia!

More please. Love it, love it, love it. Visionary programming and stunning performances.

Tiny Mix Tapes

From John Schaefer's New Sounds show to the Marathons and beyond, the can-banging has been brightening our city in amazing ways. Long may you bang!

Heard about the group through performers of music by David Lang, Michael Gordon, and Julia Wolfe.

I look forward to getting to hear Bang on a Can live. My first exposure to this group was when I heard David Lang's Press Release for Bass Clarinet or Bari Sax and learned about his relationship with the group

I first heard about Bang on a Can while interning at the Boston Chamber Music Society. One day while browsing through their CD collection I came across a disc and have been a fan ever since.

I attended the complete 24+ hour marathon (and others) in Manhattan's Winter Garden in June 2007 and regard it as one of the most transcendent sonic experiences of my years. Many many many thanks.

Tiny Mixed Tapes posted a link. I have bought several of your recordings in the past and love your music

Read about it on Tiny Mix Tapes!

I got your ad in an e-mail, and am very excited to hear your music. I once read (maybe from Slonimsky's "Lexicon of Musical Invective") that the modern era is distinguished from all other earlier times by almost a complete lack of appetite for new music. May that be reversed. Thanks!

The idea of Bang on a can has always intrigued me. I'm so glad I heard about this download on Soundcheck.

I'm quite new to this kind of music ;) i'm downloading it in search of new genres.

Found you via Reddit, looking forward to listening to the album.

I love wandering into the World Financial Center during the Bang on a Can marathons without knowing the schedule. No matter who is performing, it is always exhilarating. Thank you for your gift to music lovers and downtown Manhattan.

I saw the All-Stars New Music Marathon in April. It was all fantastic, but when the first notes of Music for Airports was performed it sent me back in time and I burst into tears. I'll never forget it.

When I heard David Lang's "Cheating Lying Stealing," I fell in love with it immediately. Since then, I am a huge fan of Bang on a Can!

I used to live near Mass MoCA (and Banglewood). I'm so grateful for your bold and imaginative work!

My daughter told me about it.

Tiny Mix Tapes told me about this.

In C, Music for Airports, Music in Fifths, how AWESOME is it to get this one for free! Love BOAC, love Pitchfork for sending me here, and I plain love love love BOAC.

I just heard about you via a friend whose tastes I trust, so I want to learn more about you

as a potential download

I remember first coming across your first collection while wandering in a Tower Records in the mid 1990s (physical records stores - those were the days...). How could I not buy something with that name? Glad I did. Two personal favorites: your take on Music For Airports, and your version of In C.

The Longstreth compositions were premiered streaming live at Bang on a Can a while back, and I've been dying to hear them again since. One of those increasingly rare experiences with digital music where it's not immediately available, a Google search away.

Tiny Mixtapes!

Going to hear bang on a can last fall at zankel hall by winning free tickets!

I am a percussionist, so naturally I am familiar with David Lang. That led to my interest in Bang on a Can and I have been keeping up with all of the wonderful activities of this group ever since.

Thanks for telling me Glenn

"top tooth" piece at bards college '03

Someone out there who happens to be a friend of mine is also too downloading this album full of tracks on his computer PC machine.

Saw a performance of Cheating, Lying, Stealing a looooonnggg time ago in Dallas.

I first found out about Bang on a Can when I became familiar with David Lang's music, and hear their recording of his piece "Cheating, Lying, Stealing." This opened up a whole new world of fantastic music to me.

you guys are memorable always and i'm a big fun. i have a musical crush on one of the guys, but won't say who he is. i attend all your concerts and my husband always talks about my "boyfriend." I miss the original troupe, Lisa Moore & Wendy Sutter, and where has been Mark lately?.

I've always wanted to see the Bang on a Can Marathon in New York. I never made it, and possibly never will, but I was lucky enough to be able to attend the "mini-marathon" at the Clarice Smith Center in Maryland and hear the All-Stars perform "Music for Airports". A great experience.

Somebody posted a blog on facebook, you were on the blog.

I remember biking through downtown Chicago to David Lang's "Cheating, Lying, Stealing" and feeling on top of the world. And almost getting hit by a car.

...Dave Longstreth!!!!!

A friend gave me this link

I remember playing at Bang in a Can... Most exciting performance I've ever traveled for.

by a friend, heard manufacture of tangled ivory, part 2. brilliant!


I once asked Steve Reich if he thought the gap between esoteric concert music and pop/folk music would ever be bridged. He then told me about the cellist for Bang on a Can who also plays guitar in a rock band. This was an awesome introduction to a great group of musicians.

I don't have a Bang on a Can memory. I heard about the giveaway on Cantaloupe's site.

I've been circling around BOAC for years via Lisa Moore via Iva Bittova via Fred Frith... but the Bittova/BOAC DVD is the closest I've come to owning your music. This should compel me to explore more, thank you!!!

from facebook

Email link

The wonders of the web...

I've seen Lisa Moore some time ago in her performance with Iva Bittova. It was great and I was looking for some additional information - "Bang On A Can All-Stars" had to appear of course. Besides, Sacrum Profanum in Cracow last year with your great performance of Reich works.

Mike McCurdy emailed me about this album. He is so hot.

I can remember when you come to Scotland it was the longer concert that I had been to since the sixties.

My teacher told me about this!

Saw this on youtube and I like free stuff. ;)

Alicia told me.

How I heard about you? From John Schaefer, of course. A frequent listener to 'New Sounds', which means I've heard much of your music over the past years - loved some, hated some....but that doesn't matter. It's just a blessing that you and others like you exist to carry on the tradition. What tradition? Think Studio Rivbea, AACM, Studio Henry, Kitchen, Roulette & on and on. Thanks

I like music.

I went to my first BoaC marathon with my parents when I was in high school, maybe 15 years ago. It opened my mind to what music could be; I was mesmerized ("it can sound like this???"). Thank you for opening my ears.

hearing an ensemble from tokyo perform john cage music on a koto and other instruments - a great day...

I was off on an internet quest for contemporary classical music... I wound up here. Mission accomplished? I await to find out...

Pretty surreal to turn on the radio one night, while Music for Airports is playing, and slowly realize it was a transcription for live instruments! Holy Moly.
Also loved the early-afternoon performance of same at Big Ears in Knoxville.
Also everything else you played at Big Ears.

So once my friend William took me to see the UK premiere of a Philip Glass opera. Afterwards, he told me that he knew a few members of Bang on a Can and that they could sneak us into the after-show party, which you did! So we shook hands with Nyman and Glass and drank wine like rock stars. Thanks. :)

Bang on the Can - Glasgow 2011. New sound new energy, new experience, new music, new me. Inspirational. Someone asked me on Hogmanay what my musical find of 2011 was - Bang on the Can Allstars and David Lang's Little Match Girl Passion!
4 words - Living human music now

BOAC All Stars don't play in Chicago often enough, but when they do ... wow. First memory is Music For Airports performed at the Park West -- serene and sublime. Second memory is in the intimate theater in the Chicago Cultural Center -- they roared breathlessly through a rapid Philip Glass piece, rapidly up and down the scales with lightning speed and precision, and then suddenly stopped (the piece ended). Evan looked up and grinned, "Wanna hear it again?"

I remember finding the 'Music for Airports' album, and thought, "It's about time someone got around to doing this..."

I attended Bang on a Can for the first time this summer. All I could think the whole time I was there was "this is how music should be done."

I subscribed to your newsletter several years ago because I read of your activities in the newspaper; living in Belgium I'm not able to attend one of your many concerts, but reading about them I can only wish we had over here an organisation who promotes in the same ways the music of our day! Thank you!

One of my friends gave me the link

I always enjoy free music! Especially the banging kind. While on the can.

A friend lent me a recording of a solo bass piece called "Failing" around 1989, raving about the unique concept of the composition as well as Robert Black's performance. I was amazed.
Also, Mark Stewart with an incredible array of pvc saxophone strapped to his body and bellows on his feet defying gravity at a Marathon a few years ago!

Playing Anthony Braxton's Composition for 100 Tubas at the Bang On A Can Marathon Concert.

Tiny mix tapes yo.

I heard about it from a blog at

got a dirty projectors update this morning, and saw that dave contributed to this album. never heard of you guys before, but will definitely check out more now :)

Summer 2003, at the BAOC summer institute: a group of us proceeded to perform a piece of Julian Day's. We stood in a hallway, each with a huge bottle of water, periodically drinking to change the pitch, and then blowing into the bottle. The piece ended when all of the water had been consumed. Immediately after, the composers proceeded to the afternoon composers' symposium, during which everybody got up to go the bathroom about 2 or 3 times each.

I downloaded BoaC's renditions of Riley's "In C" and Andriessen's "Hoketus" years ago and am still enthralled by both (especially the nervy mandolin in the Riley piece). "Hoketus" is great head-banging music for the trained muso. And these are but two of hundreds of works still waiting to be heard. BoaC is 25 years old already? Wow. Haven't seen them live, but So Percussion performing Reich's Drumming - unforgettable.

I have seen signs for bang on a can concerts, and I have listened to some of your tracks, unfortunately I have not been to a concert yet!

A great recent memory for me is the amazing time spent at the BOAC Summer Festival at MassMoca. A highlight for me was getting to perform Berio's Circles with David Cossin! Thanks for a memorable summer!

I tipped int google contemporary music blog, then i came to the sequenza21 site and then i found the link to your site. I don`t know what i will hear.

I moved back to NYC (where I grew up) in Fall 2000, after several years away. During the Marathon at BAM in December, I remember feeling so inspired and lucky to be able to experience the crazy range of music and cultures that was presented. This memory stands out as a defining moment that reaffirmed for me what's great about NYC and why I was happy to be back.

I am a dj and collector of music. This album was recommended to me by Bil Wa, a fellow follower of sound.

I'm coming to see you in Glasgow in March!

When I was in high school my music theory teacher lent me an Evan Ziporyn CD and told me about Bang on a Can. Thanks for all the music!

Fache Buk

Marathon at WFC.

A friend in music shared with me

Tiny Mix Tapes

thank u

I've loved Julia Wolfe's compositions for years.

Useful Chamber website.

My first encounter with BoAC was their recording of "In C" which is still my favourite of the many I have heard, including Riley's first recording. Similarly, the BoAC interpretations of "Music in Fifths" and "Music for Airports" are regulars on my playlist. Exhilarating and fresh every time!

David Cossin on screen + David Cossin behind the screen playing a percusion version of Reich's piano phase at the Theatre de la Ville, Paris.

In August 1996 I moved to NYC to work for the daily newspaper of the Italian Community. In my first interview, the composer Giovanni Sollima explained he had taken a one year live-of-absence from his teaching position in Sicily, to explore the NYC Avant-gard classical music scene. “My music - he said – is meant to be performed by Bang on a Can”. I did not know the band, the name just sounded funny to me. A few weeks later I went to BAM and attended a Bang on a Can concert. It was a revelation and an epiphany. Used as I was to the traditional Italian classical music landscape, I was moved by the courageous use of their musical ideas within the frame of classical music. In those days very little contemporary classical music was performed in the City: Reich, Glass and Bang on a Can were the only exceptions. Look at the New Music now… Bang on a Can played a crucial role in the education of young generation.

I heard about you for the first time today from Tiny Mix Tapes.


Heard about you from Gmail news alert about Dirty Projectors, my favourite group.

Thank you!

A friend told me about the download. Thanks! :)

thanks to their superb communications department it's hard to miss anything at all from BoaC

I went to the Noguchi museum to hear a concert.There was Julia Wolf sitting on the floor next to me. I was too shy to tell her how much I liked her music, but I'm sure she knew I was enjoying the music...some of which was her husband's.

First Night in Boston--two decades ago. Cold but not bitterly so. BoaC in a rostrum in the Common. Warming the whole city. I was surprised there were no cans.

Some years ago I heard tracks from Lost Objects on a UK BBC radio station, and was hooked. I bought the CD and have tracked various Bang recordings since then. Zippo Songs is on my ipod : tracks for running to.

A friend mail me the link


Recommended by homeboy BilWa from Philly. Got intrigued and about listen. Peace.

Skiving from work so I could finish Alex Ross's The Rest Is Noise, which got me listening to contemporary music. And yourselves!

From the movie "Decasia" by Bill Morrison which Michael Gordon scored.

Tiny Mix Tapes

via tinymixtapes. FANKYOOO

David Lang is an major composer for me. I'm always waiting new works from him. And I still appreciate Icebreaker from Michael Gordon.

I know you since 10 years

I fell in love with BOAC after seeing (.Untitled) movie...

word of mouth

Some three weeks ago I was attending the cultural jounalism course that lasted about a week. It was very intense, so I was literally stuffed with names & trends. One day at 10AM we had a lecture on a XX century classical music that very few of us (mostly indie-rock-inclined twentysomethings) cared about. Most of us were getting late, so the lecturer started with David Lang's arrangement of Heroin, and I remember looking out of mansard window to the grey skies and snow outside, being woozy from lack of sleep.

heard it from scanner

A weekend of Steve Reich in London with Bang on a Can coming over afew years ago. Sitting in the London Symphony Orchestra's converted Church - St Lukes I wondered if it must have been a bit like a New York loft performance. A great weekend!

I heard about it from Red Poppy Music.

Bang on a Can taught me that classical music isn't just about stuffy, white people playing Beethoven - why forget that we were punks before our degrees? That relevance and energy, more than anything else, is what makes us want to listen to and perform new music. Thank you for everything.

From a friend on Facebook

I saw Bang on a Can All Stars play in Dublin some years ago. Mark Stewart was playing Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint. At some point in the piece the CD Mark was playing along with got stuck; Mark reacted by playing along with the noise of a CD skipping. It sounded great.

my professor told us about this link.


upon tweeter via fellow musician...

Having a Philadelphia Bang on a Can Marathon and getting to see "Workers Union." Hope to see BOAC come back to town.

a friend told me

I heard of this from Tinny Music Tape

While looking for new music in late 1990s, I was shocked to hear music like "Cheating, Lying, Stealing", "Early That Summer", and ""Trance".

25yrs - who would have thought...please continue making a joyous racket for another 25!

I remember the first time I heard BOAC's version of Riley's In C, thinking to myself, "whoa, that was 45 minutes just now? let's do it again!"

Reddit showed me.

"Music For Airports" @ The El Rey in L.A. - better than Eno's!

Came to Bang on a Can through hearing Michael Gordon on CBC2's The Signal a few years--his music blew me away, and have been exploring outwards from him ever since!

I vaguely remember An Incredibly Difficult Piece for String Bass. Unless that was someone else. I still found Bang on a Can.

I'm a composer!

Heard Rewriting Beethoven on NPR in Bloomington, IN while visiting there. It was a driveway moment, only I was sitting in front of starbucks.

I've seen your concert many years ago in Kraków, Poland during Audio Art Festival.

One of my earliest memories of Bang on a Can was coming across the '95 release, Industry. This fresh sound has never been forgotten and is one of the main influences on my musical aesthetic, even to this day.

I came to BoaC from discovering Steve's percussion work. The group totally rocked me with their energy and their commitment to the music.

A Friend said i would like you. I'm looking forward to hearing your album


I was refered to this excellent music by my professor. Amazing stuff!


My professor played a recording of Lying, Cheating, Stealing as an example of a self labeled style "pissedism"

Heard from a friend

A good friend passed this on to me.

I heard you on Public Radio yesterday.

Bang on a Can's rendition of In C is spectacular.

I first discovered BOAC via initial investigations of Terry Riley... your version of 'In C' was the first I found.

I first discovered BOAC via initial investigations of Terry Riley... your version of 'In C' was the first I found.

Attended the 20th year megaconcert and ended up staying through over a day's worth of incredible music performances.

Being entertained by David Lang as he delayed the start of a concert at Zankel Hall so that Bang on a Can wouldn't disturb the audience upstairs at the Perlman Stage in Stern Hall.


in the dark about BOAC

I remember going to my first Marathon in NYC. It was the year after the 25-hr one with music for 18 musicians at dawn. I stayed the whole time to say I did. Such a surreal place.

Saw them once in Philly and read that TMT article

I followed Scanner's tweet!

I've been paying attention since the very beginning but really appreciate the work of Evan Ziporyn, Ethel, and the Asphalt Orchestra. They make me see and hear the world with different eyes and ears.


Tiny Mix Tapes website

Being onstage with Kronos Quartet (and BoaC) for Music for Airports. To be a part of such haunting music - live - was amazing.

Sounds cool and I can't turn down free. Word.

heard it was free on TMT

BOAC marathon show in New York in June; best show of the summer.

I heard from my musical wizard in Japan


I don't have any stories. I really like Bang on a Can and I really like free music. Thanks!

a big room, a big crowd, a big band, a big sound. bang that.

Got the info. from facebook(the Wire link)

I heard about this on sequenza21.

p.s. The music makes me happy.

I don't have a memory. I heard about this via a friend on facebook. I'm excited to hear it!

An email from Red Poppy Music.

The Great Whatsit

Thanks for your emailed newsletters-- best wishes for 2012!

I hope to see Bang on a Can soon!

One of my old teachers recommended it... so I'll obey.

Through the Red Poppy E-letter and WNYC website

a performance in bryant park and workers union?

I never miss Bang at MassMoca.

i loved the last BOAC festival at BAM, i was sorry to see it leave there: the finnish yelling choir was totally awesome!

Ever since I hears Sunray I've wanted a copy to show people.

I remember Bang on a Can playing Music for Airports in Brussels airport, an amazing experience...

I saw Bang On a Can All-Stars play at the Hartt School last year and i enjoyed it throughly.

15-yo upper-midclass football kid me taking a 4-mile bus ride to a place called LEPPÄVAARAN KIRJASTO (Google Map it), my favourite hangout at the time to go gateway music geeking (it's a library), and somehow ending up picking the album with 'Industry' and 'Lick' on it for a spin. Fast forward 10+ years: freelance composer living in Berlin. U O me dis 1 ;)

Big fan, big memories, looking to have more.

I get emails about some wonderful concerts but most are too far away to attend. But did enjoy seeing you in London

Teenage Mutant Tiny Mixtapes

BonaC's CD introduced me to Andriessen's Hoketus. I'm finally going to hear them play it in Glasgow in March 2012!

I heard about this album through Cantaloupe's facebook page... but I've been a fan of Bang on a Can for YEARS!

Sounds interesting. Link from a friend

The first time I saw Bang on a Can was at Open Ears in Kitchener, Ontario. They performed pieces by Louis Andriessen. What I remember most of all was beautiful performance of Heroin.

Sou Percussion

From your email

remember being blown away by the live Music for Airports; still one of my favorite albums...

Heard about Bang On A Can through teachers and friends and have seen many of these performers live at different venues. What a remarkable combination of musicians and composers!

via email newsletter

Love and Thank you (from Belgium)

Bang on a Can has been a huge inspiration for the Toronto ensemble Contact Contemporary, of which I am the cellist. We love you guys, thanks so much for the music!

Best of canned!!!!

I bought Tristian Perich's 1-Bit Symphony Last Year and it continues to blow my mind. Keep it up guys!

I heard of this happening via tinymixtapes and

On the Internet

Saw you at 2008 Bang on a Can fest in NYC. Have been following ever since :)

Thanks for showing folks that classical music can rock.

Christopher Swist, my percussion teacher and friend sent this link to all of his students. Gotta admit I'm pretty excited to hear it, thanks for the download!

from the wire

first i hear Bang On A Can – Music For Airports in 2000

Misses from embassy wrote me about the project, I read it and I would like to participate! than she send me also link for this cd, am very curious.

Via e-mail.

via tiny mix tapes

First discovered BOAC 10 years ago. BIG FAN EVER SINCE.

The Steve Reich 'Phases' boxset. How could I forget 'Eight Lines'?

What can I say? Bang on a can is unique and fantastic. Can't wait to hear the new album