Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

My Dear Bang On A Can,

When we first met, I thought you were too uptown for me. That was before you blew my mind. And opened up a warm world of friends and colleagues.

Linda Fisher introduced us in 1990, when we performed at the Marathon on my Musical Shoes. (I miss Linda, who is now living in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery.)

You gave me Lincoln Center debut, my BAM debut, and the All-Stars took my headphone-driven pieces to Amsterdam, Israel, and I'm still not sure where else. I never intended this work for instrumental groups, but for hand-picked vocalists and performance artists. Yet after the All-Stars started doing it, Ethel knocked on my door. Through Ethel I met Todd Reynolds, with whom I am jamming still--and on those same shoes, now computerized.

Soon Alarm Will Sound, So Percussion, ICE and that amazing Grand Valley State U. ensemble came calling. Imagine me, the once and future solo electronic dance band, seeing my work in the list of the All-Stars repertoire right here in 2012. Bizarre. To you, the absurdity of my one-time-only rule (each performer can do a headphone-driven part only once to preserve the surprise element) wasn't absurd, merely another logistical problem to solve.

That felt real fine.

"It's a culture", Evan Ziporyn once said to me about Michael Gordon's musical ideas and his signature grouping of 4 eighth notes and 4 quarter-note triplets (not three--FOUR triplets). That pattern and that culture is what blew my mind (not your eclecticism--I worked at the Pyramid Club in the '80s after all). Here was a paradigm that literally busted out of the grid--yet kept the groove. Is that what Bang On A Can has aimed for all along?

The memories are countless, from marathons to 2 summer festivals to tours in far-away lands. And the memories keep coming, thanks to the awesome Bang on a Can community! I've got Bang to thank for some amazing stories, friends and even a husband!!

I was told of BOAC by the tremulous voices of the seven winds.

I read about it on I've heard of the group before, and would love to learn more about their music.

without a doubt the most interesting music of all time ever.

The Bang on a Can version of In C is my go-to recording for introducing people to that wonderful piece.

Wrote my dissertation on David's music! Big fan of everything the organization stands for in all disciplines.

my teacher

Heard by word of mouth from a friend

Heard about it on NPR!


Through a fellow composer friend via Facebook link.

I've listened to your recording of Reich's "2x5 and have watched on the rehearsal on you tube too. It was interesting. So, I would like to hear more.

Heard about you from the npr web site. I've listened to your recording of "In C" on you tube and have wanted to hear more.

I had the great pleasure and honour to play at the Bang on a Can 12 hour marathon gig (or was it 24 hours?) at the Financial Center NY a few years ago. I play with The Crash Ensemble in Dublin and that was probably the most exciting gig I've ever played. So thank you BOAC. Please, please, please can I have a CD?

I enjoyed hearing Bang On A Can as part of the Reich celebration at the Barbican last year. I have the deepest respect and admiration what they are doing and the music they are bringing in to the world. Long may it continue...

Heard about you through a friend

In the end, a love for Bang On A Can was the only thing an ex-girlfriend and I had in common.

heard about this even in Europe

I first heard about Bang on a Can All Stars while I was taking part of the Radar5 Festival in Mexico City. They were performing Eno's Ambient classic Music for Airports. Or so I remember...

listening to your
remarkable recording
of riley's "in c"

(driving through l.a.
in the dead of night last week) reminded me of

performing that work
thirty five years ago with my friend barney childs

and getting my first
taste of what music could be
beyond just music

Heard about the album on kusc.

Just heard about this through New Sounds. I admire any musician able to make a living at doing what they love.....especially a collective of 'new music' artists!! Congrats, and wishing you continued happiness!

Heard about you from a friend, and also from a music teacher. Finally connected the dots. Looking forward to hearing your album!

Sono uomo di poche parole, non so che dire.

Sono uomo di poche parole, non so che dire.

Hearing Ethel in 2004 and their Cantaloupe Music s/t record from 2003 - all the way out in the PNW. For the ferment and fostering, thank you!

KUSC mentioned BoaC on "The Record Shelf," playing a snippet. It's a classical music show: you know, Beethoven, Bach. So I'm here to hear.

I remember reading about BoaC through Alex Ross some time ago-- and I have been fascinated ever since!

cangratu leshan

Making new memories with a friend who said "check it out; you'll dig it!"

I learnt about the album on twitter.. Can't wait to listen to your music!!

I heard about Bang on a Can on the last day of a 20th century music class. Also, my interest in the music of Steve Reich (Music for 18) and Evan Ziporyn lead me to some great Bang on a Can recordings. I hope to someday see a live performance!

I was sent here by trusted friend

I first saw BOAC perform at Stanford in 2010 - Wolfe: Big Beautiful Dark and Scary; Frith: Snakes and Ladders; Andriessen: Life; Lang: sunray; Brian Eno: Music for Airports 2/2; Nyman: Manhatta. Blew me away - I'd been a metalcore kid into classical for years, this show helped illuminate ways in which all the traditions I love can coexist. Thank you!

I was informed by a pickle-eating friend of mine.


Music for 18 Musicians at the WFC at 5 in the morning as the sun was rising - awesome!

I've been a fan for years. Glad to see it going strong.

I had the pleasure of playing piano in the All-Stars for about a year and a half or so. Among the many fun gigs we played, the most memorable was at the High Line Festival curated by David Bowie. Yes, David Bowie booked the All-Stars to play on a triple bill at a rock club in NYC (called the High Line - of course).

We were second that night on a bill that included The Legendary Stardust Cowboy and Daniel Johnston. The LSC Cowboy played first. This bawdy, rowdy, rockabilly singer (touting a sizable beer belly) was the guy who, in the late 1960's, inspired David Bowie to create a different persona for himself - Ziggy Stardust. With a southern drawl, he belted out tunes about his spaceship trips to Mars and other intergalactic pursuits, in addition sticking his butt out toward the audience and rubbing it with a towel, the way one might dry themselves after getting out of the shower. Quite a sight!

Daniel Johnston played right after our set. His music is pretty much the exact opposite of what the All-Stars played that night - very simple, naive songs that he sang by himself playing acoustic guitar. He was the headliner and most of the audience packed into the club was there to hear his songs. He stood on the stage alone, wearing dirty sweatpants pulled up really high. His lifelong struggle with mental illness was clearly evident. During each tune it was as if the entire audience was there supporting him the way parents would be in watching their child in a school play with rapt attention. He had devoted fans. There were a couple men in the front row crying during some of his tunes.

For our set, it was "And now for something completely different!" We kicked into Andreissen's "Worker's Union" - about 16 minutes of pounding unison rhythms. If you're a Bang fan, I'm guessing you've probably heard it. It's a total blast to play. There are no notes written, just intense, pounding rhythms. After about 10 minutes, you could hear the Daniel Johnston crowd audience thinking to themselves (and out loud), "What IS this!?) I played the keyboard with the distortion pedal cranked - It was a blast serving up a type of music that most of the audience had probably never even knew existed. And doing it really LOUD!

After the concert, we all hung out backstage and David Bowie came back to say hello. Pencil-thin, wearing a a black tuxedo, his huge mouth smiling ear to ear - not the rock star you would imagine, but more like a dapper maitre'd at a fancy restaurant cheerily thanking us for playing. "The music you played was delightful! What would you CALL that?" After a moment, David Lang answered, "I guess you'd call it European Post-Minimalism." Bowie cheered, "Oh, wonderful. Just delightful!"

I'm new to BOAC, but I just heard a tune from the new album on NPR and love it! I want to hear the rest of the album.

from New Sounds link...

David Lang came to my campus last year, one of the best concerts i've seen!

My mentor and composition teacher suggested I give you guys a listen. I'm very excited to see what this is all about!

Encouraged to check this music out by a teacher.

I first encountered Bang on a Can live a few years ago in Champaign-Urbana, a surprising occurrence, in that they were good enough to make the trek out to the cornfields of Illinois. While the low turnout for the 8+ hour marathon was criminal, I inhaled deeply of the many terrific performances, with Workers Union being a particular highlight. Thanks so much for all you have done for new music, and for bringing your big sound to smaller areas across the country!

I have listened, and loved, the music you've played for a long time. Last year's marathon at Mass MoCA was simply amazing.

Huge fan! Thanks!

I was involved with the Bang on a Can Festival on two occasions during my formative years. These experiences showed me the importance of being open to a wide variety of musics, and inspired me to follow my own path as a musician. Congratulation on your 25th Anniversary!

I have heard you talked about for some time but have never yet heard so much as a note of your work. I am look forward to finally getting to.

Other Music on KZUM Lincoln, NE. Check it out streaming online.

Hands down, my absolute favorite marathon moment, having been to about 5 of the last 6 marathons--The Books w/Todd Reynolds followed by Michael Gordon's Gotham in 2007. The former was pure bliss, the latter was almost terrifying in its scope, it blew me away.

I played with Evan Ziporyn in an ensemble at MIT and one of my friends has raved about Bang on a Can for the last three years.

NPR, can't wait to listen.

I just found out about BoaC from NPR's deceptive cadence blog. I love the name and am eager to learn about your music!

Just read about you in the paper. The descriptions of the music are terrific. Congrats on the 25th anny.

Can't remember the first time but I think it was the marathon some years ago. Have been a fan ever since.


I love your version of Music for Airports, and then it was very cool to hear you play a concert at the Krannert Center in Champaign, IL.

I heard about you from my public station (WXXI 91.5). I trust their recommendations so will give you a try.

Continued good luck,

Dan Dwyer

My friends couldn't stop talking about you guys so I decided to check you out. In love! So amazed!

Heard about this on Deceptive Cadence.

I heard by viewing NPR on my iPad.

Heard about this through NPR's Deceptive Cadence.

Browsing the internet, looking for something by David Lang.

NPR Deceptive Cadence told me. Stoked, thanks!!

I remember when my grad advisor emailed me while I was reading Chapter 4 of The Game Games Bowl by Tim Buckley and told me to come here, make up a memory and download! And I didn't even have to make one up!

I've always been inspired by the vision and mission of Bang on a Can. Being asked to participate in the 2003 marathon as a member of Alarm Will Sound–just a couple years after the group was founded–was such validation. It made us feel part of a musical family for whom music-making is serious fun.

I have never been fortunate enough to attend any BoaC event (all-stars, marathon, summer festival) in person, but I enjoyed recordings I've heard. Oh, and a percussionist friend of mine had a fantastic experience in the summer festival.

Hearing Stefan Weisman's Nervous People at a Marathon a bunch of years back. Same concert had Stockhausen's giant tam tam.

I banged on a can the night I met Eddie Prevost.

Around 1995 or 1996 when I lived in Hoboken, NJ I bought a concert subscription to Alice Tully Hall, and saw BoaCAS perform. I remember Philip Glass was in the audience, and the occasion was a CD release party, either for Vol. 3 or Industry. I remember there was a reception afterwards featuring a large cake with the icing depicting the CD artwork. The first time I had ever seen that done.

star ledger

From Doug Adams twitter

Heard earlier compilation and loved it.

Stumbled upon this at NPR music, thank you!

I heard about you through listening to Reich's Double Sextet / 2 x 5 last year and reading Nyman's book on Experimental music.

Heard about the album through twitter (amazing stuff, that social media), and heard about the group by getting a philip glass cd at the library (amazing things, those libraries)

have followed Bang for some time - always interesting

The first time I heard a recording of Bang on a Can was of Robert Black performing "Failing." I was an adolescent musician at the time and found the recording very inspiring. Thank you for the inspiration.

I first heard about Bang on a Can from one of my most influential and favorite professors: Steve Schick.

My earliest memory: waking up in my crib and singing before anyone else in my family was up. My mother finally came in and asked me what I was doing - my reply: I was just trying to be "friendly". Not only is music the universal language of friendship, but it can also distinguish morning people from night people, as my mother tried to explain to me (an impossible task). If only I had had a can to bang on! I suspect that if I play this music early in the morning I'll find out who of my neighbors are morning people, and who are not. Thanks!

Introduced to BOAC by friends a long time ago. Heard about this download via Twitter.

First heard you at the New Music Marathon at MIT with Kronos Quartet, Gamelan Galak Tika, Wu Man, etc. It was my first time seeing any of the musicians and groups involved and I enjoyed it very much. My favorite piece you did that night was "Big Beautiful Dark and Scary" so I'm excited to hear this!

My nephew told me on Facebook!

A friend sent me the link as well as a youtube of Cheating, Lying, Stealing, which I had never heard before. Fuck! Sweet.

Had the opportunity to play with Bang on a Can in a dance improv workshop at the University of Illinois in the late 1990s. It was a blast!

Hearing the Glenn Branca group fill up the World Financial Center with simple melodies and complex harmonics.

I followed the link from the NPR deceptive cadence blog, I've read about you guys for years but I still haven't made it to an event. I need to fix that soon.

Love what I've heard so far!

I've had great friends involved with you guys! Thanks for all you do!

I listened to some great stuff on WFUV and wanted to hear the whole album.

Very excited about the David Lang world premiere TONIGHT at Stanford, presented by Stanford Lively Arts!

Walking up a big flight of stone steps.

NEW YORK new york APPLE apple

My bass teacher Gregg August is composing a song for Bang on a Can and he told me about the organization. I'm very happy he did!

Heard the great excerpts on The Record Shelf. Had to hear more. Congrats on the anniversary.

I remember the first time I heard a BOAC sampler: it was like worlds colliding in the best possible way.

I remember the first time I heard a BOAC sampler: it was like worlds colliding in the best possible way.

I first heard BOAC in Pick-Staiger Concert Hall at Northwestern U several years ago. The experience is still hanging with me. Awesome!

The first time I heard So play David Lang's So-called Laws of Nature. Wow! Completely blew me away.

Dr. Dan Welcher at UT Austin introduced me to the music of David Lang. I was absolutely blown away, and hooked forever on new music. Long live BoaC!

2007. 26 hours marathon in the WFC winter garden. It happened a day after I've graduated from college, and had my mom, and grandmother in town (they flew in from Poland). We all attended and were blown away. When the sun rose up behind the stage to the "music for 18 musicians" I felt that I can go ahead and die... but finally I figured to just keep collecting such experiences and found myself traveling to the marathon in MOCA in 2010. This time I traveled from Poland where I now live and hope to see you also here one day. Thanks!

A trusted friend told me to find you

First heard BoaC in 2001, and immediately became a fan. Your music is like a beacon in the Big Beautiful Dark and Scary world of contemporary music.

Love Paul Lang's works

my daughters friends on facebook : )

Heard about this album through a friend

Heard of you on WNYC New Sounds. Thanks very much for this!

two of 'em
1) i first heard do a masterclass, and he recommended that all wind players dabble with yoga at some point. i did, and am eternally grateful.
2) i heard the all-stars with my hero ornette coleman at the walker a couple years ago in the wee hours of the morning. gorgeous and creative.

I saw BOaC with Philip Glass and Terry Riley. I never understood minimalism until that concert!

Falling in love with Bang on a Can's recording of Terry Riley's "In C" (still my favorite version), particularly the moments between the 21 and 23 minute markers. Beautiful and moving.

I blame Wire magazine and Emusic. Music for Airports was inspired but Classics, especially Cheating Lying Stealing is best.

Heard about you on NPR, and I trust their recommendations! It's always exciting to see where new composition is headed...

Friend on Facebook.

I first discovered you from music blogs a few years back and just rediscovered you from the radio show New Sounds

I remember being in a crowd of people whose faces looked like tight fists. It was big. It became beautiful. Then it got dark. And finally it was scary. Very scary.

BOAC Memories…my first marathon in 1994 and hearing the All Stars playing music the way I had always imagined it should be played….my second marathon in 1996 and being able to conduct my piece and feeling a huge pat on the back for what I was doing from people that I had the highest repect for… getting a call in 2002 to write a new work for the All Stars and being absolutely thrilled and humbled to do so..and finally hosting a marathon at the University of Illinois in 2008 and bringing the excitement of BOAC to my campus…Great Memories of Great People doing Great Music! Here’s to 25 more years! Best, Zack Browning

Heard about this on facebook, looking forward to hearing the album.

I've never heard a recording of "In C" like yours...definitely my recommendation for many reasons.

New Sounds, which I know I can listen to online, but I still dearly miss having it to listen as a broadcast, as I fall asleep. There are still songs I found on it that I dream to....

Big fan. From the Web page.

BCMG facebook

From The Record Shelf, Heard On radio station KUSC

David Lang was (possibly still is) the composer-in-residence at the Sage Gateshead, got into BoaC that way :)

It is thanks to BCMG that I heard of you guys. I owe them a favour!

I heard about the album download through twitter but I've always wanted to make it to a concert. This should tie me over till I do.

I've never heard your music but the "big beautiful dark and scary" defintion makes me want to know more about it. And I love this scrapbook idea.

Love those Marathons. Always something new, interesting, unexpected and brilliant. The soundtrack to a modern life.

The Birmingham Contemporary Music Group send me here via Facebook.

Listening to the first CD "Industry" and enjoying it all, but being blown away by the distortion pedal on the 'cello on the title track.

Never heard of you recommended by someone on twitter

Getting vertigo during the "falling elevator" portion of "Gotham" at Zankel Hall.

First time I heard BOAC was in 1998 in Lithuania. It absolutely blew my mind then. Have been a fan ever since. Now after moving to NYC I am excited to live among such outstanding musicians!

BCMG facebook page

Looking forward to once live with sweet memories of experiencing Bang on a Can Live!

I used to be in Gamelan Galak Tika, and saw Evan's twitter post

hey, 25 years -- now that's a long run as the promoters/composers/cheerleaders/players of new and amazing music.
... and my memories in this incredible journey go way back. I'm looking forward to enjoying many more! congratulations
on another milestone!


I heard you guys perform 2 x 5 by Steve Reich and was intrigued to hear more!

because a friend share with me the link!

I was introduced to Bang on a Can by New Sounds.

I'm a dance fan, so my favorite memories of BOAC are when you played live with Ballet Tech. The live music added something amazing to those performances - the incredibly athletic Yo Shakespeare, and Maya Beiser accompanying the incredible dancer Buffy Miller in Industry. Those are performances I will never forget.

Friends that have gone to the concert

I saw boac on youtube. My theory teacher at FSU emailed us about this offer so thought i'd check it out.

One day I was visiting Dungeness, Kent, England. Normally the turbines in the nuclear power plant make a whistling sound which is barely, or not at all, audible over the wind. This time the wind dropped suddenly & the sound space was filled with a soft, deep, rolling, throbbing boom. It was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.

Looking forward to hearing you guys in Glasgow this year. You were awesome last October - thank you.

One day I was visiting Dungeness, Kent, England. Normally the turbines in the nuclear power plant make a whistling sound which is barely, or not at all, audible over the wind. This time the wind dropped suddenly & the sound space was filled with a soft, deep, rolling, throbbing boom. It was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.

Looking forward to hearing you guys in Glasgow this year. You were awesome last October - thank you.

I read everything on twitter!

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Julia, David, and Michael a billion years ago the The New Yorker’s Goings On About Town. In C FTW!

I heard about BoaC from NPR

listening to your porgramm for decades, john

npr music

I have been attending the BoaC Marathons since the late 90's. I was in the audience for the entire 13 hours this past year! I also recall an excellent free concert at Merkin Hall a number of years ago.

I've moved from New York but was on the Upper West Side when the collective would present their marathons at the Symphony Theater. The last time I saw them they featured the "Pat Waing" with Kyaw Kyaw Naing.

Hi! I just love your recording of B. Eno's "Music for airports"

New Sounds Facebook Post

The first time I went to a BOAC marathon, it was at BAM, and the thing I most remember about it was Steve Martland, whose work just amazed me. I don't know if I'd ever seen that much rock and roll energy in a composed piece before then, and all of a sudden I understood that there was a world of hybrid music awaiting me. Thank you, BOAC, for all you've done to expand our horizons.

Just read about you guys and its sounds right up my alley. can't wait to listen.

My music theory teacher at FSU sent out an email about this album and he played some of the music in class today. I thought it sounded new and something that I could keep listening to, so I decided to give it a try!

I loved the marathon at the World Financial Center last year!

I'm a music major and my teacher suggested it.

Heard about this music on NPR

I heard about this album from NPR

I first heard about BOAC through Evan Ziporyn, whose legendary slap tongue makes clarinetists everywhere simultaneously amazed and jealous.

Steve Reich's 2x5! First time I'd heard of the group; better way late than never.

I saw BOACAS's amazing performance of "Music For 18 Musicians" last week in La Jolla

Yo! Shakespeare

I saw the New Yorkers at BAM, have been a fan ever since

I love your work. I think my first Bang on a Can album was Industry and it really got me listening more and more closely to the works of Andriessen.

I don't have a specific memory, but as a composer, I am interested in checking out what other composers are up to. A fellow grad student in my department posted this link on Facebook.

I went to the day festival at world cafe in philly. It was awesome!

I'm a supporter of BoaC, its composers and performers, and its accomplishments and vision. Looking forward to the next 25 years.

Have heard of you for ages, this seemed like a great way to finally hear you.

I have no memory I'm afraid - heard about the album via twitter. Happy Birthday!

Long life to Bang on a Can All-Stars!!!. Cheers to another 25!!!

I was driving when I first heard "Music for Airports". I was so amazed by the instrumental version (being well acquainted with Eno's original) I had to pull over to the side of the road and just listen.

Where have I been for 25 years?

Bonjour from Paris! -Albert

BonaC Marathon at World Financial Center, Summer 2011. Music from Toby Twining's "Eurydice," Philip Glass at the piano, quiet, dusk moving through the atrium, new friends, I love New York.

I love Asphalt Orchestra's engaging and explosive performance at the Bang on a Can Marathon last year at the World Financial Center!

I've seen the All-Stars many times, but the highlight for me has been their amazing performance with Philip Glass in the 2011 Marathon. Absolutely transcendent and joyful.

Really appreciate the creative approach to presenting new music. Congratulations!

I love how Bang on a Can continues at the vanguard of popularizing music other than the 32 bar strophic form w/ vocals that still dominates commercial radio. By helping to demystify and break down genres, BoaC takes out the intimidation and allows great music to come to everyone.

NPR has a great piece on this!

I heard about BoaC via an article in the MIT student newspaper about 15 years ago. Evan Ziporyn is a professor at MIT. Their version of Eno's Music for Airports is amazing.

colleague turned me onto it.

I heard this story on NPR. Thank you!!!

Heard about this on the NPR music site and was intrigued.


Heard about you through the NPR story

A few years ago, I saw a full day performance (including Bang On A Can) at the University of Maryland. I'm fairly certain Eno's "Music For Airports" was performed in the atrium area, and watching BoaC with Terry Riley was fantastic as well.

Because wonderfully creative music needs to be heard by all.

listening to NPR

I heard about this from my composition professor at Lawrence University.

No memories here but always looking for a new one. My NPR Rss feed is my introduction. I am looking forward to happy surprises. Thanks You All for your generosity.

I remember something, but I just can't remember what it was. Saw this on Twitter, via Evan Ziporyn.

told about this by my music theory teacher

I found out about you on NPR and am amazed at what I heard. I don't know how I have not heard about Bang On A Can before, but you will be a part of my playlist from now on.

NPR listening to 3A - WOW

I don't remember when I first heard BoaC, but I'm always anxious to hear their next work. And NPR let's me know I can get their next work for free? Excellent.

I first saw BOAC at an LA Phil Green Umbrella night - a potent sonic cocktail.

Got here because of NPR Tumblr! :)

If Doug Adams recommends you, then I'm willing to give you a listen!

Thank you, NPR.

I love BoaC. I play bass clarinet and I first heard about them through Evan Ziporyn.

Saw this visiting NPR and always interested in what they are listening to.

I remember listening over and over to the Bang On A Can Recording of In C and just being mesmorized.

I read about this on I remember selling Bang on a Can albums in the early 90's during my record store days. Oh, and the old Option Magazine.

Doug Adams tweeted about this.

I remember how damn photogenic y'all are:


Bang on a Can made a live performance recording of Eno's Music for Airports (which he said couldn't be performed live!). This long, unobtrusive recording carried me through many, many months of reading for my PhD general exams in economic sociology, political sociology, and crime and punishment. Thank you for the great music!

Friends, posting from FB, and just general "following" of your work over the years. Congratulations and Thank You! All the best to the future!

went to the BoaC All-Stars 2011 marathon; so nice to have sun stream through the wall of windows in that strange financial building full of sounds.

Heard about it on website.

tumblr -and so curious to hear what the buzz is all about!

My friend Josh likes good music. He recommended this.

Read story on NPR website. Sounds like music i will respond to.

Just saw BOAC kill "2x5" at Disney Hall under the benevolent gaze of Mr. Reich. Marvelous.

Favorite was the concert taped for NPR last year. Highlight of a very strong set was Dave Longstreth's trio of short chamber pieces, "the three little guys", which absolutely floored me.

Saw you perform Music for Airports in London.

I confess that I've heard very little of Bang on Can's music, though I've heard much of the group. I'm a big fan of David Lang's Little Match Girl Passion so I'm looking forward to getting to know this group as well.

My friends have loved bang on a can for years and I have always wanted to go and check it out. Now I live in New York, so I can!

I had never heard of Bang on a Can until this morning, when NPR Music posted this link on Tumblr, but consider me a new fan.

Amazing discovery for me!

Between the highlights of Mass MoCA and the stories my friends tell of being there, I feel like I've personally spent the last several years in the company of BoaC.

got a link from the kate's fb page :-)

I was working through a band practice at Hamilton College in the basement of a campus building. BoaC was playing that night in the main concert hall. I remember climbing the stairs out of the basement from practice obsessing over what went wrong and what direction the music needed to go in. I found my way to the BoaC show, sat down in the in back of the half full auditorium and was immediately transfixed by BoaC's performance of Evan Ziporyn's music from shadowbang. I thought this is where my band needs to go. I wanted to be in those deep weird spiraling rhythms and timbres that the ensemble effortlessly tossed about with cool calculus.

I feel like there's never been a time when I didn't know about BoaC. It's existed as this elusive, shadowy ideal of rogue conservatory kids in my head for so long that I sometimes forget they're people.

If it hadn't been for a contemporary experimental music class I took, I may never have heard these fine musicians. Now I can't get enough! And thanks for doing the Nancarrow!

Came here after listening to a clip on NPR music. Can't wait to hear more.

Heard about you from a colleague.

I remember the day I heard about Bang on a Can through Lukas Ligeti years ago. I am so glad to have gotten to know your music! Keep it up!

It's January, I'm snowed in, and I'm looking for something fresh.

Heard about this from a colleague. Looking forward to it.

I heard about this on NPR's Tumblr page. Thanks for all of the great music!

BOAC & Meredith Monk
BOAC & Glenn Kotche
hearing "Music for Airports" in the atrium at University of Maryland
concerts by

Heard about this through Twitter!

Thanks to The Pew Charitable Trusts, Lila-Wallace Readers Digest Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Atlantic Center For The Arts in New Smyrna, Florida, new music came alive in Florida via the Music In Motion program. Our friends at Atlantic Center For The Arts have subsequently graced us with a David Lang residency and outreach event in Orlando. New catchy slogan to chant: Viva BOAACAS and ACA!

Great stuff - thanks!

I have no memories to share but I would like to experience this music. I first heard of the release on NPR.
Norman Ryan

Loved you guys at the MIT marathon. Happy anniversary!

I teach 20th/21st Century Music History and Bang on a Can is part of my syllabus. You're an essential part of music history!


Hearing it on the radio and having to figure out who it was!

From Doug Adams

Heard about this album on flip board and wanted to check it out

un progetto da sempre molto interessante

heard about it on tumblr, seems like a really cool concept